Thursday, May 27, 2010


By pure happenstance last year I stumbled upon a fabulous website called The Society Inc.  I instantly loved what I saw...the whole look and feel of the site was creative and fun, yet old and junkie at the same time.
So when it came time to go to Australia Lorraine asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go...the zoo, the harbor, the beaches?  My only comment was, "I want to go to The Society".  The Society Inc is a small shop in Paddington, a suburb of Sydney.  The area is a mix of high end shops and beautiful row houses complete with iron filigree work (see below the map).  You can easily see why anyone would want to live in the area.
 We actually went to the shop twice since the first time it was closed!  Wow, was that disappointing.  On our second trip back we got there before the shop opened so Lorraine just walked right up and knocked on the door.  She told them she had some Americans that wanted to come in...funny, I probably would have sat in the car and waited till they opened, but not Lorraine!  It worked though...we went right in.  
Small...I mean really small but worth the 2 trips to the city.  Inspiration from top to bottom.  These pictures are from the main room.  It is currently done in a nautical theme called, NbyNW.
This is taken from the website explaining what The Society is all about-
"The Society inc. changes 4 times a year, each time a new 'theme' transports the customer to different societies based on a story which is created from historical & imaginary places.
The Society inc. becomes filled with local and global textiles, furniture, homewares and beautiful things collected to compliment the themes.

Each theme is accompanied by a seasonal paint palette designed by The Society inc. for Murobond Paints."
And just our LUCK the owner and designer behind The Society, Sibella Court was there so we got a picture.  That was Lorraine's idea too (genius that she is).  Sibella told us she paints the front door a different color every 3 months, each time the "theme" changes. 
Notice the flag painted on the detail was left undone.

I didn't take a picture of her workroom that day but I found a picture online.  It had this fabulous wall of cubbyholes that were filled to the brim with little bits of everything imaginable.  I stood there like a big goofball for about 15 minutes looking at all the stuff in the cubbyholes. 
My very favorite thing was these paintbrushes hanging in the doorway.
Sibella also mentioned that Keith Johnson (Anthropologie's buyer/style guru) of "Man shops Globe" on the Sundance channel had just been to the shop to film an episode.  I believe it will air mid July.  So I have until then to find someone with that channel!

Sibella's book, Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the things you Love  is sold exclusively at Anthropologie (you can buy it online if you don't live near one).  Fabulous book, great for you and great for a gift.  Reminds me of the 7gypises in Paris book because it has a textured cover and velum inserts. 

Here are a few pictures of the inside of the book I found on the web.
Go here and here to read (and see) more about Sibella and her home (that happens to be above the shop). 
True vision. 

PS) were off to Calgary tomorrow, we will be at The Scrap Yard for 2 classes on Saturday.  We have never been to Calgary so were excited to go, meet some fellow gypsies and have a fun day teaching! 

Monday, May 24, 2010


When Deb and I established this blog one of the things we wanted to do was let you know about great product that was out matter where you have to go to find it!
I have been a fan of the Collections line for a the creativity and focus of the line.  The artist and owner behind Collections, Juile van Oosten lives in Perth, Australia...which is not "just around the corner" to anywhere, so it was a huge honor to meet her as well as the super talented Audrey Underwood who was doing make and takes in the Collections booth.   Two fabulous women who know what style they like and create product and samples to make that vision a reality.
So, what is Collections?  think small bits of this and that mixed with chipboard (Julie really is the queen of chipboard), paint and 6 x 6 miniaturized paper.  To be honest I don't think I could have understood Julie's vision until I saw the booth.  Tiny little treasures abound.
Can I translate the amazing product in a blog post?  Not sure, but I'll try.  There is a video of the booth on Julie's blog that you can see here, just click on it once the link opens up.

Notice the 3-dimensional crown at the top of the picture.  
Totally made from chipboard.
The make and take table where you could make 3-dimensional spools and wings...super popular at the show.
This is the spool that I made during the crop.  I actually make another smaller one but lost it somewhere between Sydney and California.
This is how they come in the package, super easy to make.  In fact, on Julie's blog, Nirvana there is even a video tutorial.  But, you MUST have some of 6 x 6 collections paper to wrap them in.  I like so many of them I can't decide which to buy...maybe all of them.
 We used this sheet to cut out the portion for the top and the words to add whatever you like to the tag.  Super cute, printed on kraft paper.

