Sunday, September 16, 2012

1906 bungalow

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a tour of the historic Mesa home of Dorie and Roger Understiller.  I have followed Dorie from her blog "Tuesday's With Dorie" for awhile now and was thrilled when she posted that they were opening their home for anyone interested in taking a peek.

All I can say is this couple has great vision, for being able to take this home....

Down to this....

And end up with this....

Living for two years in the very small guest quarters, the Understillers went to great lengths to restored their home back to it's original craftsman bungalow style.  For instance, the previous owners had turned the corner of the wrap-around porch into a laundry room.

They converted it back to this huge beautiful front porch.

Porch before

Porch after
The front doors - before

Front doors - after

Back of the house - Before....

Back of the house - After...

I think my favorite thing about the house were all the beautiful old doors and windows....gorgeous!
Living/dining room

Check out this, tub, shower curtain and lighting, all amazing!

Downstairs bedroom....wouldn't you love to sleep here!

This was an interesting feature....a door from the bedroom going out to the front porch.  Dorie explained that when the house was built this was most likely an office with a separate entrance.

Entering the kitchen

Can you guess Dorie's favorite color?  Beautiful cabinets....

Love these little knobs... 

Mason jar chandelier....

Awesome sign! 

From the kitchen looking towards the laundry room.

Notice the framed flashcards behind the dog dish...

I think I would want to spend more time folding clothes if my laundry room looked like this!

I was surprised to find out that most of the house interior (excluding two rooms) was painted one color.  The shadows and play in light made it feel that the colors were different as you went from room to room.  It's a great tan color with green undertones from Benjamin Moore called Hush.

Walking through this house was truly inspiring and gave me new enthusiasm for wanting to do something new and fun to my own home.   Thanks to Dorie and Roger for their wonderful hospitality and making us feel so welcome.  I will finish the rest of the home tour early next will love it!

see you then,



  1. Wow! This is stunning. What a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the tour of this outstanding 'real' home. Loved every minute.

  3. What a treat! A really beautiful restoration and you were so fortunate to take a peak inside. Can't wait for the rest of the tour!

  4. I would LOVE to live there. Beautiful...and I love the changes they made to the home.

  5. Thanks for showing us this beautiful home restoration. I have so much respect for folks who honor the original architecture of their home instead of just decorating or remodeling it in "their" style, especially when it completely destroys the integrity of the home. This is a beautiful example of a craftsman home!

  6. Beautiful home! When can I move in??

  7. I want to live there! That
    bed in the downstairs bedroom
    is just gorgeous.

  8. What a fabulous house! They did a beautiful job on the renovations!

  9. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for this wonderful tour. Next time I am over in your neck of the woods (desert!) I hope I can do a drive by. I love the colors, windows, doors, bed and the kitchen. In other words, everything. What a work they did.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous home. The owners have done a wonderful job, and were so generous to share the fruit of their hard labor. Oh, and thanks for the deets on the paint color...I am intrigued by it. Linda S. in NE

  11. What an absolutely gorgeous home - what a job to renovate back to this - WOW! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos - I love it!

  12. Gorgeous house, totally different from anything you would see here in Scotland. Elizabeth