Friday, January 29, 2010

What we did with 600lbs of junk

Did you think we had abandoned you? It has been so long since we left for fact one week ago today we were just starting to set the booth.  I can't believe it has only been a week!  We had a great time even though the schedule is grueling.  We love meeting new people and seeing old friends we met at Gypsy Caravan, Creative Escape and the Memories Wholesale Events.  We are working out some dates for teaching in Arizona, Texas, Fresno (hello girls!), and LA.  We also will be back in Australia in May!
I though I would show you some photos from the booth before and after we set up.  I love a good before and after, don't you?
Friday, Jan 22 10:40am 
Deb arrives at the booth carrying what looks to be about 200lbs of junk from her house to decorate the booth with (I have the other 400lbs in my car).
Our hero's, Jorge and Hector that have the booth almost completely set up by 11:30am (and help us carry the 400lbs of junk from my car).  I can tell you from past experience that if your booth is not set up on time, it will cause a domino effect like no other.  Jorge and Hector know just what to do...we never even have to say a word.  We really could not do our job without them.
One of 4 large booth crates that the booth comes in. 
Friday, Jan 22 1:30 pm
Now the suitcases are open and we start unloading the props and samples.
That's Janelle working on one of the walls. Notice she is wearing her slippers! Although she could wear a potato sack and look fabulousBTW, did you see Project Runway last week?  They made some amazing garments out of potato sacks!  It's a great group this season.
This is Debbie's make and take area with the metal frame for the canopy.  That big gold frame will have all our ephemera collaged on foam core that I brought in may car.  I didn't have the samples of the new ephemera (which is FABULOUS) till the night before I left.  The UPS shipment got stuck in LA due to bad weather so Deb and I ended up putting it together in the hotel room.
don't you just want this frame?
Friday, Jan 22 4:30pm
This is the other side of the wall...the tables are coming out of the crate.  I brought my green chair from my kitchen to have at the catalogue desk and the little table in the front is for the stationery wall.  The bottom is my bedside table and the top my husband made for the show.  I covered with paper from an old book (I'll show you how I made it in another post).

Stationery wall before
Saturday, Jan 23 12:20pm
Notice our hanging globe?  I ordered a large vinyl number 7 from Household Words on Etsy. 

Avignon after
Venice wall
Our big gypsy chandelier hangs above the paper wall
Janelle made this display of ways to use paper tape from an enormous old ledger book.
The huge line to Deb's make and take...some people waited an hour to get to the table! 
Wed, Jan 27 5:30pm
The man at the Southwest counter wouldn't let Deb on the plane till she took 12lbs of junk out of one suitcase.  Now you might say, why didn't she move it to the other suitcase or the carry on?  but the zippers were already bulging on both bags. Deb had planned ahead and had a 7gypsies tote bag with her, so he stood there and watched as she unloaded the 12lbs into the tote.  She would have given him a tip if he had only made her remove 5lbs, but no such luck.  The FULL 12lbs had to come out of the bag and be hand carried (you know, this is nothing new to us).
Hope you liked the to unpack the 400lbs of junk I brought home :(


  1. That booth is so cool! I wondered what was in the box on the Venice wall. Very nice!

  2. Love to see your booth every show. You definitely set the atmosphere for your fabulous products!

  3. This is just so up your alley Paula. Perfect fun job for you! I was watching a local morning show (from SLC) and they had a correspondent at CHA and she said her favorite thing at the show was the vintage receipt holder (??) from 7 gypsies. Pretty cool.

  4. wow what a transformation! it is a very cool booth!!

  5. The booth is the chandelier! Thanks for the peeks in the process.i

  6. Oh, I just love it...too amazing...Thanks for sharing all these yummy details...I am so going to make it there next year..can hardly wait to see you stuff..but even better to see how you have it all displayed...and the story.Every picture has a story!

  7. Looks so good, well worth the exhausted and bruises I am sure. Hope it was a great show for you.

  8. Paula, thanks for sharing details of your booth. You and Deb and your team do an awesome job!! I just loaded up on venice paper today. Gorgeous!!

  9. it was SO great to see you guys. miss you already. the booth, as always, was FANTASTIC. xoxo!

  10. Your booth looked gorgeous...I just love the look of all that vintage paper! I'd love to see you squeeze in a teaching date for all your fans in the Seattle area!

  11. Thank goodness for Jorge and Hector! They are Great! Thanks to you ladies who consistantly do a fantastic job in displaying our well received products!

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