Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Design

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  My husband always loves a day off school.  He's getting to the end of the school year now.  Every day he seems to mention how many days till summer...I bet you thought only kids did that!  This will be the first year that I can remember that he has elected to not teach summer school so I am currently making the worlds longest honey-do list, starting with painting the guest room.   The room has been the same since we moved into this house about 9 years ago. 
Time to make a change. 
I already have the color scheme, the bedding and am now on the hunt for throw blankets, possibly 2 small chandeliers (can't decide), and fabric to cover the headboards.  Once I get everything going I will share the transformation.  Writing it here may just be the incentive I need to push forward on the project, right? 
Either that or watch Sarah's House on HGTV. 
That will do it every time. 
Deb and I both love that show and watch almost every episode more than once (I know, a little kooky, right?).  If you have never seen it, or like my sweet sister have no HGTV at home (that is just wrong) you can watch episodes online.  It takes 22 minutes, watch one.
My personal favorites are :
Season 2 - Split Level
1. Living Room & Entry way (this is by far the MOST impressive transformation of an entry way on record, you must see the before!)
Season 3 - The Farm House
1.  Entry and Mudroom  (all I am saying is, I need some red doors)
2.  Kitchen (love, love, love the chairs by the window and the antique sign above...oh, and the bar chairs made with Cath Kidston polka dot oil cloth, I mean who doesn't love oil cloth?).
Currently Sarah's Summer Cottage is running on Direct TV.  Deb is of course in Arizona (Cox cable) and is getting both the Summer Cottage and episodes of old brick house in the city I have never seen.  You can check the listings here at HGTV (USA) for times. 

Boy, can I digress or what?  I did not intend on talking about design at all this morning! Well anyway, love the show as well as Tommy, her side kick who adds a bit of laughter to every episode.  The perfect pair.  

This week I am off again for a little fun (and NO work).  You'll find me here...

I missed both local shows (Remnants of the Past and Three Speckled Hens) this past month due to teaching, which is good on one hand (and saved me some money) but sad on another because I am inspired by all things junk; the displays, the colors, even the energy of a good show.  I have always heard about this show, talked about going, but it never came to fruition till this year. 
On a whim I asked my friend Nancy (we go to the local shows together) if she would like to go, knowing full well she has only been on a plane twice in her whole life (I was on a plane 3 times just in May!).  I might add, she said "YES" very quickly! 
So off we go on our little adventure to Spokane, Washington.  Neither of us has ever been there before so that makes it just a bit more fun. 
photos from Farm Chicks webiste


  1. I too love Sarah's House--watch and DVR all of the episodes. My favorite series is the country farmhouse, but the cottage is running a close second. She has a clean style that goes with any kind of decor. Thanks for posting pictures.

  2. I'm in LOVE with Sarah's house and faithfully watch every Saturday night at 8 p.m. (EST). What can I say? I have no life! But boy can she turn any house into a home! And Tommy is a riot! Have a wonderful trip!

  3. I to love Sarahs house, i hae decided that I am going to become one of her kids just to spend the summer at her beautiful cottage

  4. I am also a big fan of Sarah and proud that she is Canadian, especially since she sources most everything out of Toronto. Have you watched Design Inc? That show also stars Sarah and Tommy along with her whole team designing for others in and around Toronto.

  5. I am jealous..I want to be a stowaway on your trip to Spokane...it is on my list of to do's..
    Have fun..hope you find something wonderful to show all of us...

  6. Rebecca P. has those same red doors bookmarked on her computer. Have a fun and safe trip with Nancy!! Can't wait to see what you find.

  7. I'm in Canada and watch it every day. That and Design Inc. I adore Tommy-he totally cracks me up.

    The Farm house was incredible. The back split 60's house was fun to watch. This morning I got sucked into watching Design Inc. because the couple whose penthouse she was working on were building the colour scheme around the chocolate Lab. (I have a black Lab.)

    The other designer I love is Nate Burkus. I love the clean, crisp look he does and how he incoperates person memorabilia into his rooms.

  8. Sara Richardson is my current favorite designer too! Just recently found the Design Inc shows on HGTV and DVR them(Tues, Wed, or Thurs during the daytime). Loved the other shows she's had on and hoping for many more new ones to come! Thanks for sharing your favs on your blog--great idea!

  9. Lucky you! Have fun with the Farm Chicks. Love all of Sarah's shows. We are lucky enough to get them all. I usually end up watching them more than once too. Hope to see you soon.

  10. I'm there with you, watching Sarah's shows. I loved her red bedroom that she did at the cottage/island home/summer house. I DVR all her shows. She needs to write a book or something so I can have them all in print! Don't you think?