Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Portland Quilt Market Review

Hi all!  I am home from quilt market.  What an exciting time we had traveling to Portland, setting up the booth, and walking the show.   I was truly amazed at the sheer talent of the those that participated in the show.  So much inspiration, from the colors, patterns, and artistry.
I know much has been said about Tim's new line.  You can read his recap here and also one from my friend Richele Christensen who brought the beautiful quilt she made, helped us set up, and spent about 36 hours with us till she had to fly back home.  Thank you Richele!
Both posts show our booth and projects so I am going to focus my post today on the inspiration I saw at the show.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

She was fun and her booth was a burst of color.  What an amazing quilt, right?  The actual quilting is beautiful too, like feathers on all the solid parts of the quilt.  (the quilts above were also in the Tula Pink booth...love, love, love all the color). 
sewing patterns newborn - 5T
-you can see I was enamored by the wall display but the clothes for tots were darling...
Love the quilt with the Union Jack pattern called, Victory Garden. 
Oh, and I like that little pink chair too!
This booth was big, with at least eight "windows" showcasing the fabrics.  I thought it was such a clever display idea.

Hugs'n Kisses
Sorry to say I only photographed a portion of this amazing quilt in the Hugs n Kisses booth but I couldn't skip showing it to you.  Absolutely amazing detail work.

 Bari J.
Fun and fresh fabrics and great little "runner" size quilts.  I stopped there twice just because I loved the colors so much mixed with chocolate brown.  Really eye catching.
Tule, the new collection by Leah Duncan is divine.  I can't wait to see it in stores in Aug.  I loved her logo for the collection too!
Loved the selvage dress they had in their booth
don't you like the modern quilt with the bridge design?  a totally different idea and I like that.

 The next 4 quilts were some of my favorites from the designer "showcase".

A World of Many Colors
Georgeta Grama - Romania
Technique: Shadow trapunto, fused applique, wholecloth

"I combined in this quilt the things I love most: color, circular design, and trapunto."
Make You Happy
Techniques: Machine piece and appliqued, free motions machine embroidered, machine quilted.

"One day, I found a box of old family photographs.  One was very special.  It was of my mother when she was 20 years old.  I thought is would be a very nice present to make it into a quilt for her."

Creme de la Creme
Bonnie Keller - Washington
Techniques: Trapunto, boutis, beaded, inked, embroidered, couched, hand quilted

"William Morris' designs inspired me as an interior designer, and his designs continue to inspire me as a quilter.  Pulling elements from his works, I created this design for hand quilting.  I put the vibrant green Morris reproduction backing fabric with the right side facing inward in order for it to shadow through to the front, creating a subtle grayed background."
 The photo above will never be able show the beauty or amazing detail of this quilt.  Bonnie mentions on her blog that the quilt took over 3 years to create and hand quilt.
Natural Wonders
Kathy McNeil - Washington
Techniques: Hand-appliqued, hand embroidered, embellished, piped, machine quilted

"This quilt is about the simple magic of discovery. I hand appliqued 123 different fabrics to create a seascape that existed in my imagination."

Well, how did you like this small selection of inspiration?  I find that no matter if you are a quilter, sewer, painter, scrapbooker, or mixed media artist, inspiration can come from any source.  I will leave you with one last picture of the giant swan paddle boat in the Michael Miller booth.  I believe they won the best booth award.  Wonder where one gets a giant swan paddle boat?  Craigslist?
What an amazing adventure it was.  Thanks go out to all the girls that created projects for us: Sande Krieger, Kerry Lynn Yeary, Allison Kimball, Richele Christensen, and Michelle Crump.  You really rocked it.

Cheers for a great week.
I'll be back soon with more projects!


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  19. So much creativity and so many true artists. What an adventure. I've always been so amazed by the gorgeous quilts that people make. I went on a quilting adventure when I was in college and right after and It was hard. Mine were simple, amish inspired works and I'm happy my sister still has hers.

    The selvage dress? I love selvage material- I remember the first thing I saw made this way was a chair and I still drool over that chair. The black and white portrait quilt? Just stunning. I can't wait to see what your team makes in the future.

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  24. As I scrolled down, I kept saying "wow" then I got to the landscape quilt and my mind was blown. Thanks for sharing those great inspirational pics.

  25. As I scrolled down, I kept saying "wow" then I got to the landscape quilt and my mind was blown. Thanks for sharing those great inspirational pics.

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