She had some amazing transparencies
and fun Alpha's
and some great labels

If you are interested in ordering any Collections product you can access the consumer site, Your Creative Wings, from Audrey's blog.  Shipping from Australia can be expensive and I figured from Perth it would be even higher...but it's not.  International shipping is only $15 but if you mention the One Lucky Day blog, the shipping will be only $12 on your first order.  Now that's a bargain.  Thanks. Miss Audrey! 
ps) the product prices are great...just remember to change the currency to US dollars.

If you are a retail store and you are interested in Collections you can visit the website to view product but you must register to view pricing.  Btw, the Collections website and blog are open for viewing to all.

On a side Note-

Patient Mom who won the Bling Brads from Delish..will you email me your address so I can mail them out to you? thanks!

And lastly, Judy asked a question about the type of glue used in the 7gypsies Artist Printers Tray.  "Judy, I usually use a tape runner to adhere paper to the tray.  The glue stick that was pictured was used to adhere paper to cardstock to give it some extra weight.  When we do a tray we like to "raise up" some of the squares to give the tray more dimension.  Just grab a piece of foam core, cardboard or scrap book board (I have used all three at one time or another) and adhere to the tray.  Glue your paper to a piece of cardstock or chipboard so that it will remain flat and sturdy when elevated in the square.  Now glue the paper to the elevated piece already in the tray.  This trick works every time".  -paula
Here are my favorite tape runners for Permanent Adhesive- 
Scrapbook adhesives-E-Z runner and Glue glider-with Permanent Adhesive

Saturday, May 22, 2010

SIA and Classes

I thought I better set the record straight today and let you know that we did teach some classes while we were in Sydney.  We started at the SIA Trade show that supports Australian and New Zealand retailers.  Deb and I taught a class using the 7gypsies Artist Printers tray.
We were happy to see old friends from New Zealand; Tracey from The Stamping Ground in Chirstchurch and Karen from Inkspiration in Invercargill.  There they were, right in the front row, just like old times! 

I say, anyone that endured the 4 ft Advent Calendar class we did that last trip is a true scrapper!
 Auckland, New Zealand, Nov 2007

Everyone was so nice and friendly at the event, just really wonderful ladies.  We had a great time teaching and meeting lots of new people.  Here are some pictures from the classes-

Meet my soul sister Sarah Ward.   I say that not because I know Sarah well but in all the years I have been teaching with Deb, Sarah is the only girl that has showed up to class with a rotary cutter as cutting device.  A girl after my own heart...we have to stick together!  I had Deb snap this picture of us holding her Rotary cutter as proof.  Yeh, Sarah!  PS) she was a terrific student too.

So if Sarah Ward is my soul mate maybe Tracey is Debbie's.  Tracey paid something like $1000 for the clock Deb made for a charity auction.  How generous is that?  The money went to a charity that supports mothers and children with special needs. 

Thanks to all who made SIA possible!  We really loved being there.

Next, we will meet up with the fabulous Julie van Oosten and Audrey Underwood and take a look at what magic they cooked up for the SIA event.  Total inspiration!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hazelbrook Cottage

First off, forgive me for the excessive amount of pictures in today's post but some could just not be left out.  I talked with my sister yesterday in Ft Worth, TX and she said she was enjoying our travels   Now, I do realize she is my sister and would probably not say, "Paula, that stinks", but in any case I will continue with the details and events of the trip.

My friend LeAnne from Joyful Scraps also left a comment about what was in the big black bags that we bought in Leura.  Well, it was this...
Hard to tell the size from the picture but it's big enough to take as a carry on, on a plane.  It holds a lot!

Hazelbrook Cottage
Deb and I were invited to Hazelbrook cottage for a scrapbook retreat of our surprise, it really was more of a weekend to do whatever you wanted and eat good food.  Just up our alley.  
We did manage to get in a little scrapbooking between fixing meals and cleaning up,  visiting the neighborhood antique store, and projects for the up-coming trade event.  We had such a wonderful time that the worst part was saying goodbye and leaving.

