Sunday, April 27, 2014

Heather Murray

name: Heather Murray

name of your business:
Heather Murray Art and Maud Starr Art

city and or country you live in?
Chatsworth, Ontario Canada

when I was a child I wanted to be?
an artist

I wish I’d never worn?  My square jeans (they were 3-d ..sewn in the shape of a cube on my legs!) worn on a trip to Yugoslavia in the 70's

5 things on your desk right now?  
My beloved matte gel medium, scraps of original text ephemera, brushes galore, my water bottle, vintage images of children, women
Smiles are Best currently for sale on Etsy
favorite guilty pleasure?
potato chips
I’m very bad at? 
being punctual
favorite movie of all time?

do you collect anything?
I collect old watches and clocks and occasionally vintage chicken themed pottery.
what’s your strangest talent?
Presently my strangest talents are skills developed in Roller Derby.

if you got a free plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go?
India..  a fascinating, complex  and beautiful country

how did you get started?
Although I have been creative lifelong I really got started in 1999 when my daughter was  8. I suddenly recognized that I could break away from conventional training and high realism painting to collage and mixed media as a form of expression. I started with journaling and recognized the therapeutic value of art and how crucial it was to my life balance and identity!

go to products that relate to your craft?
I am not attached to particular brands  of art supplies but my key products are matte and heavy gel mediums, acrylic paints, china or marking pencils, gesso and canvas or wood as substrates. I enjoy hunting for unusual vintage ephemera, photos for my work and love the distressed quality of the "real thing"..

how do you get inspired or stay inspired?
I underhand now that creating art is essential. I also work in the field of social work/ mental health and it provides a counterbalance to this work. Having a studio outside the home helps to keep me dedicated-when I arrive there my only purpose is to make art! I can also leave my mess behind and close the door! :-) Developing an online presence (blog, shop, classes ) also keeps me centered and tuned in to continuously evaluating and growing my craft.

how/where can people find your work? 
My blog -  My Ephemeral Imagination
my etsy shop:  MaudstarrArt 

Take an online class with me at The Trodden Path or check out my Facebook page for current works.
Maisie May currently for sale on Etsy
Thank you again Heather for sharing your talent with us.  We are inspired by the beauty.

now carry on,


  1. Thanks for sharing your Art with us Heather! it's a fun mixed media look that is so hot right now! :D

  2. Great interview! I love Heathers art! Very cool!

  3. Beautiful art, enjoyed the interview! Aren't we humans interesting? Thanks.

  4. Heather, thanks for sharing!!! Great interview!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  5. Your art is beautiful. The children images are haunting.

  6. Lovely to meet you Heather and also your stunning art! Off to like your Facebook page!

  7. Love Heathers work. Amazing and so striking in contrasts. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Great read! Nice to get to know you and your art. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful artist and work. I want to know more. Thanks for sharing, Heather.

  10. I recognized your style right off, since I just received my Somerset Studio issue featuring YOU. Lovely work!

  11. i love Maisie May...thank you for sharing!

  12. Wonderful interview! Love your art, Heather. Thank you for sharing with us here.

  13. what amazing and inspiring art, Thanks for sharing Heather!

  14. Thank you Paula for introducing these amazing artists. I have recently discovered Heather and it's so lovely to read a little more about her. Heather I absolutely love your work !!!!!! Xx

  15. Thank you so much Paula ! I am touched :-) Cheer heather