Friday, October 30, 2015

International Quilt Festival

Today my post in on the International Quilt Festival.  The show is open during Market for the vendors (which is when I saw it) and then open to the public during Festival which started on the 29th and runs through Sunday November 1st. 
Richele and I were able to walk the floor to see many of the quilts and other displays in the hall.  I am not a quilter but I can appreciate the sacrifice of time and talent to create these works of art.  Enjoy!

Shower Trees
Kathy Nakajima
Tokyo Japan
Hand-appliqued and quilting
Each of the 10 panels depicts a season: rainy season, early summer, energy of summer, etc

Baby Jane
by Marian Woods
Baytown, TX
Hand-appliqued, quilted, machine pieced
Hip Hip Hooray
by Bernadette Houghton
quilted by Teresa Coolidge
Columbia, South Carolina

Hexagon quilt "La Passion"
by Grit Kovacs
quilted by Birgit Schuller
Hand pieced and machine quilted
There are over 17, 240 pieces.  It took 2 1/2 years to complete.

Selvage Star of Bethlehem
by Mayleen Vinson
quilted by Jan Hutchison
Machine pieced and quilted

Color Play
by Victoria Findlay Wolf
New York
Machine Pieced and quilted

Pointed Statement
by Amy Friend
West Newbury, Massachusetts
Machine pieced and quilted, paper pieced
Notice how the stitching threads are different colors?
Balancing Act
by Amanda Hohnstreiter
Thorndale, Texas
Machine pieced and quilted
Look at how close the stitching lines are!!  and so STRAIGHT!
by Amy Friend
West Newbury, Massachusetts
Machine pieced and quilted
I had seen this quilt on Amy's Instagram account a few months back and was secretly hoping she would be showing it at market.  When Richele and I came around the corner and it was hanging there, we both said, "oh my gosh there it is!!
Treasured Past
by Judy Bushby
Adelaide, Australia 
Hand-pieced, appliqued, quilted, embroidered and embellished, photo transferred
Black and white family photos and 1800's Japanese Boro indigo cloth were combined as a book.
Her quilt depicts honor and reverence for her parents using old cloth.  She included family memories, stitches, and scraps of utilitarian fabrics.
You have to know this was one of my favorites...
Treasured Past
by Julie Haddrick
Adelaide, Australia
Machine quilted, embroidered and embellished, hand-dyed, colored, and painted
The layers of shadows look to be created with fine netting as they just meld into one another.
Places Traveled
by Julie Haddrick
Adelaide, Australia
Machine pieced, appliqued, quilted, embroidered and embellished, hand-dyed, colored, and painted.

 Barbara's Circle
by Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick
Bookings, Oregon
Paper piecing, hand applique, machine piecing, hand-guided longarm quilted

 Why Not?
Angela Petrocelli
Prescott Vally, Arizona
Foundation paper piecing, machine piecing, free-motion machine quilting
 After purchasing my first sewing machine, my quilting friends said I should start with something simple.  I asked, "Why?" and explained I had a vision of what I wanted to do.  Over 2,000 colors and 10,000 pieces later, I have finished my first quilt and now I say, "Why Not?"  - Angela Petrocelli

Seriously, her first quilt?  
All we could do was just stand there in amazement!!!

Primitive Quilts

Wonky Baskets
by Kristi Rollag
New South Wales, Australia
Hand-appliqued and quilted, machine pieced

My Garden Party
by Debbie Shives
quilted by Janice Kiser
Stow, Ohio
Hand-appliqued, machine pieced and quilted
Home Sweet Home
by Sandy Johnson
quilted by Nancy Nancke
Willow Springs, Illinois
Hand-appliqued, machine pieced and quilted

Settler's Pride
by Katie Hebblewhite
quilted by Kim Zenk
Hand-appliqued, embroidered and embellished, machine quilted
So hard to tell because of the color but the entire quilt is made of wool.  The background looked like rich dark brown suede!

There were three quilts on tables (too delicate to hang) that were stunning.  The quilts could not be photographed so I found a picture online of my favorite one to share with you.  If you click on the quilt name there is more information about the quilt.

1860 - 1890
This beautiful and intricate mosaic patchwork is made from rich silk, brocade and velvet, and each individual piece has been outlined in gold silk braid. The small pieces have been hand sewn over paper templates, making the construction of this elaborate quilt very time consuming.

Moda Fabrics is celebrating their 40th year.  They sponsored a large area of the floor to heirloom quilts (which were all amazing).

