Saturday, June 30, 2012


Thought I might share some photos from my trip to Australia (no, I never saw Tim or Mario while I was there) but we were teaching in the same city one weekend.
First, thanks to Alice in Paperland and Highlands Scrapbooking for inviting me to teach.  In every class there were women who had been in class previously with Deb and I when we were in Australia in either 2007 or 2010.  It was good to see you all. 
We had a great time using the Distress excited to teach this class again in Oct in New Zealand.  If you are a reader of this blog then you know I LOVE me some Distress Stains, just can't get enough!

Now I know that looking at someone else's vacation photos can be painful so I thought I would focus on a just a few highlights of the trip.

Drive to St Albans
A man selling pumpkins and old junk on the side of the road...looked like a page from a Dickens novel (minus the truck of course)
Settlers Arms Inn at St Albans
beautiful winter day
long line for food
live music in the back
fabulous scenery along the Hawkesbury River

Manly Beach
I had been to Manly in 2007 and loved it so we went back again.  This time we parked at Sydney Olympic Park then took the River Cat (a river taxi) into Circular Quay, then caught the ferry out to Manly Beach. 
 the Manly Ferry leaving Circular Quay
Every time I ride on the Manly Ferry I want to start singing, "Don't Rain on my Parade" Barbara Streisand style from one of my very favorite sing along movies, Funny Girl (it's a toss up between this one, Grease and Guys and Dolls).  Lorraine and I tried it but the other passengers were not amused :)  Maybe if I had worn a fur hat it would have gone over better.
We lucked out with a day of sunshine, beautiful sailboats and great views of the harbor.
 the boardwalk leading to the beach
We got fish and chips and ate at a picnic table by the beach.  As you can see, everyone is bundled up but it was really quite nice out.
Ice cream on the boardwalk with Ree

Junk'in in Sydney (okay, a little outside the city limits)
On a tip from a reliable source (and an internet search), five of us head out one morning to find a fabulous junking source.
We drove and drove... and drove some more (that would a total of 50 km each way...thank you very much Lorraine). 
Turning off the paved find shed number 5.  Do you see it?  Wayyyyyy back in the back?
Why, lets get a little closer.
There it is, see it in the back with the stolen getaway car in front?
(I think now is the time we hear the faint sound of the banjo music from Deliverance)
If the shed door would have been open, we might have traversed the pot holes back to the shed, but it wasn't so Lorraine put the car in reverse and we hightailed it back to the paved road figuring we get out while we still could...right Ree?

This is me laughing and trying to take a picture at the same time.
Good times girls, good times...

Paper Boutiques - Can't go on a trip without going to a few!
Little Paper Lane 
Darling little shop in Mona Vale, from the window display of hot air balloons to the great customer service, this shop is a must stop.  It might be a small shop but Jayde has stocked it with the best paper choices and some great displays.  I bought this and this.

Paper 2
fabulous paper shop in Surry Hills (near downtown).  It did not disappoint.


We did stop at a few more stores in this fabulous eclectic neighborhood.  
Love all the painted doors along the way.
We also stopped for lunch at the Mad Spud Cafe - Three of us had the Whacko Taco and it was yummmmy!

Australian War Memorial:
Absolutely worth the drive to Canberra.   We went thinking we would spend a few hours and instead spent the entire day in the memorial and did not see even half.  Very solemn, yet tremendously inspirational.  So much sacrifice documented in a very personal way through artifacts, letters, and personal photos.  Definitely one of the best days in Australia.

Eternal flame reflecting pool
 Red Poppies of Remembrance
The Roll of Honour is a long series of bronze panels recording the names of Australia's war dead.  
Couldn't help but notice this magnificent oak tree outside the memorial with it's long branches extending out over the landscape, as if to say come and rest here and I will keep you safe.  A fitting end to a great experience at the war memorial.

So I will leave you today with a few of the phrases you might hear when visiting...and mind you, no one ever says, "throw a shrimp on the bar-bie".

mate - friend, buddy, used like we use "dude" or even a greeting for someone you don't know.
bloke - man
sheila - woman
muck up - cause trouble
chalk and cheese - two things/people that don't have anything in common
not the full quid - not too smart
Bob's your uncle - you've got it made
scarce as hen's teeth - something that rarely happens
rug up - dress warmly
windscreen - windshield
punch up -disagreement/fight
brekkie - breakfast
tea - dinner
heaps - lots of something
crooked as a dog's hind leg - can't be trusted
gobsmacked - shocked
lollies - candy
take away - take out food
prezzy - gift
no worries - has multiple uses: for sure, okay, that's alright, no problem....etc.

Thanks to all who made the trip such a great success: Lorraine, Lyle and family, Sally and Anthony and the boys, Pam, Alice, Ree, Shaun and miss Maddy, LeAnne and Donna, Sandra and June (and a special thank you to Andrew, Sandra's husband who took my husband golfing in the Highlands for 3 days while I was teaching) and of course all the ladies in class.  It was the best.

cheers for a great weekend!


  1. Looks like you had a great time Paula. you have some lovely photos here.

  2. WOnderful pics..thx for taking us along! Love the water, shops and yummy lunch! Looks like you are having a great time~

  3. Fabulous pics! Smart move reversing out of that dirt lane to nowhere. Ha! Love that she took a picture of you. That paper store is to die for. I would have spent some quid there. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  4. So sad I missed you! I think I was showing Tim & Mario around the same day that you were up on the northern beaches! I'm do glad you had a great trip though - your photos are beautiful! :)

  5. Great post and pictures! I thought of one more...crikey!!!

  6. Oh my goodness. Being Aussie myself, I just presume people would know most of those sayings. Lol....but I guess not? Congrats for joining up with Ranger. I am so looking forward to seeing some wonderful inspiration from more talented people!

  7. What a wonderful write-up of your trip. I almost felt as though I had been there too.

  8. Thank u so much for visiting the shop and writing about it!! sooo lovely!! i hope u had the best time!! and i LOVE Paper2 as well :) xx

  9. Beautiful pictures Paula, thanks so much for sharing them!


  10. Your trip looks fantastic! Sadly, I couldn't open the links of your purchases but I'm sure they were wonderful based on the looks of that cute little shop. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Paula, Your trip photos are never boring. Love every one of them. Shed #5...what can I say? LOL. Those vintage stickers you bought are neat and so is the green door.Thanks for sharing.

  12. great photos - sounds like you had a great time!! I took your class at 'Alice in Paperland' and loved it!!! thanks for an awesome morning!

  13. Loved the class and the chatting afterwards. It was great!! And I think of you everytime I use those little purple scissors (whoops!!)