Saturday, January 29, 2011

And The Winners Are...

Before Paula left to meet Debbie at CHA in Los Angeles, she asked me, the husband, if I would do her blogpost today.  Being the kind, loving, generous, helpful husband that I am, I clearly agreed.  So, she explained how 5 of you that commented on the "Masterful Recreation" post are going to win one of Sande Krieger's digital kits on 2peas.  After giving me her instructions on how to choose the winners, she said, and I quote, "after you've done that, you can write whatever you want."    Immediately my mind began racing...."write whatever I want?  What should I write about?".... let's see...

First thing that came to mind is that the Super Bowl is coming up in a week and although I've been a casual fan of the Steelers since the '70s, I really think the Packers are the hottest team right now........

Then I thought that I really need to start getting ready for fantasy baseball.  Maybe a post about that would be interesting....probably not to 2gypsygirls followers.

How about golf?  New season on the PGA tour just started and is Tiger back?  College basketball?  March Madness is just around the corner? 

I've always thought that if I had my own blog that one day I'd talk about how Santa Maria Style BBQ stacks up against Texas, North Carolina, Kansas City & Memphis.  Can you tell that I love BBQ.

Getting the idea of the things that ran through my mind when given the power to "write whatever you want"?  Anyway, without further is the lucky day for the following comments:
#27:  Mary said...
Love Sande's work and everything 7 Gypsies! I have several of Sande's digital kits and would LOVE another! Keep feeding us these fabulous ideas.
#39:  fawn said...
Sande's work is always inspiring. She has Great style and Amazing talent.
#14: Connie K. said...
this is really gorgeous...i love it!
#1:   Christina Aiton said...
I am very inspired by Sande's blog and project - I am thinking of how it could be done in some other ways with things I have in my studio. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!
#4:   heidig said...
Lots of inspiration to be found on Sande's blog. Love her interpretation of the "dome" and the Royal typewriter in the picture!

Lucky winners, you need to get your email address to Sande Krieger.  So, you can go to Sande's blog and click on her "email me" link to let her know which kit you would like.  She'll take care of the rest.  Congratulations to ALL! 

Now that the giveaway nonsense is out of the way, who wants to talk sports and BBQ?


  1. Congrats to the Lucky winners!
    The BBQ looks Yum :)

  2. Good post Paula's husband. I agree on the Packers and love BBQ.

  3. Let's hear it for the Packers!! (Wisconsinite here).

    I think it would be interesting for "the husband" to start a blog - "husband" could kinda give us his insight as to what it is like to be the hubby, how he helps, his influences, and life with the "gypsy girl". =) Could be interesting for us to read.

  4. Ha love it... great
    Funny as I reading it, I thought if I asked my husband to do a blog post for me, he would probably write the same thing...big sports fan that he is... I do love BBQ though...
    Congrats to the winners :)))


  5. Jay - you and Paula...what a pair you are. I'll tell her she ought to let you post once a month just to give us a chuckle. Someday I hope I get to meet you. I hear you cook up a mean BBQ and I am a good BBQ eater!

  6. i agree - you should post more often! congrats to the winners!

  7. Well you'd better write one, Jay. Dave said he'd follow your kind of blog! Your pic makes me homesick and hungry.

  8. Cute post....and I do love BBQ, especially with my dad's recipe. Yum!

  9. Congrats to the winners.
    Go Packers! and that BBQ would be just fab-u-lous during half-time while I'm watching the Super Bowl *smiles*

  10. I totally agree with Sande. Jay, you should post frequently! You'd add some additional 'spice' to Paula's and Deb's posts. She's a lucky woman to have you for her husband!!

  11. I totally loved this post and the bbq looks yum! Thanks for picking me. I can't wait to pick a digi kit - how to decide which one??? Paula should let you post every now and again!

  12. Sports - not so much - BUT BBQ - now that we can talk about!!!

  13. yep, you should post occasionally. share some of your bbq recipes.....all kinds of inspiration...

  14. Congratulations to the winners! And sports and BBQ talk is totally fine with me! Although I prefer fantasy football (and now have to wait 8 months for that again!). I'll be rooting for the Packers next weekend because I had to pick someone since my team is out.

  15. Thank you so much Mr. One Lucky Day! I'm delighted to have been chosen as one of the Lucky Five and feel a little bit bad that the Packers will be winning the Super Bowl over your Steelers (even if you are just "a casual fan"). BBQ looks yummy.

  16. Love the blog post and congratulations to the winners!!