Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Discover Beauty panel

Another CHA project today.
This one uses the new burlap covered wood panel.  Love that these panels are not just stretched burlap, but stretched over wood so that if I choose, I can gesso it, nail it or even stamp on it.  It comes in 2 sizes, 4 x 6" and 6 x 8".  I used the 6 x 8" panel for this particular project.
I created Grungeboard "tiles" that work like a puzzle to fill the space.  I also utilized the ATC sized paper found at the back of the paper stash Lost and found.  It is nicely scaled down so that you get a real sense of the pattern on the paper.
I chose an Instagram picture I took in New Zealand back in November.  I drove out to the coast with the fabulous Nic Howard and her family for dinner.  Would you believe this was the view from the restaurant?  We got there about 30 minutes before sunset and the lighting was just perfect to snap a few shots before sitting down to enjoy a great meal.  Anyway, I just treated each tile like a little story that only has meaning to me.

The eye represents seeing the journey before me.
The hinge represents lasting friendships being hinged together across the ocean.
Eye tile: Enameled tags, Remnant Rubs-Elements and alcohol ink.  Dyed cheesecloth background over Grundboard.
Hinge tile: Hinge (large), mini fasteners.

NZ tile of course stands for New Zealand.  I thought the word "seek" was perfect and it fit that new little label!
The clock tile represents time spent in New Zealand and the Six tile is how many days I spent there. 
NZ tile: Vial labels, Remnant Rubs: words, Alpha Parts:Signmaker, Distress Stain:Brushed Pewter, stamp background:SA Going Somewhere, Ink: Archival-Coffee, Glossy Accents.
Clock tile: Timepieces, Mini gears, Game spinner, Mini fasteners, Long Fastener (center).
Six tile: Label Letters, Alpha Parts: Numeric

Two of my favorite new releases can be found in this picture, the Locket Book and the Ring Fastener.  Lets start with the Ring Fastener.  It is hard to see in the picture, but it is the fluted circle and ring that is holding one of the new Tag Labels.  I inserted the word FOUND (words and blanks come with the pack) and placed the epoxy over the top, then hung it from the jump ring.
One of the great things about the Ring Fastener is that the jump ring can used vertical (as shown above) or turned to be horizontal.   Also, because it is a jump ring, you can open it to hang things...no second jump ring needed.  These are a must have.
The Locket book is tiny, only 1 1/2" long, which makes it darling on a project or hanging from a necklace (it is embossed on the backside also).
Here I used it to hold a secret message inside.
Notice the Ring Fastener fits inside the Locket Book and is used as a pull this time.

Locket Book tile: Locket Book, Vial Labels, Remnant Rubs: Words + Elements, Tissue Tape, mini fasteners.
NOTE: the Locket book comes with a paper fold out that has 5 sections.  Here I created my own paper fold out with three sections and tissue tape.

The next three are pretty easy to decipher.  The Journey tile is just remembrance of what it took to get to NZ.  The Wishbone tile represents my wish to return someday and of course the last one is the year I went.
Journey tile: philosophy tag, long fastener, Adirondack paint dabber -snow cap, alcohol ink - slate and gold.
Wishbone tile: wishbones, vintage string, Claudine Helmuth studio paint: charcoal black (love this black paint as it is more often than not just one coat for great coverage)
Year tile: Distress Stain- Brushed Pewter, stamp background: SA Going Somewhere, Ink: Archival: Coffee, mini fasteners, Numbers: Grunge blocks.

Well, that's it.  I guess that is two travel projects in a row now.  I better change it up...lets see, next week lets test driving the new Distress paints (they just arrived today), so I will have a few days to play with them before I have to write up my test drive "report".  You know with a test drive comes a giveaway so be sure to be watching early next week.

PS) I will add links for the new products once the product starts arriving in stores and become available.

Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Kind of Travel Album...

The excitement surrounding each new release of product never gets old for me.  What was once an idea in someone's mind 6 months ago, becomes something tangible.  When we go to show, we get to see the retailers reaction to each new product WE think is great.  Of course, our hope is that they can envision the potential for the product so they will purchase it to sell in their store.  The Configuration Book is one of those such products.  When you look at it, it's plain and simple but it can be so much more.

When I saw the final sample of the new Configuration Book, I knew it was for me.  At the time, I had no idea what it would be, except that I needed to use the fabulous new French Industrial paper.  It's the first paper in recent memory that I have used the backs as much as the fronts, it's just that good. The specific piece of paper for the front of the book was easy to choose, but what happened after that was just plain magic.  Everything came together and almost all of my ideas worked, thanks to the new hinges.  I admit, my book is a bit thick so it doesn't close all the way like it should, but I'm okay with that.  It is just what I wanted, a remembrance of my trip to Paris last year.  I am so happy to share it with you today.

