Friday, June 10, 2011

FArM CHicKs sHoW

So much to post about the show (there are plenty of other blogs talking about it too).  
The bottom line...
1.  good junk
2.  reasonable prices
3.  totally inspiring
would I spend the money to go back? you bet!

The smartest thing we did was get in on the $20 early entry tickets.  There were a limited amount sold (maybe 300) and that got us a great parking space (to dump our treasures throughout the day) and 1 hour in the show with a very limited amount of people.  We arrived at the show at 7:45am for a 9:00 entry.  The photo below shows how close we were to the front of the line, maybe 30 people?
Standing in line was actually fun because we talked to everyone around us including these super nice ladies from Southern Ca.  We met them the day before when we were out shopping (we just kept running into them at the same stores) then ended up standing in line by them.  Eloise (on the right) was so nice to give us tips on some good booths to start with. Thanks Eloise!

We saw LOTS of cowboy boots with skirts and dresses, fun aprons and fabulous jewelry.  We also saw all the Farm Chick celebrities that were in the house to sign books/magazines during the event.  Jenny Doh with her new book, Signature Styles.  The fabulous Heather Bullard and Ki Nassauer with their magazine Flea Market Style.

Once inside the building we were free to roam the 4 halls.  This picture is of the main entrance hall.

My purchase at the Silver Suitcase (as if I hadn't bought enough from them the day before!)
yes, that's my thumb in the picture...did they move the camera on the new iPhone 4?  I never had this giant thumb with my iPhone 3.

Piles and piles of vintage table cloths

Cowboy boots anyone?
Love this signage...Ormolulu
Seabold Vintage Market was the most darling booth.  The red cross theme carried throughout. 
oh, my gosh, there's my thumb again!
And just across the way were these lovely old dressers.  This one was sold.
Loved this idea of the faux wedding cake.  
Wouldn't this make a great center piece for a bridal shower?

Look what they did with this old car...
Here is the fabulous Sande Krieger in the back of the car! 

I bought one of these...a big letter C.

This was quite a haul!

We saw our friends Lisa and Michelle from Scrappin Girlfriends in Twin Falls, Idaho
as well as our crazy but super fun friend, Lori Wilson-Bunda from The Scrap Yard in Calgary
Farm Chicks even had a Man-Cave with 3 big screen TVs and comfortable seating for about 20 or so people.  It was great if you needed a break or just to meet up with someone.  I personally watched a little Forrest Gump while I was waiting in there.
Thought I would leave you with this great old car that was parked next to us in the parking lot.  We all wanted out picture taken in it!

This blog also has some great Farm Chicks pictures (probably NOT taken with their iPhone because there is no thumb in any of the pictures).


  1. How exciting - what a great place to find inspiration. Looks like a blast!

  2. Wow! Great pics Paula, looks like a blast. Will have to plan a trip there next year!

  3. Sure wish we had something like that close to me!

    You have a very nice thumb, by the way!

  4. I want that red stool with the plaid cushion. So cute!

  5. Great googly moogly! There's so many cool things pictured that I can't even begin to pick what I love most! Such a cool event!

  6. What great photos, Paula. Makes me feel as though I was almost there. I had an opportunity to go, but I turned it down. I sure won't do that again!

  7. Thanks for taking me with you for a snapshot of the day. It looks SO cool

    Love dawn xx

  8. Paula, what great pics with your phone!! It was nice meeting you gals! Maybe we'll see you soon!
    Junk Wishes!!

  9. {gasp} I see something I want/NEED in every single photo!

  10. hi paula!

    great post! i was a vendor so i didn't get to see as much as i would have like- it's nice to see it all though all the great blog posts!

    my booth even made it into your post! it's the one with the globes and bunting made from maps. i'm over at thanks! it's an honor to see pics of our space out in blog land.

    all the best!

  11. Thanks for posting so many pictures! It must have been terribly exciting to have been there, to look through all those treasures to see what you could take back with you! I love it! I'm so envious because I live on the other side of the world, and we don't have anything like this!