Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Ideas...

We appreciate those who sent us their photos and links so we could pass them on.  
We love your ideas....thanks so much!

First, Roberta shows us that you don't need a large wall with a huge pin board for a cool display.  She painted the wall with chalkboard/magnetic paint and added ledges to hold her art work, inspiration and quotes.  What a great use of a small wall!  
She gives you a tutorial here.

This pin board is by Ute in that she used natural elastic and tacked the intersections with buttons.  Check out her cool blog here.  It's in German, but the pictures are great!

Ute's Studio....a fun place to get creative.

This darling display is by Debbie in Tucson, Arizona.  This is what she said,
"My social side could not resist the urge to submit this to you - mostly because it features my favorite "7 Gypsies" front and center. After comfortably staring at my blank 'mouse trap' as I fondly call it for months now, I am finally ready to design a creation.  Here's my board - best part - free - had the frame and foam core and covered it with fabric".
Love how she is using the bird cage to clip things to....fabulous grouping!

What a terrific idea to use space that might have been otherwise wasted!  
This from Jo - "Here's my inspiration/bulletin boards which I made from a metre of bargain red fabric, some recycled packing cartons from Ikea and a few metres of black tape. They hide the boring old cupboard doors in my craft room and change, with adding and subtracting bits and bobs so often, that it keeps them interesting.   Hope you like it!  More pictures of her studio here.

These next four ideas are from Carola in Germany.  This one is a very cool cork pinboard collaged with patterned paper.

Pink toile fabric covered pin board.

Cream painted printers drawer inspiration board.
Love all the little divided sections!

Can you guess what this is?  It is an enamel cooking pot lid holder.....I need to be on the lookout for one of these....Carola, you are a clever girl!  Check out her flicker.

We LOVED this....Maria made his bulletin board from the leftover supplies from her Advent kit she got from us last year!  Check out her fabulous blog.

Thanks again for the inspiration!



  1. Everyone is so creative! I love to see what you all have done for your own personal inspiration boards! Good job!

  2. Wow! Those boards are all truly wonderful! I want Ute's studio - gorgeous!

  3. I am so proud to see my pics here. All inspiration boards look especially beautiful. I've tried to activate a translation gadget but unfortunately it does not work.
    Thanks Debbie for the inspiration, love it!

  4. I am so thrilled for my crafty mess to be included here, warts and all. I think mine is the turkey of the bunch as all the others are so tidy so what we now need to know is how to stay so neat without wasting valuable crafting time and also whilst managing to craft!
    Thanks for having me..... amongst comparatively such star examples...

  5. Oh wow...thanks so much for sharing my inspiration wall Deb & Paula...I'm so thrilled. It looks great with your banner and background on your blog ;) Love all these clever ideas...really love Ute's wall and those apothecary bottles on her wall abover her desk...I'm always on the prowl for more of those. And love how Carola converted a kitchen utentil/organizer...the pot lid...I want one just for my kitchen! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  6. It was so fun to share my inspiration boards with you Paula and Deb! I wish you good luck on your next flea market excursions to find an old enamel cooking lid holder! Love Utes's board in the monochrome colors very much!
    Sending you happy weekend wishes