Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No. 23 Flower

1. Stamp tag with Calais flourish (Archival ink- Sepia or Distress Ink - Vintage Photo).

2. Use the fine tip of a liquid glue bottle (I used Glossy Accents) to “paint” in between some of the lines of the stamp image.  Remember, you will not see the middle of the tag in the end.  Add glitter, set aside to dry.  You could use Stickles for this step, but I just don't like waiting for it to dry so I just stick (no pun intended) to traditional glitter.
To make the flower you will need at least 24" of wired ribbon.  The length needed to make your flower may depend on what kind of ribbon you are using, the thinner the ribbon...the more ribbon needed.  The ribbon needs to be 1 1/4" wide.  In the example below, I had a very wide ribbon so I just cut it in half.  Don't worry about the strings, you will cut them off in the next step.

3. Cut a free form scallop on the raw edge along length of wired ribbon (do not cut the wired edge off).

4. Find one end of the wire.  Pull wire to gather ribbon.  Form a winding circle then using a liquid glue adhere flower to a chipboard or an interfacing circle...just something to keep it's shape.

flower before adding the circle backing
 5. Add embellishment to center of the flower.  I used a vintage applique that I purchased here.

6. Now we need to start layering the tag.  Here's how I did it:  Gather pieces of cheesecloth, crochet lace, tulle, etc.  Think TEXTURE here.  All the pieces are similar in color but they each have a unique texture.  Once you have everything gathered, use liquid glue to layer the foundation.  Use your flower to check your work from time to time so you get the right balance.  
Small pieces of dyed cheesecloth and a piece from a doily. I like to pull the cheesecloth so it looks uneven and really frayed. 
Squeeze some glue onto tag.  Working quickly, add a piece of cheesecloth.

Then add the crochet piece
(whatever shape you have will work)

lay the flower on your work to check the progress

Add a second piece of cheesecloth and then the flower
7. Tie a loopy bow with ribbon, set aside until you make the leaves.
long loops so they will hang out from under the flower
8. Cut out 4 leaves about 2" long from vintage book paper.  Glue 2 leaves together for stability, repeat steps for a second leaf.  Gently use a distress tool to rough up the edges.

9. Turn leaves over.  Paint only the back of leaves with gel medium to add strength.  Why only the backs?  I love the texture of old book pages...the paper is almost furry it's so thick!

10. Once leaves are dry, adhere to tag under flower along with the ribbon and a bit of gold tulle.  The tulle balances out the weight of the leaves and ribbon at the bottom of the tag and also brings the gold color up to the top of the tag. 
Just use a bit of liquid glue to add the ribbon, leaves and tulle.

Alright ladies, I'll meet you back here on Friday for tag #5 the big powder puff flower.


  1. I love all of the detail, that is gorgeous! You give the best tutorials, thank you! Theresa xoxo

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    Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

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