Monday, July 1, 2019

Merry Christmas Vignette Tray

Hi friends!
If you have come here from Tim's Facebook Live, welcome!  I am going to show you how I created the Merry Christmas Vignette Tray with the Festive Repeat background which really makes this piece stand out.
I used a small Vignette Tray as my foundation.  You can see that there is an added wood base to the tray.  My husband cut that piece for me...super simple just one cut needed.
For the inside:
1.  Cut cardstock to fit the back of the tray (approximately 4 3/8" x 8 5/8").
2.  Choose a pattern from the Festive Repeat Thinlit to use as the background.  Since the die has to be used horizontal in this case, I choose the "plaid lines" for my pattern since it does not read specifically horizontal or vertical like the diamonds.
When you look any of Tim's "repeat" dies, one side is flat with no cutting blades.  Can you see the flat side on the right?
3.  Line up the die on one end of the cardstock. The side that has NO blade is on the left (notice there are no punch holes in the metal die on that end?)
4.  Run through your die cut machine.  I use a Vagabond 2 and a chrome plate with all my Thinlit dies.  
5.  Once you remove the die, pop out all the pieces with a Die Pick.  Match up the last holes on the right to the flat part of the die.  
This is what it looks like after three cut passes.  I still have two more to go till I get to the end.  All in all it took me about 10-15 minutes to do the entire piece and that was just because I had to stop to pop out all the little squares between passes.  Not too bad for a great background!
I painted my Vignette Tray black and added silver Metallic cardstock to the back.  It may look like gray cardstock here but in real life it is has a shine to it!  Now it's time to add the Festive Repeat to the background of the tray.  I used Collage Medium only around the edge of the red paper.
I created an ornament for the sentiment using a set of Sizzix nested circles.  I believe my set is retired but there are many companies that sell circle dies.  My largest circle is 3 3/8" (patterned paper) and the black circle is 2 7/8".  I also cut a piece of chipboard for largest circle to add stability.
The sentiment is one of my favorite dies from the release called Christmas Ribbon.  It's amazingly thin and cuts like a dream.  For the sentiment, I added a Deco Sheet to cardstock.  Then I added a Sizzix Adhesive Sheet to the cardstock.  Once I cut and remove the sentiment from the die, I can easily peel off the outside layer and stick the words to whatever I wish.  No extra glue needed.

I also created a small faux metal top for the bulb using chipboard and Metal Foil Tape.  I scored it with a bone folder to make the lines, then dripped Smolder Pearls Alcohol Ink over the top.  You will need to set it aside to dry for 10-15 mins since you are dripping the ink rather than pouncing it on with a tool.
To hang the Christmas Bulb, I inserted a Screw Eye from the Vignette Hardware pack to the top of the tray.  I find that it's best to start the hole with an awl or a push pin and then screw in the screw eye.
The metallic braid is vintage from Tinsel Trading in Berkley, CA.  I ran it through the Screw Eye, threaded it through a hole I punched in the bulb cap and tied a bow.  There are foam squares on the back of the bulb to keep it in position.

For the greenery, I cut a 5 x 6" piece of Distress Heavystock and colored it with layers of original Distress Ink in Peeled Paint and Forrest Moss, then sprayed a few colors of Distress Oxide over the top.
Using the colored Heavystock, I cut one Seasonal Scroll.  I also cut the three berries multiple times using Distress Watercolor paper so I could watercolor them later.
Additionally, I cut four pieces of pine using the Large Funky Festive: two in a medium green and  two in forest green. 
I used one of my favorite tools, the Distress Splatter Brush, and Picket Fence Distress Paint to splatter over the pine pieces.
A Detailer Water Brush was used to watercolor each berry with a combination of Festive Berries and Candied Apple.
Using 3D foam squares, I positioned the Festive Scroll into the tray.  Then I clipped each piece of pine in half to fill in around the scroll.  Some of the pine lies under the Festive Scroll and some lies on top of it to give dimension.
It might be hard to tell but some berries are mounted with 3D foam squares and some are glued directly to the Festive Repeat.
 I added an idea-ology jingle bell to the vintage braid.
 I had a small piece of pine left over so I added it to the bottom of the bulb.

Hope you like the Christmas Vignette Tray.  I love how the Seasonal Scroll and the pine worked over the Festive Repeat background.   The layers and colors of greens really added some great dimension to this piece, something that I am sure I will be repeating throughout the season!

If you missed Tim Facebook Live 
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