Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Tapes

I got of box of 7gypsies product in the mail this week.  It's the first I have been able to actually see the new paper tapes in person.  Love, love, love.  After working with them today my favorites are the black thin stripe and the numbers, with the grid coming in next.  They look a bit green in my picture here but they are not in real life. 
The grid and stripe patterns are from the Off the Wall collection.
The numbers, text and ledger are from the Global collection.
 (3/4" x 5yds per roll, 3 rolls per set - $9.95)

 I have been working on a journal about my trip to Africa.  It would probably be going better if I had actually printed some of the pictures I took.  Anyway, I made a cover using the Africa Global paper in 8 x 8" (perfect, right?) and some basic pages.  There is much more to do before I start to forget.  Have you ever done that? waited so long to write down your memories and thoughts that you can't remember what you did?  

I took some pictures of the pages I did today using the new tape.
Lots of playing with Distress Stain and water today.  
If you missed the post on watercoloring with Distress Stain you can find it here.
Using your own handwriting is always dicey.  Some days I write good, others not so much.  I think today might be one of my off days but I have to get over that, just like spelling things wrong.  Just accept it and move on.
 7gypsies colored rubbing - butterflies

 It's easy to cut scallops using paper tape since it has a backing.  Just peel the backing off when your done cutting and place it on the page.

And did you know 7gypsies has Collage tape?  To be honest I totally forgot till I saw it in the box. Collage tape is thinner and narrower than paper tape and does not have a backing like paper tape.  The one with the little chairs is made by 7g. 

I love to use this kind of tape for packages and as you can tell, this one is almost ready to go out.
 (1/2" x 10yds per roll, 2 rolls per set - $7.95)

7gypsies COLLAGE TAPE Frame and Silhouettes

 7gypsies COLLAGE TAPE Keys and Metro

Well, off to work on my journal.  Maybe I should see about sending some pictures to Costco to be printed too.


  1. I WANT WANT WANT the number tape! I really hope a local store gets it in. I'll be all over it! (Actually I think I will call one in the morning and ask them to order & hold it for me.) Wish me luck!

  2. Your journal is going to be GREAT!

    Can't wait to see the tapes in real life.

  3. Fun, new tape! I like your book pages and the way you used the tpae on them. Great! :)

  4. I love the tape and your journal looks wonderful! Will we get to see the finished product? Hope so.

  5. Paula, so glad you are doing your journal soon after your trip. Can't tell you how many bundles of pics & associated trip "stuff" I have collected over the past years that I planned to make into journals "when I got back home". I, in fact, have forgotten so many of the wonderful details, stories, and even where we went when! I love the journal pages you've done...and the new paper tapes look fantastic. Thanks again for sharing!

  6. I am so glad someone else admits to having bad writing and spelling mistakes sometimes! and I am glad that you have a positive attitude about it-perfectionism isn't always possible-right? also love your pages and all the tapes-

  7. I think I NEED some of that tape. And your journal is looking great.

  8. I love your handwriting !! Is there any way to learn how to write yours ?? I really want to learn it !!! :D

  9. My favorite tapes from 7G! Love them!