Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Everyday Words

Hi all,

I am still on my Funky Floral kick!  After last weeks Framed Panel project I wanted to see if I could use the same idea but translate it to a smaller scale card.  Follow along and I'll show you what I did.

I started the process with a piece of Distress Woodgrain Cardstock.  I colored the cardstock with various colors of blue like Broken China, Mermaid Lagoon and Evergreen Bough.  I mean who says woodgrain has to be brown?
Once the cardstock was dry, I use the Stacked Postage to create a frame for my card.
You'll get three pieces...one for today and two for another day.
I used my Blending Tool to ink the edges with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.
I used Distress Resist to give the frame a more polished look.
Remember to spray in a protected area like a trash can and to wipe the nozzle when you're done so it does't clog.
Once dry, the frame will have a sheen to it and an almost plastic coated feel but with a bit of texture. You have to try this to really see what a cool effect the Distress Resist Spray can create over a surface.  I am quite sure we will see more of this technique in the future!
I created a card base from pink cardstock.  Then I ran a piece of Watercolor cardstock through my Vagabond using one of my favorite Texture Fades - Tiny Dots.
I added foam tape to the back of the woodgrain frame and then added it to the card front.
To create a sentiment, I used Shadow Script #1.   I colored the "shadow" layer with Mustard Seed Distress Ink to give it a pop against the blue frame.  I left the top layer "lucky" white and just added Distress Glitter (sorry it's hard to detect in the photo!).
Simply add the Shadow Script to the frame with Collage Medium.  I added a few words to support the word Lucky using Clippings Stickers.  I love how that Shadow Script looks!
Next up the Funky Florals...I'm still using set 3 today, but I'm sure any of the sets would do.  The last time I colored the flowers I used Distress Spray Stain and water which was super easy.  This time I used the ink pad mini's to a create colorful palette on my glass mat.  I spritzed the ink with water and began smooshing (technical term) the flowers into the colors.  I liked this way of coloring the flowers because it was easier to mix colors on the same flower.
Once again, I was compelled to use Clear Rock Candy over the flowers because it just looks spectacular!  Once I had watercolored all my flowers, I laid the larger pieces in my Splat Box and sprayed with Distress Resist Spray.  I then moved the flowers onto a clean piece of paper and sprinkled over the top with Clear Rock Candy.  Yes...it can work as a glue too!!
Having the frame lifted off the card front was helpful to create dimension.  I also used three small foam squares behind the three larger pink flowers. The orange flower and the daisy at the bottom are glued directly on the frame.
You might notice I cut up the flower that has the little round dots at the top.  Last weeks project was bigger so it worked.  This weeks card has less space to fill but I still wanted to use that flower so I just cut up the flower and added each dot flower individually.  Easy trick.
You can see the dimension a bit better in this photo.  You can also see the sheen the Distress Resist Spray left on the frame.
So there you have it, my translation of last weeks project into a simple card.
Honestly, I am not much of a card maker (it stresses me out) but I love this one.  It might be my favorite card I've ever made.

now carry on, 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Today is Full of Possibilities

Hi everyone!

This past week I got the new die set called Funky Floral 3.  I love the Funky Florals (1, 2 and 3) because they just give you so much variety in one set.
The dies look like this - As you can see, each dies has all the pieces to that flower or leaf.  I like that...no more guessing what pieces go together.  It's also easy to keep track of the dies because they are bigger!
I cut the some of the flowers using Distress Watercolor paper.  I colored them with a variety of Distress Ink in Tattered Rose, Worn Lipstick and Mustard Seed.  The green is Peeled Paint, Evergreen Bough and Bundled Sage.  I added Clear Rock Candy over the flowers to give them some sparkle and texture.
So now what to do with the flowers I created?  I decided on a Framed Panel with a favorite Paper Doll.  Follow along and I'll show you what I created...

First I used Collage Medium to adhere paper from the French Industrial paper stash as a foundation for the collage.  Then I cut/ripped up pieces of Worn Wallpaper and layered them on top.  A final coat of Collage Medium over the top of the wallpaper and I left it to dry.
Once dry, I scribbled Gathered Twigs Distress Crayon over the edges of the paper and rubbed it it. Remember to use a wet wipe to manipulate the crayon over the surface.
 I ripped up a piece of a vintage reader book to add some text to the collage.  Again, I adhered it with Collage Medium, added a layer over the top and let it dry.  Then added the crayon work to blend in.
 That looks yummy to me!
I painted the frame of the Framed Panel with Antique Linen Distress Paint.  Once dry, I rubbed Collage Medium over the surface of the frame to seal.  Not a "must-do" but I like the way it gives the frame a smooth finish.
Adhere the completed frame to the back with the collage.
 I love these ladies and in the biggest size that comes in the Paper Dolls package they are perfect for this project.  I still stand by using Clear Gesso over the Paper Dolls to help keep their color so that is just what I did - once dry, I colored them with a variety of Distress Markers.
I used a double stack of foam pads to raise the ladies over the Baseboard.  The Timepiece has been colored with three colored of Distress Crayon - Tattered Rose, Shabby Shutters and Gathered Twigs.  I have added a Clock Hand to the Timepiece with a Long Fastener.  I also added a Quote Chip at the bottom.
Now to add the flowers to the collage.  They really can be placed anywhere.  Much of it depends on how many flowers you created.
 I love this grouping of very different flowers.  The color is what brings them together.
I added the fork from the silverware set to hold a small flag made from cardstock and a Remnant Rub.  I thought the two sentiments went together perfectly, since it really is up to us to make any possibility of good into reality.
Here is the finished piece.  You don't see much of the Worn Wallpaper...just hints here are there.  I already have this piece on an easel in my craft room so I can see it every day.  I mean who doesn't need a daily reminder to think of all the good things that are possible each day!

They just look happy...which makes me happy.
now carry on,

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tonic Media Tool Set

Hi there..
Just a short post to say that this tool is a PROBLEM SOLVER if you have the Tim Holtz Glass Mat (or even if you are still waiting for one to be shipped!).  The Media Scraper is made from "hard as a rock" plastic that does not bend when you used it.  And my gosh does it clean off the dried up Collage Medium on the glass with ease.  just saying...
The Media Scraper comes with the clear Media Edge.   The Media Edge has a lip to hold it against the Glass Mat when cutting with a sharp cutting knife (a very, very important feature in my book).

You can cut along the metal edge for a nice straight cut and NOT damage the tempered glass mat.  Trust me I tested it.
The left side of the Media Edge is tapered to be used with a pencil or pen.
Here it is in a nutshell - I love tools that work.
carry on,