Friday, April 8, 2011

Test sample

Not much time the past two days...packing for the trip to Calgary this weekend, making changes to the Abundance Kit (adding a bit of fabric), and writing instructions.  However, I still found some time to work on a little project I thought might be helpful in the future. 

Since I have been on this Collage Tissue paper quest, I wanted to test what Distress Stains would look like over the Collage Tissue that had been previously adhered to book board.  I didn't really have time to make anything, so I created some Distress Stain test strips.  Here's how I did it:
1.  Cut Bookboard or chipboard pieces 2 x 6".  Use your Crop-a-dile to punch a hole at the top of each board.
2.  Cut 1 1/2 " x 1 1/2" squares of cardstock, tissue and Sticky back canvas.  I choose to use creme cardstock instead of white since that's what I always use.
 3.  Paint the Distress stain over each surface.  NOTE: After the green board I decided it was much easier to adhere the Collage Tissue to the board, then put the Distress stain on.
 4.  Once the stain is dry, add the three pieces to your test strip.
 5.  Don't forget to write the name on the back.
 6.  Once they are all complete thread some ball chain or ribbon through the holes at the top and your done.  I am missing Fired Brick (red) because my bottle was sent to Canada for this weekends class. 
Now to find a good place in the craft room to hang it.
Have a great weekend,


  1. Great idea! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Outstanding and creative idea! Love it and plan on copying it! Have a fun trip!

  3. great idea - thanks for sharing!
    have a blast in the Calgary area - i really wish i could be there! next time!

  4. Wonderful idea! Thanks. Hope you have a memorable time in Canada!

  5. Awesome idea, as usual!! xoxo Cindy

  6. Just wanted to say a big THANK you for coming all the way to Calgary to teach your fabulous 'my ten' class!!!! I totally loved it! It was great to see you both again!!!


  7. love this! I need to play a little with these stains.