Monday, November 22, 2010

A Lucky Day

Back in California today from a great fabulous weekend in Arizona.  I signed up to take a class with my friend Tim.  I am sure many of you have read about Tim's Artful Curio class where you get to dig through all kinds of junk (just my type of class) to create a curio cabinet with a glass door.   I found out he was teaching the very last session of the class in Payson at Paper and Metal Scrappers ,one of my favorite little stores, and I made a spur of the moment decision to take the class.  Crazy since I live in California, I know. 
the big table of good junk
Lets just say it was worth the cost of the flight just for a day away from my work table!  I had a great time visiting with friends Barb, Brenda, Kellie and Connie.  It was also fun to see what everyone chose to put into their curio.  One lady even brought a tiny purse that was given to her as a child.  I wasn't smart enough to bring something sentimental from home so I chose not to finish until I could look through my stash of ephemera and trinkets.  Sounds like a good thing to do on Thanksgiving after dinner don't you think?

Here's my box after we used paper and tissue tape to cover it.  Love the look of the Tissue Tape on the raw pine once it's inked with Distress Ink.  Totally transforms the tape.

I stole this pictures from Tim's blog.  That's my head at the bottom of the picture and my box.  I bet you could tell since if you look close you can see the word, "lucky" (appropriate, right?)  I promise to post some pictures once I am done. 
I am at the work table of those "has to be done in 24 hours assignments" so my little village will have to wait a couple more days...sorry about that, but I promise to get things moving right after I finish. 
cheers! p


  1. Great idea to do the class - I managed to have the opportunity to take this class & 3 others on the New England cruise I took with him & many others in October. (A great break from the earthquake aftershooks.) Can't wait to see the photos when your finished. Wish I was closer - love the advent calendar you guys have made as well. Need more hours in the day. Tkae care, Tracey in Christchurch, NZ

  2. That class looked fabulous! I did the holiday curio class with him last month and had a blast. Love that tape too now that I know how to use/alter it. Good luck with the assignment...I'll be waiting for the little village announcement! :)

  3. i totally wish i could do that class too - you are one lucky gal!
    it looks really great! looking forward to the little village... good luck with your assignment!

  4. Lucky you, indeed! Good friends, vintage junk, a fun day creating - does it get any better than that?

  5. I just love Tim's classes. I just took 4 with him in Topsfield, MA last month - pure JOY! The curios look fabulous. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I am so envious--this class looks marvelous...I wish I could take this class how you did the

  7. This sounds like such fun! Can't wait to see more pics.