So this is how the Configuration Book comes (12H x 9W x 1.25D").  It is the same depth as the large Configuration Tray you might already be familiar with.  As with all Configuration products, it is made from heavy paperboard, so it is very sturdy.  For me, that means I had no problem using the screw eyes, hinges or layers of paper and tape as the paper board is strong enough to hold up to each.  The small removable boxes can be "configured" into many different patterns (four patterns are pictured on the packaging).  Seriously, so many options.
Here is my completed cover.
well, almost...after about an hour of finishing the cover I couldn't stand it anymore...
and added this...
I feel much better now.
I used Ranger silver Memory Tape colored with Alcohol Ink on all the edges of the Grungeboard.  Some I left as is and some I cut with pinking shears.  The new Sign Maker alphabet was just perfect for the word Paris...I inked the plastic letters as well as the crown with Alcohol Ink in Slate and Gold.  Notice the label (with the no. 73)?  The new packages of Vial labels will have pages of small label included.  When Tim told me about the addition I think I might have heard angels singing in the background (I swear).
The flag addition was made using my favorite Tattered Banner die.  I cut the banner 3 times (1 for each color) then layered them together. A very long vintage stick pin was used to create the flag with a bit of vintage French wired trim and an Alcohol Inked Pearl (I can't stop making those Butterscotch & Mushroom pearls!)

front and back cover paper: paper stash - French Industrial 12 x 12"
small scale red ticking and map paper: Paper stash collage 8 x 8"
large cutout: sizzix alterations Cameo Frame (grungeboard)
oval cutout: sizzix alterations Sized Oval (grungeboard)
Paris letters: Alpha Parts - Signmaker
Remnant Rubs - Numbers and Words

I added Sticky Back canvas colored with Distress Stain Frayed Burlap to the hinged edge.  Of course, I stitched it on the sewing machine close to the edge before adding to the book.
I added Ruler Ribbon with 1/2" Wonder Tape to the spine.  I also added a word band.  The brads do not really go through the spine although it looks as if they do.  I put the brads through the holes and pulled the two "legs" toward the center of the word band, then pounded with my hammer to flatten.  I used 1/4" Wonder Tape to adhere it to the Ruler Ribbon.
I also added my initials to the top using the ribbon I bought when I was at the Paris Flea Market with Sande last year.  I was so happy to finally make a project where I thought it might work to use it.  I will say, I stitched this on after I had adhered the Sticky Back canvas.  That was not easy...should have done it before and it would have been a snap.  Live and learn.

 Remnant Rubs - Words and Elements

Open the Configurations Book and there is a flat book on the back of the cover.   I adhered one of the 6 x 6" papers found at the back of the large Paper Stash to a piece of Grungepaper to make the cover.  The new hinges come 4 in a pack so I used the 2 small ones here and a larger one later on.
The new Apha Parts are very cool as they have really large numbers as well as the numbers written out like eight, two, five, etc.  Super fun to mix it up to make twenty 12.  The numbers come black and as you can see I inked them with Alcohol Ink.  I wasn't sure I liked it at first so I just added the words, "no regrets" underneath to remind myself of this important message for 2012 and forward.
 Alpha parts - Numeric

The hinges work just like like real hinges...yeah!  That was a frequent question at the show, "do they really work?"...the answer is yes!
Inside the flat book there is a small collage of elements.  I started by creating an imaginary square by laying pieces of paper around the flap.  Then when I opened the flap, the paper gave me a visual square to work in.   The collage started with the Instagram photo of the Eiffel Tower (where all trips to Paris should start) and worked my way out from there, adding Journaling Tickets, Stickers, Vial Labels, a Custom Fastener, Film Strip Ribbon, Mini Gears, Mini Numerals...really, anything that fit was fair game.
black letter squares: Label Letters
words: Remnant Rubs - Words, Numbers & Elements
red card: Paper Stash - French Industrial 12 x 12"

The Film Strip Ribbon is held on with Wonder Tape on each end so it pops up in the center.
And the inside.
As you can tell, I removed boxes to allow the use of the new (and most fabulous) Cabinet Cards as a flip book.  All the paper here is smaller scale, meaning I used the 8 x 8 collage pack or the 6 x 6 pieces and ATC size pieces from the back of the 12 x 12" pack.   The little boxes are covered with paper in the back and Tissue Tape on the sides.
The box at the top has a belt made from Grungepaper.  I cut the Grungepaper 1/2" wide, colored it with Vintage Photo Distress Stain, dried it with a Heat Tool, then stitched along the edge with the sewing machine.  The new buckles are great and super easy to use.  Just attaches with a brad.

