Friday, October 25, 2013

Home away from Home

I am back to blogging after my fun stay with my sister in TX.  It has been way too long since I've been to visit, so teaching on one weekend and going to quilt market the next was the perfect excuse to stay the whole week in Ft Worth and get in some sister time.

In today's post, I just wanted to share what a great time I had in Waxahachie at the Crafty Scrapper.  Carolyn first asked me to come to TX probably 3 years ago.  Not sure why we never made it happen but now the time was right.  So many nice ladies (and gents) came to class.  Super fun meeting people I know from this friend many years we have emailed back and forth and to finally meet her, just fabulous.  Along with Kay and Eloise, Cindy, Sue, Marilyn, Amy, Laura, Suzanne, and Jason and many others.  Also lovely to see my friend Tove again...I first got to know her through (would you believe?) Pinterest.  Lucky for me, Tove brought two friends, Lisbeth and Kirsten visiting her all the way from Norway.  They definitely won the award for 'who traveled the farthest'.  We had a great time in class...even in the challenging Gilded Christmas Box.  Almost everyone finished and seemed pleased as they were leaving.  Love when that happens!
My sister and I drove to Waxahachie early in the day so we could look at the historic homes, shop the antique stores and have lunch before class.  Lucky for us, we got to go to the Doves Nest for a bit of both.  The shopping was fabulous and the food was even better.  Highly recommended if you're in the area!  There is real magic behind those red doors...and right now, a Christmas wonderland.
After lunch we went back to the Crafty Scrapper to set up for class and take a look around.  Amazing amount of stock in both Ranger and Stampers Anonymous, etc.  I wish I had more time to shop!

 Even a lounge area - which I unfortunately did not spend any time in!
Thank you Carolyn Ross (and Gena too) for the invitation to come and such wonderful hospitality while in Waxahachie...right down to the Pumpkin dessert after dinner. 
What a Lucky Day.
carry on,
ps) I'll be back soon with photos of another favorite Texas Store that just re-opened...oh, and a trip to much to share.


  1. Aw Paula, Missing you already! I've been looking for a pair of gold shoes that I can alter....seems they are a hot commodity around here! Dang it! Fortunately there is that fabulous tarnished brass paint that we all love so dearly. I'm off to find a pair of shoes. Maybe I can part with an old pair of black flats ;) Hugs XOX, Laura P.S. Everyone loves my Gilded Box, including me! You're the best!!

    1. thanks so much were so very nice in class. Glad to meet you in person. And you know, if you live in TX you need gold shoes!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Texas. We are fun and friendly... visiting the crafty scrapper soon is a goal of mine.

  3. Sounds like a great trip so far. That pumpkin dessert looks yumaliciuos!

  4. Happy you had a good time.What are the gold shoes about? ! You could write a book about your travels (if you ever had time that is) because they are always so interesting.

  5. Paula I love the Radiator Shop sign, as we own a radiator shop! How funny! I would love that sign!