Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ruby Rose

I drove up to San Luis Obispo today to have lunch with my friend Judy.  We have been doing "lunch" (which more often than not includes a bit of shopping) for over 10 years now. 
Today we visited, Stephanie at Ruby Rose. I have followed Stephanie from a former store to many a antique show.  In fact she was working in the booth with the elusive "green chair" I missed out on back in April, so I am happy that she has found a new home on Walker street where I can visit regularly.  It's a little tricky to find the first time...but now I can see I will making many drives up the coast.

The picture is her business unique (the size of a real Polaroid).  With her, her husband and daughter.  Here's the back.

Clever, right?
Here are some pictures of the shop taken with my iphone, so forgive the blurry ones.

This came home with me.
 I am going to make a liner for it 
and use it to store blankets in the family room. 

 Thanks Stephanie!  
See you next Thursday.  Remember, were gonna need a picnic table out front so we can eat our lunch and shop all at the same place.
Notice the Hepburn movie playing on the wall behind the cash wrap desk. How cute is that?
Ps) If you're in the neighborhood...the store is open every Thursday and Saturday at 10am.



  1. Hi Paula,
    What a cute place..where is this located? I may need to make a road trip...I am making a list of all my new faovrite must see spots...

  2. What a darling place! Love the business card --and I adore that basket you purchased! Great find.

  3. It looks like someplace I could get lost in for hours!!

  4. Cute place. Love your purchase!!

  5. What a cute basket on wheels! That would have come home with me too. Love it!

  6. I can't picture where Walker St is but you simply must take me there when I come to visit. You know how much I love lunch and shopping.

  7. Ohhhhh girl that makes me so very homesick ~ I grew up and lived my young married years in Atascadero and all my family is still there ~
    I miss it soooo much !!
    Thank you for the pictures ~