Tuesday, January 31, 2017

French Inspired Jewel Box

Hi Everyone!
Great to be back today sharing a project made for the Creativation show.  I love Vignette Boxes!  They have been a staple in my crafting since they were released last year.  This past show, we made a conscious effort to show Vignette Boxes used in different ways so people might "think beyond the box" sorta speak.  We also have developed some products that will make creating with the boxes even easier, like the new Mini Foundations and Finial Set (which I will talk more about in a future post).

This week I thought I might share a few ways I used the basic Vignette boxes, starting today with a French inspired jewel box.  
I used the largest of the Vignette Boxes and the matching Vignette Panel for the lid (sold separately) for the base of the project.  I ran multiple pieces of Ranger Metal Foil Tape Sheets through the Vagabond using the Sizzix "Quilted" Texture Fade.  If you don't know, Metal Foil Tape Sheets are adhesive-backed thin metal sheets ideal for home décor projects, because they are an easy way to add texture and so forgiving when adhering to the project!
Once I had embossed all the foil, I painted it with Bundled Sage Distress Paint, Gold Alcohol Ink and Blending Solution (Steel Wool was also involved in the process.)  If you are going to try it, just give yourself a "test" piece...I cut up a couple of pieces of the embossed foil to test my painting technique before I ever started on the sheets that were meant for the box.  The foil is very sticky and goes on easily.  A bone folder will help to give you sharp edges and make folds.
PLEASE NOTE: all metals and Industrious Stickers have been colored with Gold Metallic Mixative and Mushroom Alcohol Ink.
I cut two heavy chipboard pieces using one of the Sized Ovals - glued them together and then wrapped them in the foil.  The oval piece was mounted on top of the large oval from the Industrious Sticker which fits PERFECTLY.
I added the new (and quite wonderful) Mini Hardware knob along with the laurel leaves that is part of the Adornments "Nature" pack.
When you lift the lid, you will find a removable little box inside (the smallest Vignette Box) that has been filled with Memoranda paper and edged with a border sticker from the Industrious Sticker set.  The dots were created using a white Uniball pen (undoubtedly my favorite white pen).  The fabric covered bottom is linen from the Textile Surfaces pack.
The lid is weighty because I added another Vignette Panel (that is the next size down) to the underside.  I did this so the lid will not slide off the box when closed.  It is not a perfect fit, but it's close.  Floral Memoranda paper was glued to the surface with Collage medium. 
Clippings Stickers were added to the underside.  I always like the idea of a secret message for the intended receiver.  I covered the stickers with Collage Medium and once dry I added shading with my Walnut Stain Distress Crayon.
The last addition was to adhere the new Mini Foundation feet and a lock from the Locket Keys pack with Glossy Accents.  I find it best to add the feet and then walk away so you are not tempted to touch them in the drying process.
I hope you liked today's post and that it might open the door to think about Vignette Boxes in a different light.  I will be back later in the week to share another take...quite different from this one but just as fun!
now carry on,

Friday, January 27, 2017

idea-ology Magic

Hi everyone!
It has been TOO long since I have posted anything here on One Lucky Day!  Preparations for Creativation (the new name for CHA) took front seat in November, December and most of January but I hope to get back on track with regular posts now that I have returned home from Arizona.  

I thought it might be fun to see how we gather and use props for the show (a little behind the scenes magic).  Back in December, Mario, Tim and I took a little junkin trip down to Phoenix to shop at a few antique stores including the wonderful Sweet Salvage.  Our goal was to find props that would fit with our idea-ology show booth - did we find them?  We sure did!
Tim spotted this dresser with absolutely stunning crackled paint for the "masculine" side of the booth.  It was missing handles on the top drawers but that was an easy fix.
 Perfect right?
We also spotted a couple of old trunk liner boxes, large wood crates and the frame from an old mirror (can you spot it in the display above?).
 It worked to frame out two samples made by Tim and Kaz Hall.
We had Art (Tim's handy neighbor) add a barn wood shelf inside each box for display. You'll notice that the striped twill handles and ties were left in tack (that was my favorite part).
We needed some gold to add to the "feminine" side of the booth so I gathered old frames from my collection to add to the wall.  A huge shout out to my favorite TX antique dealer Pocket Full of Heirlooms for the fabulous gold frame with the tin center (as well as a few other pieces like the pink prize ribbon).  I bought it a few months back and knew I wanted to use it for the show.  So glad it worked out!
You might notice the smaller frames in the tray liners had to be moved to accommodate the samples, but no matter, they were used in other places in the booth.
The shelves worked perfectly for the samples and the gold frames worked to showcase a couple pieces that I will share another day.
We also ran across this farm table that was shoved off into a corner...we needed something big for the back wall but would this do?  Much too wide for what we needed but it had the right patina.  We searched for other pieces and then came back to it...the blue legs sold us.
You can see just a bit peeking out along the back wall...
This is how we made it happen.  Art split the table in two and braced the two pieces together.  It could not have fit better!
I have just one more transformation to share...do you recognize it?  Well, this is how the large frame looked before my husband cut a new wood center and painted it with chalkboard paint.  He spray painted the frame gold, then I gave it a faux antique finish with some black paint.
Quite the transformation!  But so PERFECT for the booth!  Seriously why has it been sitting in my attic for 3 years?
Well, I sure hope you have enjoyed this little behind the scenes tour of the idea-ology booth.  Hopefully there are some ideas here that might spur your own vintage look at your home.  Don't be afraid to adapt the piece to what you need or even cut it in half to make it work!  Just go for it!

If you are interested in seeing more of the booth, Tim's recap can be found on his blog - the post has more pictures of the booth and many of the projects.  
now carry on,