Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Three Speckled Hens Show

This has been a busy week already.  My sister came to visit from Texas last Thursday (and we have been having fun ever since).  She will stay for 2 weeks due to the fact that our two local antique shows are happening back to back (so convenient, right?).
Last weekend was The Three Speckled Hens Show up in Paso Robles, Ca.
Here are a few images of the event.
 We were at the beginning of the early bird line so that was good. 
 My niece said she was going to be first into the outdoor area so she could beat us all to the good stuff.  I sure have felt that way a few times at certain shows!  She gave us a good laugh at her fake running especially because I had my finger in the first picture so I made her fake run again.

 I thought this booth was really creative with the bunting made from quilted pieces.
 My sister checking out one of the outdoor booths.
 I got this sign there...

 So I was out to look for the funnel trees I saw last year and missed.  This is the only one I found and it was sold.  This one from last year is still my favorite.
 Loved this footstool, but $350 was bit more than I wanted to pay.   But if you could afford it, it would have been a great conversation piece (Sande, I can totally see this in your TV room!)
 Two of my favorite local girls, Judy and Deanna from Sorenson Farm Antiques.  A little off the beaten path and only open on Sat and Sun, but good junk just the same.

Here are the rest of the items I purchased:
ephemera and a date book from 1917 (love to use these for journaling pages)
 A big letter T for a friend...loved the patina so much.  Wish they would have had a C!
Big plastic letters (that really spell, SHINE)
After the show we drove back down the coast to San Luis Obispo for lunch here (the raspberry salad is a must) and a bit of shopping at our favorite shop, Ruby Rose.

Next weekend is the Remnants of the Past Show in San Luis Obispo.  This show has outgrown the barn that it used to be held in and has now moved to the Mandonna Inn Convention center (since being written up in Country Living Magazine).  It will never be as beautiful as the the barn set in the orange groves of the Nipomo mesa but more space means more vendors which is great for us shoppers.  Still, it's the only place that I know of to get the engraved pumpkins shown in Heather Ballard's, Souvenir online.
In addition, Brooke Giannetti (Brooke is the genius behind one of my favorite design blogs, Velvet and Linen) will be a guest on Saturday, signing her book, Patina Style.  And on Sunday...Susan Branch will be signing her book, Girlfriends Forever. 
Hope to see you there!


  1. Ohhhhh so fun! I am really jealous of your sister getting to visit from Texas ~ I needed to fly there with her and visit my sister in Templeton :)
    Have so much fun this weekend at the show!! Someday I am going to make it out there for it ~


  2. Looks like fun, I love flea markets and antique shows!! Thanks for sharing!xo-cindy

  3. Oh what fun! And to be able to shop with your sister - bonus!!

  4. First time I've visited your blog. Got a chuckle out of your nieces fake run!Will be back!