Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swept Away

This last week 7gypsies posted one of the projects I made for the trade show booth.  So thought I would post some info about how I made it. 
The piece is made using the new 7gypsies Library Drawer.  I turned the drawer on it's side and used it as a shadowbox.
7gypsies Library Drawer
2 sheets of Kings Cross paper

1 set of Industrial Gears (you get two of each shown here)

Cut the clocks from the paper.
Adhere clocks to a piece of chipboard with glue stick.  Don't worry that the edges of the clocks are cut off.  We will use that to our advantage.
Cut the clocks out again.
Time to add some color.  I used Vintage Photo, Wild Honey, Barn Door, Peeled Paint and Tumbled Glass.  This might seem like a lot of colors for one small project but we only use a bit of each for a subtle look.
 Use a blending tool to add a bit of each.  The colors can layer right over the next one.

Love this Wild Honey...reminds me of rust
Now your clock might look a bit bright so knock it back with Vintage Photo.  My Vintage Photo is well "seasoned" so if yours is new, you might want to dab off on a paper towel first. 
Now the little clocks... I know what the colors look like now so I can do all the little clocks at the same time.  They do not have to be matching, in fact different is good.  Remember you control the color!

The clocks are sitting in the drawer at different levels.
Here's how I did it:
I used an X-acto knife to cut some old foam core and then glued them together with my old glue gun. Then made them into little stacks or risers. I thought about using Styrofoam but since Styrofoam and glue guns don't mix I decided the foam core was a better idea (and it was at arms length).
I made some of the stacks with 4 pieces, some with 3 and I think one with 2 pieces.  I tested the depth in the tray and once I had it just how I liked it I glued a stack to the corresponding clock. 
Here are the same two pieces in the actual project with words added.
The quote says, "Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is it's current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes it's place". -Marcus Aurelius
I thought this was appropriate after I decided to use the picture of my aunts, Mamie and Flora taken in 1936.  Little did they know at the time but Flora would soon pass away.

I layered the new industrial gears with real watch parts I got in a junk shop. 
The hand came from the clear stamp (I just stamped it on cardstock and cut it out).
The hanging metal is also new from 7gypises.  I added the dangle at the bottom with the number two and hung it from the tray with a Tim Holtz memo pin
I used a piece of canvas as the background and mounted the picture on chip also.  I also used foam tape to lift the picture off the background.

If you're interested in the Paddington Collection...leave a comment and your name will put in a drawing 2 sheets of each of the papers.  I'll draw the name on Saturday morning.   Good luck!


  1. Hi! Your shadow box is amazing!!! I'm not a industrial type of gal but your creation change my mind. Thank you for sharing!!!

    best regards,

  2. I just got the Library Drawer a few days ago and was wondering how to use it. I think the Paddington paper looks great and I don't have any yet.
    Thanks for the ideas...and hopefully the win!

  3. I searched everywhere today in my area to get my hands on a drawer. LOVE LOVE this project. Thanks so much for all the details.

  4. i love how you give us the details... that is so cool. thank you!! i have a drawer on order... yay!!

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  6. This was an incredible project! I especially like the way you inked the clock images - WAY cool!

  7. Thanks for the inking tutorial! Beautiful project! Clock faces are awesome!

  8. I Absolutely LOVE this project and can't wait to try creating my own shadowbox. Thanks for the great tutorial and I'd love the chance to win such a FAB prize!!

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  10. So gorgeous. Especially loved seeing Mamie as a young chick. Loved that woman! Never forget when we went "shopping" for furs with her and your mom. Hilarious!

  11. This is a perfect idea for some old drawers I have from my dad's workshop. Love the papers!!
    jmquilts AT

  12. what a lovely project - and the quote is just fitting! off to search for some old watches to use... thanks for the ideas!

  13. Can't wait to get my drawer and start my creative juices flowing. What a beautiful shadowbox.

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  18. Thanks so much for showing us how you made this shadow box. It's great and I love the old photo. I'm waiting anxiously for my supplier to get the newest 7 Gypies in stock. Thanks, too for the chance to win the Paddington papers!

  19. OMG.. That is one Beautiful Piece of Art... LOVE It! Thanks so much for showing us how you did it. You turned me on to some new supplies as well... I have to go order some things... Thanks again Snick~Sue

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