The book inside has 5 fold outs made with the French Industrial paper 12 x 12" paper and a small piece of Sticky Back Canvas.  I found that if you use one of the sheets of paper from the 12 x 12 paper stash that has ATC sized papers on it, you can cut them into 12" long strips, then fold it back and forth so the paper changes at each fold.  I needed to trim the paper just a bit on the long edge to fit in the box (that might make more sense in the pictures below).  It took two of these strips to get five "pages" as there are only four ATC papers on the 12" strip.
When I was in Paris, Sande and I visited some museums, one of which was the very small Marmottan known for having many of Monet's water lily paintings on permanent display.  They were also having a exhibition of Berthe Morisot paintings which is what I came to see.  I was so moved by the show that I bought these little stamps in the gift shop to remember some of the painting in miniature.  They worked perfectly mixed with a few Instagrams is took, Tissue Tape and Remnant Rubs (really, what don't Remnant Rubs go with?)
pull: Ring Fastener (fab-u-lous)
all Tissue Tape - Elements (4 different kinds in pack)
words: Remnant Rubs - Words & Numbers
love using the words to describe the architecture,
or a person,
or a feeling,
I made a lace apron for the tiny fractured doll, then wrapped her in vintage thread and stitched it closed with vintage pearls.  The wreath in the back is from the Christmas Adornments pack.  I just colored it with Alcohol Ink (looks French to me).
This little box was the starting of all the other little boxes.  I knew I wanted to use one of the new wish bones but I couldn't think how until I decided to use the entire bottle.  I covered the box with a sheet of mica that I peeled until it was clear, then added the memory tape to hold it on.  The Remnant Rubs work great on the mica.  Gosh I love those wishbones!
For the largest box, I used the new Sizzix Sized Ovals (the center that was cut out went on the cover) to cut a piece of Grungeboard I covered in the new Core'dinations Cardstock - Shattered.  I thought it looked like old leather and was very happy with the outcome.  I used the piece of memory tape that was leftover when I cut the pinked edge for the wishbone box above to go around the oval opening.  Again, there is one of those new little red Vial Labels (love). 
For the birdcage, I took the back off and used it as a pattern to cut out a new back of clear plastic.  The plastic helped hold the inked pearls in, as well as gave me something to glue down (glossy accents) to the box.  Crinkle ribbon colored with Barn Door Distress Stain and everyone's favorite wreath from the Regal Crest die complete the box.  I colored the manila wreath with Silver Distress Stain.
 Just some little boxes of elements...Enamel tag, Corked Vial and Philosophy Tag.
foundation of "imagine" Philosophy Tag: Sizzix Alterations -Mini Bottle Cap die
white hanging charm: Enamel Tags (used Alcohol Ink to color tag)
crown: Remnant Rubs - Elements and Numbers
word treasure: Label Clips

And my favorite little treasure box (Grungeboard lid and new hinge).
pull: Ring Fastener

A Vial label to cover the brad "legs".
Inside are just some little treasures.   The spools are cut using Grunge paper and the Sizzix Sewing Room Die.  I covered the Grunge paper with the small scale leftover pieces of the new French Industrial paper.  The Collage Key just happens to come with a sticker that was surely made just for this project.  I used a screw eye at the top to hang a strawberry I cut off one of my vintage red tomato pin cushions.  The small safety pin is holding a Bauble I colored with Alcohol ink.  And finally, there is a piece of trim in the background I purchased at the Paris flea market.
I wrote the date on the back of the key.  I wanted to engrave it but I couldn't scratch hard enough, but I tried!
I needed exactly 4 postcards for this project to go into the hanging Cabinet Cards.
As luck would have it, I purchased 4 vertical postcards on my trip. 
Who knew at the time "La rue Montorgueil a Paris" by Monet would work perfectly?  I can't imagine this project without it.
I hung the Cabinet cards using Screw Eyes and part of a Swivel Clasp so they can flip up to reveal the next painting.  I like how each of the Cabinet Cards has different printing on the front and back as well as different opening shapes.  Just perfect to showcase some of my favorite paintings I saw in Paris at the Musée d'Orsay and the Louve.
"La rue Montorgueil a Paris" (1878) by Claude Monet

 "Berthe Morisot au bouquet de violettes" (1872) by Edouard Manet

"Mona Lisa" (1503- 1506) by Leonardo da Vinci

 "Portrait de l' artiste" (1889) by Vincent Van Gogh

So that is the Configuration Book made into a remembrance keepsake.  I love creating projects like this and am grateful to Tim for trusting that I could come up with something for the show booth.   There have been a handful of projects over the years that are my favorites.  I am adding this one to the list.

I think it is only fitting to write this post as I am planning another trip to Paris in April where I will be teaching at the Version Scrap event along side Debby Schuh and Sharon Laakkonen.  If you live in France, please check out the website!  I will be teaching 3 journal classes with Distress Stain, Distress Pens, Blueprint stamps and lots of other Tim Holtz goodness. It's going to be fun.

Cheers for a great weekend!