Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No.7 Crowning Wings

1. Adhere vintage music to tag.

To create the wings-
2. Lay the wings out (no glue yet), making sure you have 5 pieces on the both left and right side.
3. Paint all the pieces of wings (only the front) with acrylic paint (white, off white or cream will work).  Let dry completely.
Once wings are completely dry, lightly sand edges. I added a bit of Distress Ink but I am not sure this step is really necessary since the gold foil will cover it up.
4. Remove 1 sheet of gold foil from package.   
One at a time, rub just the tips of the wings with a good glue stick.  You can always add more if it is not enough the first time.
Lay a piece of gold foil over the top, shiny side up.
Use a bone folder or brayer to burnish the foil
Peel away, leaving the gold foil on the wing tips where the glue was. Repeat steps on each layer of the wings.  If you are not getting enough gold, let foil/glue dry on the wing a little, then peel away.
5. Once wings are foiled, set in order again and glue together.  

When wings are dry, gently bend to give them more dimension.  Set aside
6.  Add glue or tape to center of tag (I used Therm O web Super Tape).
7.  Cut a piece of cheesecloth about 2 1/2 x 5” (measurement doesn't have to be exact).   Very lightly, lay the cheesecloth over adhesive, then gather to fit on the tag. Press into place to secure.

8.  Add wings over cheesecloth overlapping at center.  NOTE: Since I bent the wings to make them more dimensional, I used foam tape to adhere the wings to the tag.
9. Run a small piece of wire through a vintage clock face and make a loop at bottom for bell.
10. Hang large jingle bell from loop.
11. Putting it all together:
Add the clock face/jingle bell to the center of the wings with foam tape.  I used 2 pieces on top of each other to raise it up to the right level.
Glitter chipboard crown and add above wings with foam tape.

I love this tag, hope you did too!  
See you on Friday for tag #18 - Moulin Rouge...we'll work with wet Perfect Pearls for this one.


  1. Thank you for all of these wonderful tags! I just love them and am hoping to get started on them very soon. This one is just as gorgeous as the rest! Thank you for your inspiration and generosity! Theresa xoxo

  2. Oh Gypsies, I love this tag...and all the others too. I did order the wings from your Etsy store so I can make a facsimile of this but how I would have loved to have the kit. You just knock my socks off. I am loving the Library Drawer. I put my gypsy tags, ATC cards,Petit Carnet etc. etc. in it and now I think I should have two!
    I agree with Theresa, thanks for your inspiration and generous sharing.

  3. Thanks so much Judy! I love the wings too. I first saw them way back in May when I was at a show in Australia. I knew right away they would be a great addition to the calender this year as well as some other projects to come.
    thanks again,

  4. Stunning! I love, love, love the glitter you're using! So very cool and vintage!

  5. Fabulous gold leafing, absolutely stunning tags!! Thank you, thank you for sharing your creativity!!

  6. hi these wings are amazing. i live in australia can you tell me who makes these wings.

  7. my oh my is this every sweet and sparkling happy i discovered you via pinterest...shall be following you....are these amazing creations...forever dreams...Eden

  8. Can you share a source for the wings please?


  9. Love, love your tag and so thankful for your tutorial. Looking forward to see other projects.

  10. I absolutely LOVE this!!! Did you ever share a source for your wings? I've looked all over the Internet for the die cut with no luck at all. :(

    1. Hi michelle, I have shared it many times. It was made by a company called Collections Elements based in Perth, Australia.

  11. Love these I'm going to try converting it to doll wings for a nativity.

  12. I know this is an old post. But....I want some of those wings...PLEASE?

  13. WHERE CAN I BUY THIS SET???? I am hanging 2 big metal angel wings over my bed & this would be wonderful between them! Thank you!

  14. Is there a mold for the wings I am confused how you made them or did you buy them then distress them

    1. This post was written 11 years ago. The company that made the chipboard wings has long gone out of business. Sorry.