Pineapple Variation
circa 1890
Hand-pieced and quilted
 Moda is a company that reproduces old fabric patterns - For the show they had original quilts from their collection as well as a matching reproduced quilt.  Here, the original is hanging and the reproduction is folded to the left of the photo.  
And if anyone asks, I would like this one for Christmas.

LeMoyne Star
Hand-pieced and quilted
A note attached to the original quilt stated that the fabric in the quilt was from the dress the maker wore the day she met her future husband.
Love - Clamshell 
(reproduction fabric of an 1830 original)
by Anner Patrick Bousseau

I have to end the post with this quilt - I did not write down who made this one (sorry!) but it was in the humor category of the show.  Mr T has his white gloves on just like the ladies that walk the floor protecting the quilts! 

I would love to hear which one is your favorite!!
now carry on,


  1. It's a toss up between the Selvage Star of Bethlehem or Hip Hip Hooray. I loved how both are scrap quilts so every piece of fabric owned would get used up. But using the selvage from all the fabrics is just ingenious! And knowing the nature of selvage I would never would want to sew it together much less machine or hand quilt it. Plus the Selvage Star is from Kansas and us sunflower girls rock!

  2. I was going to say the Japanese quilts ... and then I saw the wee triangles ... and then the selvage star ... and then ... and then... FABULOUS display !! Thank you for sharing !!

  3. Amazing artists. So in awe of their talent, skill, and patience. My two favorites are Balancing Act for the colors and shapes and oh so straight stitching, and Why Not? For the pure love, vision, and fearlessness. Thanks for sharing Paula.

  4. Oh goodness! Like you, I am not a quilter but can totally appreciate the time, the love and the talent it took to create these wonderful masterpieces... thank you so much for sharing them Paula. Anne x

  5. These are beautiful! I am not a quilter either but it is on my Bucket List to try at least one! I think it is an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing!

  6. The shower trees are my favorite but those feather quilts are quite interesting.

    1. Flo, the Shower trees were breathtaking! I cannot even begin to imagine how long that took to complete the 10 panels!

  7. They are all so beautiful and true labors of love! Such artistry and talent, thank you for sharing with us Paula.

  8. I'm sorry, Paula. I cannot choose just one. I have two.

    Shower Trees. The love and passion that had to go into all of those quilts representing the seasons in Japan. I know first hand how important the seasons are to the Japanese.

    Selvage Star of Bethlehem. To even IMAGINE doing a quilt with nothing but selvage. AMAZING!

    They are each gorgeous in their own right. Thank you so much for taking such detailed pics and sharing them with us.

    1. So hard to choose - I feel the same way when I have to walk by and not take a picture! Just too many that were stunning!

  9. WOW! I love the selvage star quilt. That must have been tough to put together.

  10. What a pleasure it was to admire these quilts, thanks SO much for taking time to post them. All the quilts are amazing works of art but Judy Bushby's quilt honoring her family history is the one I will remember the most. The way she stitched around the worn spots in the cloth really evoked a sense of the past and how she lovingly wishes to preserve and honor her history.

    1. Agreed miss B! that is the exact reason I loved it event though it is so very different!

  11. Holy Cow...gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the beautiful work...I can only imagine the hours and hours of work. Those quilts are amazing!!!

  12. I love quilts, even though I do not sew at all. I love the colors, design and workmanship. Of these, I love both feather quilts and Color Play. And both quilts from Japan. Thank you for doing this so we can see what we missed.

  13. I love quilts, even though I do not sew at all. I love the colors, design and workmanship. Of these, I love both feather quilts and Color Play. And both quilts from Japan. Thank you for doing this so we can see what we missed.

  14. Color Play was my favorite! I enjoy looking at beautiful quilts that are painstakingly made, piece by small piece, with such love. All of the quilts are just gorgeous. What a talent!

  15. They're all so beautiful I couldn't pick just one. My two favorites are Shower Trees and Treasured Past. Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph so you could share with us!

  16. Well, I could spend the whole day looking at each one of these beauties. Wonky Baskets caught my eye! It looks so simple but I like the hand quilting and primitive look . Which is why I love the Treasured Past too. Thanks for taking the time to show us all of these.

  17. This is such an awesome post, Paula! Thanks for sharing! I have a deep love of fabric, but quilting is so way beyond my skill set. But both of my grandmothers quilted, and I have always loved the quilts that have been passed down to me from them. I am just amazed at each and every one of these, and love how the detail unfolds as you step up closer to see the stitching. Blows my mind! As someone who is crazy about antiques, the heirloom quilts are my favorite. The story about using her "future husband" dress fabric just melts my heart!

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