Monday, November 30, 2009

Pottery Barn Catalog

Don't you love it when the Pottery Barn catalog comes in the mail!  Most items will eternally be on my wish list, but I love looking none the less.  
Love, love this...

  Here is an alternate view.

Think of the possibilities, from kids art to a display for each holiday.....deb.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Countdown Calendar

12 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11" creme cardstock
black Staz-On ink pad

Step 1- Print out the 12 PDF files on creme colored cardstock (send me an email me if you would like the number files.  The files will print best using Adobe Acrobat Reader to print correctly).

Step 2 - Cut cardstock down the center (5 1/2").  I use a rotary cutter for all my paper cutting because I get a good straight cut and I can cut in multiples.  Depending on the weight of the cardstock,  I can cut about 4-7 sheets at a time.  I also cut book board using this tool (but only one sheet at a time).  This technique isn't for everyone but if you come from a sewing background like do you may already have the skill.
NOTE:  To use this cutting technique you need a ruler that has a lip edge so that it will align with

 the edge of the self healing mat board. 

 Step 3 - Cut off the bottom of each number so each card is 5 1/2 x 7". Use a corner rounder on the bottom two corners of the number card.

 Step 4 - Cut 24 (5 1/2 x 7") pieces of patterned paper for the back of each of the number cards. This is a great place to dig out all you red and green scraps. I even used old sheets of music and some black and white polka dot just to mix it up. 

Step 5 - Adhere the cut papers to the back of each number card.

Step 6 - Cut 24 (1 x 5 1/2") strips of polka dot paper for the top of each card.  Adhere to card before you punch the holes.

Step 7 - I used my 7gypsies Binderie to punch the holes in this project.  Remember, by now each number card has paper on the back and a small strip on the front. The Binderie will still punch at least 4 cards at the time, even at this thickness (and the holes will be in the right place every time). Fast and easy.
 (yes, this is the same Binderie punch I decorated for CHA)

Step 8 - Use black Staz On Ink to stamp the large swirl along the polka dot edge as well as the bottom.

NOTE: I use Staz On ink with all my clear stamps because it doesn't stain. After I stamp I use a baby wipe to quickly wipe away any left over ink and it never stains the stamp. Never wipe on the cling side of the stamp.


Step 9 - Cut 2 pieces of Chipboard 5 1/2 x 7" for the cover.  Round bottoms the corners.  Cover with paper on both sides.   On a recent trip to Kansas City I bought a piece of Cavallini wrapping paper at Paper Source.  I used that paper on the cover.  I use red polka dot paper from on the inside.  Punch both covers with the Binderie.

Step 10 - Punch two small holes in the cover for ribbon.  Fold about 24" of ribbon in half and thread through holes in the cover.  A tip I learned from Deb is to use a piece of wire to pull the ribbon through a small hole.  Works every time.

Step 11- Gather up pages and both covers into a stack and used two LARGE binding rings.  I used black but this would look great with red.

Step 12- I punched two sizes of stars from a sheet of glitter wrapping paper (I got that at Paper Source too) and glued them to chipboard then cut them out.  I added another glitter star on the back to make it two sided.  Of course can use real glitter if you don't have glitter paper.  Punch a hole at the top of the star with a paper piercer and add a large jump ring.  I used one package of Princesca hardware for all the crystal drops.  I just took apart the crystal links to create the hanging stars.  Add stars and crystals to random pages of the book.

Step 13 - Hang one large crystal from the ribbon on the cover.  I added a rubbing to the crystal (that's a vintage 7gypsies initial rubbing from my stash).

Thanks for looking... email me if you have any questions, paula

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Look What I Got Today!

This is what my UPS man brought me!

I have been anxiously awaiting getting our mid-release shipment to send to the 7g creative team. Check out the gorgeous Venice Collection, here are some of my favorites.

There are really only 6 papers, but they have a coordinating print on the reverse side.  This is showing the front and back side of those 6 them!

Couple of close ups to see the details....

The NEW "N is for Nest" sticker and chipboard alphabet.

Venice Collection clear stamp

Paper Tape - If you haven't tried the paper tape you are missing out.  You get 3 rolls in a package, each is roll is 3/4" wide x 5 yds.  That is a LOT of tape!

The NEW ATC Printers Tray now in white - 

A NEW tray the 4x6 photo tray - it comes in black or white

I saved the best for last, an old gypsy favorite - gaffer tape

Love this group of gaffer....gorgeous!
Gaffer in the 3 pack each roll is 1" x 1 yd.

There are some samples of this collection on the 7g blog and 7g website....ENJOY!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scrap Happy Sisters

Deb and I had a great time at Scrap Happy Sisters!  This was our first time teaching here...what a great store! 

 Deb and I taught a new class that we put together for 2010 called "Bits and Pieces".  The structure for the class is the new 7gypsies ATC tray.  Love working with the easy to fill up the little squares.  The class also explores image transfers- the best way to do them and how to use them in projects.  I love it when you can see the lightbulb go on...and they say, "I get it!".  

We also taught an ATC spinner class.  It was the last time we will teach this class so it was like saying goodbye to an old friend.  
We had such a great time... hope to see you again in the spring!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here it is...FINALLY

So here it is...the blog that we have been talking about for 2 years...tried to do without for another year...and the blog that came to be once we decided that we couldn't go on without writing one.  Not that we have anything that great to say... but lots of times we have great things to show you.  So this is really it.  A place just for us to share ideas, inspiration, answer questions, hook you up with kits and maybe give you a behind the scenes look at what we do.

Thanks for looking,
             Paula and Deb