Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No. 15 Crystal Crown

1. Adhere vintage Christmas music paper to tag.  Ink the edges of tag and set aside.

Perfect Pearls Dry technique-
2. If you have a kit or instructional CD use oval template No. 3.  If you don't, then create an oval pattern about 3 x 4 1/2".  Cut oval from black cardstock and a piece of chipboard.  Then glue the two ovals together.  Don't worry if your oval is not perfect it will not make a difference in the end.
NOTE: You could also glue the black cardstock and the chipboard together, then cut out the oval.  There is always more than one way to do the same thing, so use which ever method works best for you.
3. You will need Perfect Medium for the next step.
Perfect Medium is an embellishing ink for Perfect is basically glue that the powder can stick to. 
Rub Perfect Medium directly from stamp pad onto black oval.  It may look dry but it there, just tilt the card and you can see it in the light.

4. In the original tag I did (found above) I only used Heirloom Gold which looks great, but I thought I would change it up and show you what it would look like with multi-colors of the Perfect Pearls.  Then you can compare and see which style you want to try.  Remember, this is a dry method, totally different than the wet method used in tag No.18 with the wood block stamp.

Color 1 - Dust on Heirloom Gold with a small brush.  
Since we are doing multiple colors you do not have to cover entire surface.
 Color 2 - Dust on some Perfect Gold
 Color 3 - and just for the heck of it, let's add another Perfect Bronze.
 Once you are done covering the card with Perfect Pearls, gently whisk off excess with a larger fluffy brush.
 So here is where we stand but we're not finished yet.
5. Using a stamp of your choosing, “ink” stamp with Clear Perfect Medium (yes, the same stuff I stamped the card with).  If you don't have a large enough stamp you can use a smaller one, but you will need to clean the stamp and re-ink for each stamping.
6. Stamp the oval... I know you can't see it, but it's under the stamp, I  promise.
In this technique, the Perfect Medium works to "grab on" to the Perfect Pearls powder and pull it away from the card.
wow, my hand is white...I gotta get out more!
So when you pull the stamp away from the black cardstock you will create a negative image of the stamp.  Cool, huh?  Oh, and before you ask...the stamp was a gift from a friend in South Africa.  I believe it is hand made.  Phenomenal, right?

7. Set with a fine mist of water from a Mini Mister.  The water "sets" the image and allows you to touch the image without smudging it.  Set aside to dry.

7. Once dry, use a small flat brush to “paint” on a band of thick white glue around the perimeter of the oval about 1/4” wide.  Be sure to paint the glue on the edge of the piece too.  You must work quickly to add the glitter before the glue dries.
I found that this method of pushing the tag into the glitter worked well so I didn't get the glitter all over the center of the oval. 

edge of the oval

Cut the number from a book page and add to the bottom of the oval.

 Adhere oval to tag with a tape runner.
 8. Hanging Crystal
Using template or one of your own making, cut out ledger paper to fit behind the 7gypsies crystal.  

Stamp the crown from the Paris set by Cavallini.  I mean, who doesn't love Cavallini?

  Adhere to flat side of the 7gypsies crystal with a glue stick.
I made this funny little drop for the top part of the crystal with a bead from an old necklace, two jump rings and a really big crystal brad I liked.
You can see here that I hooked the two jump rings into the legs of the brad and then folded the legs as flat as I could.  You could add a spot of glue but it seemed pretty secure to me.
 Combine the two pieces to complete the dangle.
 Add a bow to either of the jump rings.
 Ready to hang...

So I will see you back on Friday for the Merry Christmas Plaque and the pins.

Oh, and maybe I should mention before I go that we have had so many people contact us about buying any "leftovers" from the kit that we decided to make several partial kits.  I admit the packaging is not as glam as the original kit and there will be no stamps or storage box, but many of the pieces are  included such as...all chipboard pieces, hanging crystal, the plaque for 25, most of the ephemera pack and several vintage items including the little butter pat plate. We will have a very limited number of kits that will be available for purchase at
8:00am pst
Wednesday, Nov 10th. in the Etsy shop.
Okay, now back to preparations for our class on Sat!


  1. I love this technique! Another wonderful tutorial for a fabulous result!

  2. Gorgeous tag! And thanks for sharing the steps; I hadn't noticed the detail in the background.

  3. Gorgeous!...thank you for sharing:)