Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top Five - No. 2 - Mirrored Stars

My No. 2 pick is Mirrored Stars
Love them, can't get enough of them.  Good thing there are 24 stars in a bag!
There are 3 sizes in the bag too.  Don't you just love the tiny ones?
 They look fabulous plain
 But add some Alcohol Ink and you can make them vintage...oh, gosh do I love this look.  Think of all the colors of Alcohol ink...why, you could have stars in every color of the rainbow!
Okay, three more Top 5's to go...on to No. 3 tomorrow!
now carry on,


  1. They are too sweet! Thanks for the close-up Paula because it was hard to see them...I thought they were super shiny metal. I love your inking of them! TFS

  2. The mirrored stars are cool! The peek of your project looks pretty neat, too! :)

  3. Those stars are some of the coolest bellies to be introduced since...burlap came onto the scene. Love them and I'd bet we will be seeing more mirrored bellies :) Hope so!

  4. I thought they were metal and was so surprised, and delighted, to see with your close ups that they are not. Are they acrylic? Wondering if somehow I could get a mist of pearly shine to cling to them....

  5. I don't think there's anything that Tim dreams up that we don't like! So cute!

  6. So versatile! Going to have to get a bag, or two, ha, ha, ha!

  7. Starlight- Starbright! I love seeing these tonight!