Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Show Report: Remants of the Past

It was a great weekend here on the Central Coast.  After a few days of rain during the week the weekend turned out to be fabulous weather for attending the Remnants of the Past Show in San Luis Obispo.  It was very convenient having the two local shows on back to back weekends so my sister could stay for both.  Although it will soon be time for her to return to the heat of Texas...first time in months she has slept with a blanket!
About the Show
I mentioned before that the Remnants of the Past show recently moved from it's barn location to the Madonna Inn Events Center.   Even though we missed the beauty of the barn, the show vendors really outdid themselves making up for it.  Many, many new vendors at the show (about 115 total)...some I recognized from Farm Chicks back in June, like Ormalulu and Fun Junk. 
We got to the show about an hour early and while waiting in line we were surprised to see a giant crown being past down.  Apparently the crown was handmade for the show (I believe to be auctioned off) and the last person in line had to wear it.  Which was really just enough time to get your picture taken and pass it to the next person that had come up behind you.  The crown itself was actually quite heavy and even better looking than this picture.  The lady behind me kept saying, "I really want to buy this...do you know if it's for sale?"
 This show has both indoor and outdoor booths.  After buying our poetic pumpkins (if you want a pumpkin you have to get it in the 1st hour of the show) we hurried inside.
A Beautiful Mess was the first booth. 
The sad thing is that I look at this picture and think..what's that in the background?  Oh, and I missed seeing that too.  crud.
 Look at the faux ceiling they created inside the building.  And the chandelier that looks like an umbrella is really metal (my guess...upcycled farm equipment).
 Across from A Beautiful Mess, Queen of Tarte out of Oregon.  Lovely ephemera, bits and bobs.  The old radio case would have made a perfect place for an assemblage.  Not sure why I didn't get it.
 A show stopper booth, Ormalulu...seriously, an artistic installation rather than a booth.
 This huge silver punch bowl was beautiful.
 A little sailing ship made from vintage music.
 Glass Domes were everywhere...really in almost every booth.
 Up-cycled lighting was another theme of the show.  These are from Bothers of Industry.
 And this one from Rust to Rhinestones was a wonderful mix of metal and wood.  

Before we left the building I ran into friends Linda, Eloise and her daughter that I met (would you believe) in line at the Farm Chicks show in Spokane.  Small world!
me and linda

On to the outdoor inspiration! 
We walked by this booth and when we came back all the chairs at the table were sold.  So much to see here from baskets to metal urns.  So many booths were using tiny succulents for display.

Love this French metal sign

 The Waiting Room

  The ever lovely Amy Hanna had a booth at the show.  I just had to stop and visit for a few minutes with her and Pam Garrison who had come to help. 
The great part is, she is really as nice in person as she appears here.
My favorite display from the show was this one...vintage prize ribbons.  At $30 each it would have cost me $630 for the 21 ribbons seen here in the picture.  I did think it would make a fabulous fireplace garland for fall though, don't you think? I am seriously in love with the colors shown here, from grey to rich brown to orange.  I guess since I couldn't afford all the ribbons the picture will have to do.
lots of really great tote bags throughout the show.
 the velvet pumpkins...okay I could use 30 of those too.
 chalk letters...no words needed.
Well as you can see this is a show you might want to add to your calendar for 2012 (next show is June 2nd).  Hopefully you can make a weekend of it and stay a few days here on the Central Coast.  It's worth your time if you love junkin like I do.


  1. Thanks for taking and posting all those great photos...it looked like a great show. I wish I lived closer. That crown was really cute too!

  2. Sensory overload for certain...but oh so good! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Amazing things BUT my daughter so needed that French sign. She went to Paris over spring break and her intials are RF. Too bad Texas was a little far from the show.

  4. Gorgeous show! There's so much stuff it's hard to know where to look. Sounds like you had a great time.

  5. I want one of everything. LOVE those velvet pumpkins... Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a dreamy show! Thank you for taking us around and showing us so many wonderful things... I especially love how your mind works... those ribbons as a garland would be wonderful indeed.

  7. Looks like fun Paula. So, the question is....what did you buy ☺?

    Hope you're having a nice week!