Sunday, January 22, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {Postale collection}

So glad it sounds like you are loving Postale so far...and today I know you will love it even more once you see these...
Tag inserts and envelopes are 2.75 x 2.75".  Deb and I saw these cards and envelopes last week when we set the booth...DARLING!  The tags are fabulous with all the little boxes to fill in.  Great for just about everything from a layout to a gift tag (and they are so little which makes them even cuter!)  Another great thing about these tags and envelopes is that the fit the mini library drawer
I LOVE this group of items and they have a great price point too ($4.95 for 10 designs, 2 of each). 

The Index inserts and envelopes are bigger than the Tag set at 6 x 5".  More room to journal or add a photo.  These are currently on their way to my house so I should have some pictures of the product by Wed for you.  Oh, and by the way these were made to fit the Library drawerAbout time, right?

And we did some naked stuff. 
Heavy cardstock index cards that also fit the Library Drawer.  These are super cute with a small scalloped edge.
A new tabbed card set that can be used for dividers in the Library drawer.
  And introducing something brand new for us...
7gypsies has been working with Tattered Angels to create just the right mix of products for a Postale and I got to be the "test girl" to test all the products and colors against the paper. 
Airmail Glam (blue-grey)
Satchel Glaze (brownish)
Priority Chalkboard (red)
Postcard Glimmer Mist (golden)

I don't know if you can buy these individually but I can tell you right now, I am going to need at least a gallon of Postcard.  It can make a plain shipping tag perfect in 2 squirts.

Okay, so now when you look at this picture I posted yesterday, can you see I used Priority chalkboard spray on the naked tab?  And Airmail glaze over Paddington chipboard letters?
Here is a sneak peak of another project I did this week with Off the Wall Art tags.  The tags have been sprayed with Postcard glimmer mist and the Display Trim Corner was painted with Satchel glaze.

Come back tomorrow for the second collection, Trousseau!  Totally different, but just as good!
ps) head over to 7gypises and leave a comment, they are giving away 4 prizes!


  1. Love it! CHA seems so far way..>Cannot wait for the new goodies to hit my LSS!


  2. These are great! Love, love, love that they fit the drawers.

  3. Fabulous! I "needs me" so of those! I have both the drawers just waiting for the perfect project!

  4. From a Tattered Angel to a Gypsy Girl...oh my word...this looks exciting ;)

  5. Oh how I am loving this entire collection...and a paint system to match --Exciting!!!!!

  6. Love this new collection ... especially all the new tags, tabbed bits, cards, etc., to fit the drawers. And now with Tattered Angels, too!!

  7. This collection got better with the addition of the tags & envelopes! The Glimmer Mist is a must have, too. Love.

  8. Oh yeah! A few more goodies just got added to my ever-growing must have list!

  9. I absolutely adore this collection! Love that the cards fit the library drawer - perfect!

  10. Airmail glaze! Genius! Beautiful!