Sunday, February 18, 2024

Colorblock Vignette Panel

Hello Friends!
What a fun weekend it has been, reading all the comments on the Colorblock projects! Clearly you like this colorful fabric line! Today I'm sharing the colorful Vignette Panel I created.

I painted the wood panel black and set it aside to dry while I worked on the fabric portion.
I used Colorblock 'Tiled' for the panel. The squares are about 1 x 1". I sewed the fabric to a piece of Warm and Natural, just stitching right down the lines between the squares.  Super easy to follow the lines!
The netting is vintage and I just laid it on the quilted fabric and stitched it with black thread (so the stitches would show). Then I added the Photomatic image, ephemera and the vintage hat pin (which was stuck right through the fabric). 
*I stitched and glued all the embellishments before I nailed the quilted fabric to the Vignette Panel. 
I also added a paper flag to the top of the pin that says, "to keep".

This was such a fun project and an easy one too. I love hand stitching so this really made me happy. Although now I wish I would have added some French Knots flowers!

If you missed the LIVE - be sure to watch to see ALL the Colorblock samples. Here is the link to Tim's blog where you can easily access the video.
now carry on,

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