Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pin it, Clip it, Tack it, Tie it

Oh how we love a good inspiration board! 
Many people use an inspiration board to jump start their creativity.  These little works of art are collages or compositions that help you cultivate your design on whatever project you might be working on, whether it be a wedding, a room makeover, art project or whatever.  Using an inspiration board this way is a great way to visualize your project and explore your options.
Those inspiration boards are great but, I actually love a collection of items that their only requirement is that I love them and they make me happy.  I love to have a place that you only have to pin it, clip it or slip it in for it to be welcomed to the group, where no elaborate framing or thought is required.  A collection that can include photos, quotes, cards, fabrics and trims, favorite papers, found objects, ephemera and any other items that I have taken a fancy to.
I have found some fabulous examples and whether you call it a bulletin board, pin board, memo board or inspiration board, it’s all about the same thing.  If you don't have a place to group your favorite things, here's a few ideas:

Several of these ideas start with a frame.....this one - large and ornate and a fabric covered background.  Love that it is big enough to attach another framed picture inside.

From Brooklyn Limestone - Start with a frame and insert radiator grill material in center.  Get instructions here.

Love the simplicity of wire wrapped around a nail, and hanging items on the wire.

Great frame color.....Cut foam core to fit inside frame and decoupage the foam core with your favorite music and ephemera.  Push pins made with old jewelry or buttons glued to large thumb tacks.

My entry - family photos clipped to chicken wire, with sewing machine drawer that acts as a shelf and ledge. 

Magnetic map board....of course we love anything with a map - By Apartment Therapy

This was a display I did several years ago in the 7g booth.  (sorry, not the greatest photo) We covered pieces of chipboard with brown kraft paper, tied it with string and applied sealing wax over the string.  The pieces were then randomly attached to the foam core I put inside the frame.  The display was all about the cards and the waxed seals.  The string made it possible to tuck a card here and there onto the string.  Loved the original idea that came from an Anthropologie display.

 So cute!! - Tuck letters, photo and postcards into the louvers of the shutter.

 We have used a bed frame often in the 7g booth.  Easy to hang and great to clip things to.

This bed frame is by Funky Junk Interiors - find out how they did it here.

 I have always loved anything wire.  This one by Vintage Rose Bracket

 Great mini board out of embroidery hoops from Houzz.  Choose several sizes, cut a piece of foam core to fit inside each hoop.  Clip fabric into hoop and trim off excess.

 To make these pin boards start with an inexpensive bulletin board and turn it into a great home decor piece....see how here.

Start with a great piece of wood!

 This is made from the end of a day bed (turned upside down).  Cool idea from Design Sponge.

 Pottery Barn....makes you want to go out and get some paint samples

Pottery Barn
 .... more Pottery Barn

 ....and still more Pottery Barn, this one is my favorite....just haven't been able to make the splurge....love it!

My favorite part is how they used a rolling pin to hold the twine.

Love the size and that it includes the clock.

 Very clever - from Mamie Jane's.  She made this from a vintage wood slaw cutter.  Instructions here.

 Cover a group of clipboard with coordinating paper and instant display.....by Martha, instructions here.

 I love that they made this from 4 sticks and some twill tape.

 This is so simple....get this one from Ballard Designs .....Or make your own.
Cover a piece of sheet metal with decorative paper.  Drill holes and attach ribbon.  

 Feed Sack memo board by Wisteria

Whew....that's a lot of inspiration!          
Now it's your turn.  
We would love to see your inspiration boards!  Don't be shy, you're among friends.... just snap a quick photo and email it to us.  We will share them on Friday....so send it soon!



  1. Wonderful inspiration! I have a huge one and I love it!

  2. Great ideas, thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to make one now too.

  3. What a great way to share so many memo type ideas.
    Love it!

  4. So many great ideas to choose from! I love my friend Jane's and the industrial ones are perfect and that first photo made me gasp... it's fabulous!

  5. Very inspirational post. Love the different ideas shown.... now, let's go out and find some wood frame and wire! ;D Thanks!

  6. Man...all of these make me wish I had more walls ;)

  7. Wow! I love all of these ideas. So cool!

  8. Lovely! Why can I see every wall in my house used as a pinup? Great ideas. Looking forward to Friday! Hugs, Terri

  9. I love your blog and am now your latest follower- hope you can stop by mine sometime.Lynda

  10. Hi Debbie, I send you my two inspiration boards, I hope you like them.
    Ute L.

  11. Those are GREAT boards. Just the inspiration I need to get started on creating one of my own.