Hazelbrook Cottage is owned by Donna Macpherson-Williams, Managing Editor Scrapbook Creations Magazine and her husband John.  We met Donna the first time we were in Australia in 2007 when she attended one of our classes in Sydney, so it was great to see her again and how fortunate we were to be in her home.
The original Hazelbrook house was the first house built in the area.  Unfortunately, that large main house fell into disrepair and was torn down.  A cottage was constructed in it's place and eventually the servants quarters (that you can see below) were connected to the cottage.  Each green door originally lead to 3 separate quarters. 

Donna and John have made the servants quarters into one large office for Donna, a small room for books, and a bathroom. This is the main wall which runs the length of the office.  So picture this x3.
How do you like this door?  John framed out a pin board on the door to the book room for notes and such. I love the black molding used throughout the room and the fact that the pin board takes up the entire door, not just the top half.

John's father was a printer, hence the most beautiful type case cabinet.
Look what you could store in one of these!  Each drawer was full of every kind of embellishment imaginable.   
Another great idea from Donna and John is the filing cabinet.  John covered the cabinet with new pieces of pressed tin, then painted it out in a creme paint.  I am not sure how he did the aging but I think a little burnt umber paint wiped on and off with a rag would work.  Notice the front is cut from one whole piece of tin so the pattern lines up drawer to drawer.  It's a simple detail, but worth the effort.   Add the old type drawer handles and it's a stunning piece.  What a great idea to transform a simple filing cabinet!
This is a view of the kitchen from the backyard with the cooking garden right outside.  Just to the left of the kitchen is the favorite room in the house.  I will tell you why...
I love all the mason jars lined up in a row...the sheer quantity makes them even more interesting.  What I love about the whole pantry room is that there is a window at the end of the room that lets light in and makes all the glass sparkle.  The light really makes the pantry seem like a magical place.
 The other side of the pantry has all her green glass and dinnerware.  Makes you want to start collection green depression glass doesn't it? 
I love that Donna's collections are out and usable.  Every meal we ate was served on china with vintage silver flatware.  Too much of my glassware and such are in a locked china cabinet, waiting to be used on a special occasion.  If there is one lesson I learned during the weekend it was... what we collect and love should be out where people can see it and used so people can appreciate it.
At my house we have a tendency to put each ingredient in it's own separate bowl.  Not here.  Our first night's dinner of Mexican food was served on 2 huge platters.  Amazing how the vintage platter alone elevated such simple food and looked absolutely stunning on the farmhouse table.  Each end of the table had a platter so passing was limited to sour cream and salsa.  I love that.  
I am so on the hunt for a couple beautiful old platters!
Top it off with warm apple pie a la mode for dessert
  After dinner we sat around talking in the living room (mostly because we could move after that dinner).  This living room window looks out to the enclosed front porch.  Who would have thought to use shutters on the inside?  They fit perfectly at Hazelbrook cottage and color sets the tone for the entire living room.
from the front porch window that looks out to the street 
to the garden roses on the mantle, 
to sweet little vingettes of gathered finds.  
(you know how I love a good tomato pin cushion)
Then, in true gypsy spirit there was a knock on the door...and to our surprise 2 very authentic looking gypsies joined the party.  I won't name names (to protect the innocent) but we did get a great laugh at that.  Lucky there are no other pictures of anyone else wearing the wigs (and I leave convinced that every party can be better if someone wears a wig).

The next day we all took a walk down the street to the local antique store.
 This is the house next to the antique store that the owner lives cute.  He was out working in his garden.
We did manage to get in some scrapbooking
 and everyone got to make a Butterfly box.  
Of course they always serve morning tea.  Oh, and afternoon tea...mine was more like cake with a diet coke but good just the same.  Sharon-Sandra, whose real name is Sandra (just too long of a story to tell here why we call her Sharon-Sandra), made the beautiful mini creme cakes.  The wrappers were green with polka dots.  A detail not wasted on us.  They really were divine.

Here we are about 10 minutes before we had to leave.  
What a lovely time we had at Hazelbrook cottage. 
Deb, Sharon-Sandra, Lorraine, Ree, Paula, Sally, Donna
Good friends were made, good food was eaten, and a good time was had by all.