Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Red Lead inspiration

I actually visited Red Lead twice while I was in St Louis.  Once with my sister during the week and again on Sat to meet some of the ladies that were in the store for a make and take.  Chris and Sharon were welcoming and super enthusiastic about everything altered.  The store was just how I imagined it would be; full of charms and treasures, tons of alterable surfaces, custom rubber stamps (just what I was looking for), as well as a ton of inspiration for a girl like me.
see all the white bags hanging on the wall?  All custom rubber stamps made by Chris and Sharon.
Trinkets, trinkets...
and more trinkets, I love it!

lots of 7gypies bottles, labels, tags, paper packs and tissue.
do you not love this lamp shade made with old baby shoes?
As you walk to the back of Red Lead there is a stairway down to the classroom area.   Wish I had that room for my everyday creative space.  Flooded with light from the windows on the left, it is the perfect space to find your creative mojo...all I would need to add was some good music and I'd be set.

I brought a couple of my journals and the blog samples from the past few months to share.  We talked about what you do when your on a design team and the ladies asked some questions about 7gypies products.  At the end I asked if anyone had any questions and a very nice lady said, "Do you know Tim Holtz?"  I said I did and that he was a very nice man.  It is my one claim to fame...I know Tim Holtz! :)
I love all the boxes lined up on the back wall with old cameras, clocks, books and such. What a great way to fill up a big wall.  Makes me want to rethink a few walls in my house.
A surprise was waiting for me in the classroom.  It was my friend Lesley from California.  I first met Lesley at Gypsy Caravan a few years back and we continue to visit each year at the trade show.  When I saw her at CHA in January she told me she was moving to Missouri so I didn't know if we would meet up ever again.  Well, guess who stopped by to say "hi". 
thanks Sharon for the photo!
 Chris and Sharon gave me a fabulous gift for stopping by on Sat which was not necessary but very, very nice.  It was tied with beautiful hand dyed seam binding and inside was a couple more custom cling mount rubber stamps to add to the ones I purchased when I visited the store with my sister earlier in the week, as well as 4 tiny custom wood block stamps, trinkets and the fabulous patina metal swallows and disks that I totally missed on the first trip through.  I feel some creative time may be necessary in the near future!
As we were leaving we stopped to watch a local artist paint a street scene of the block that Red Lead sits on.  We chatted away for a few minutes and then found our way back to the car passing other artists along the way. 

 What a beautiful morning.
 Thanks again Chris and Sharon!


  1. Oh my - I could spend an entire day in that store! Don't you just LOVE places like that?! One day I will visit Red Lead. You can count on it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh how I wish I could spend a day in that store.... fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Red Lead store!!!!! I love that store!!! They have great online shopping, I can't imagine the TROUBLE it would be in person!!!! I adore the baby shoe lamp...they are so creative there!!!! They have a honeycomb stamp I have been eyeing for the past 2 weeks...but after looking at all your fabulous pictures...seems like I need to dig in the wallet and find another $20 or two!!!! Can I say....LUCKY YOU!!!!!

  4. I'm so I used to live in the St. Louis area (Chesterfield) but it was in the 1980s. I live in Michigan now and some days wish I still lived in Missouri just to be able to go Red Lead!! I love their online store and have purchased quite a few items from them. Thanks for sharing the photos of the store---looks like an awesome place.

  5. ROAD TRIP!!!
    Wow! That place looks like heaven to me! You must have had a fabulous time. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Hi Paula, Thanks for sharing Red Lead. I had so much fun looking at everything and I love their displays.

  7. Oh, you LUCKY, LUCKY girl!! Red Lead sounds and looks FABULOUS!! So jealous! Glad you had a good time...thanks for sharing!

  8. What a fabulous place to be! So glad you had a great time, TFS

  9. What fabulous photos of the Red Lead store! I can hardly wait to see the stamps you got and how you store them. I have a ton of Red lead stamps and I am always looking for great storage ideas.

  10. I went to Red Lead online to see some of those stamps. Really liked the one that is all dots and another that is music with a bird. I know you will come up with something super creative with yours when you have some time. Can't wait to see what you do.

  11. I love St. Louis, my best friend lives there and has taken me to lots of very cool hot spots, this Red Lead will certainly be on my next trip's list. And yes I agree that the Arch is breath taking, love that too! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful inspiration, can't wait to see what comes next!

  12. wow...what a wonderful store. high ceilings, room to shop, and the product display is fantastic. wish they were in texas, lol.

  13. I kinda had Red Lead pictured in my head just like you photographed it. Hopefully someday I can get up there to visit.

  14. Hey Paula, It was so great seeing you at red lead! What a wonderful place to play! Come back any time to visit!