Tuesday, January 23, 2024

With all My Heart

Hello friends,

Happy to be here today with another project featuring Scorched Timber. This is a very easy project using an Etcetera Panel as the substrate. I love how Scorched Timber mixes with bright Distress Colors to make such a great background.
Lets start by gathering some supplies... you'll need Distress Watercolor Paper cut to the size of the substrate you are using. As I said above, I'm using a rectangle Etcetera Panel (6 x 8.5") . The pack comes with 4 panels: two 5.25 x 7.25" and two 6 x 8.5" so its a very good value!
I'm also using the Stamper Anonymous Sketchy Leaves Stamp set (CMS467) and a Grid Block for stamping.
NOTE: before stamping the leaves, I sprayed the Watercolor paper with Antique Linen Distress Stain and wiped it away.  I just wanted to take the edge off the white Watercolor paper before stamping the leaves.

I pressed the three ink pads (Scorched Timber, Worn Lipstick, and Fossilized Amber) onto a craft sheet (very near each other), then sprayed the ink with water. I pressed the stamp into the ink once or twice, then stamped the paper. 

While the ink was still wet, I sprinkled Embossing Glaze into the ink puddles in the leaf, then dried the ink with a heat tool, thereby melting the tiny crystals of the Embossing Glaze. I repeated the process till the paper was covered in leaves. I love how each of the leaves turns out different. Some with more Scorched Timber, some with Worn Lipstick.
You can better see the Embossing Glaze crystals in this photo.
I needed a centerpiece for the collage so I cut a piece of paper from the Backdrops 4 pack.
I used the stencil "Stitches" and Texture Paste Opaque to create the pattern over the paper. Once that was dry, I painted Collage Medium over the entire piece, then sprayed it with Iced Spruce and Scorched Timber Distress Spray Stain and a bit of water to make the ink move around.  Using a heat tool, I dried the paper, thereby embedding the Distress Ink into the Collage Medium as it dried. It was only after I finished all of that, that I went to the sewing macing to stitch around the edge.
Next step was to add a piece of Chipboard to the back, so the paper becomes sturdy foundation piece to build on.

Collage- Here is the stack - from the bottom up
vintage crocheted lace
Photo Frame splattered with black paint
Library card (Layers Organic)
pink rose (Layers Organic)
Clipping sticker

Simple, simple, simple. But the result is beautiful. I just love the pink and the brown together! Scorched Timber for the win!

One more Scorched Timber project to go. Hoping to have that up on the blog by Friday!
Carry on now, 

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