Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Farm Chicks Tickets

Hey, if anyone is going to be in the Spokane, WA this next weekend, Sande K has two early bird tickets for sale.  They are $26.50 each....which gets you into the event 1 1/2 hours early (worth every penny).  They will need to be purchased using Pay Pal.

Tickets are sold!  thanks Lori!

Inspired Journey Journal

Today I am sharing the journal that was created by the ever fabulous, Sande Krieger for the Inspired Journey Event I attended last week in Manhattan Beach.  I helped Sande in her classes so I was able to make one of the journals before the event so I would be familiar with the project.  Today's post is sort of a "blog hop".  After you see the basic journal here, use the links provided at the bottom of the post to see Sande's completed journal on her blog, Pandemonium.  Then you see her true talent shine.  I have never met anyone who can use plain ole letter stamps like she does...certainly not me.

This travel Journal is all about 7gypsies latest line Postal.  These are some of the products used:
Postal Alphabet
Postal Collection Sticker
97% Complete Sticker - Vagabond 
Postal Paper - Numero (black/tan stripe)
Ephemera - Vintage (used through out the book)
Journal cover - Elizabeth
Postal paper - Document (white arrow paper)
Note: I somehow came home without page 2 which should be showing in the this picture.  SO when you look at Sande's final journal with all the picture you will see a page that has a flip up that is tied with a black ribbon, that is my missing page.  sorry about that!

What you are seeing here is a plastic 4 x 6 photo sleeve. Sande covered the inside edge with a strip of paper then punched with the Binderie Punch to add to the book. 
The stickers were placed right on the plastic sleeve and even though you can see they are white on the back now, once you slide a picture into the photo sleeve the white will be covered up.
Love this idea of the punched Gypsy tags.  Sande added a number at the end of each tag set.  You will see in her book, she used each tag to stamp out a note about the picture that is added in between.

Postal paper - Numero (black/creme stripe)
Postal paper - This end up (on envelope flap)
Postal Clear Stamp - Par Avion (black arrows)
Each of the shaped pages through out the journal were made using the Photo Carousel cards...we clipped off the tabbed edges or added paper over them.
The back of this one was made into a pocket.
Another photo sleeve

Here we used two 6" Elastic bands to create a holding place for a Petit Carnet.  Clever girl, that Sande!

The last photo sleeve

The pennant is made from part of the Vagabond sticker, ephemera and a tag:vintage.  Held in place using mini paper clips and paper fasteners.
The text on the right side in from this rubbing: Nomenclature

So that's it, the basic journal that everyone made in class.  Now, hop on over to Sande's blog to see the real deal where she has added all her pictures and journaling in pure "Sande style".  It really is fabulous.

Here are the links:
Part One - The inside of the Petit Carnet and start of the journal.
Remember I am missing my page two. So there is an extra page that you will see in Sande's completed journal.

Part Two - Second part of the Journal

Part Three - Last part of the Journal

 Now off you go!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Stationery Portfolio

I love almost any project that include paper, fabric and sewing.  For this one I especially like the "deconstructed" edges and things a bit imperfect.  This stationery set, in it's own little portfolio, might be a fun project for the long weekend....and a great gift for someone special.

Lets' start with the cards - 

1.  You will need a small piece of fabric.  I chose this Wavery print that I had in my stash.  I love the washed out look and the texture in the weave.  Lay your fabric face side down on the printer screen and copy onto white cardstock.  For a little more dimension use a textured cardstock - like Bazzill's burlap or crisscross.
2.  Fold your printed cardstock in half long ways and cut to size.  Folded, mine are 4" x 5 1/4". You can get 2 cards out of each page printed.  Pink the right edge.
3.  Print "thank you" or other sentiment onto fabric.  Also print a sentiment that will be stitched to the stationery cover.  I did "materially speaking" since this project is all about fabric, but you chose what you want.
4.  To print on fabric, cut freezer paper and fabric to 8 1/2" x 11".  Iron the shiny side of freezer paper to fabric.  If edges of fabric aren't completely adhered to freezer paper you might need to tape down the edges.  Or, you can also purchase printable fabric at your fabric store.  
You may chose different sentiments for an assortment if you like. 
5.  Cut your sentiments apart with pinking shears.
6.  Sew the fabric sentiment to the card.

1.  Lay a linen or other textured fabric on your printer screen and copy onto white cardstock.   Again, you can use a textured paper if you like for more dimension.   
2.  Cut out your envelope from the printed cardstock.  Use an old envelope for your pattern.  When folded mine is  5 1/2" x 4 1/4". 
3.  Cut, fold and glue the sides.
4.  I stitched along the edge of the flap.

1.  Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to size (I used the flap of a shipping box).  Mine is 10" x 6 1/4".  Make sure the corrugated lines in the cardboard run the same direction as the short side....this is so you can fold it over to make a spine in your portfolio.  
2.  Use the cardboard as your pattern and cut a fabric piece slightly larger (about 1/4" larger all the way around) for your front cover. 
3.  Cut a piece of fabric (I used linen) for the inside.   Cut the same width as the cover fabric piece in step 2 but add 2 1/2" to the height.   This will allow a fold along the bottom edge to create a pocket.  
4.  Turn under 1/4" along long edge and stitch.
5.  Fold bottom edge up to create the pocket and press.  (see photo below)
6.  Apply a little glue stick to both inside and outside fabrics and attach to cardboard piece and stitch as shown below.  TIP:  Apply just enough glue stick to keep fabrics in place to sew them down.  Try to avoid putting glue where you will be stitching.

DETAILS:  stitching lines, fold line, dimensions, etc.
Detail of bottom folded edge

 7.  Stitch front patch onto cover.

8.  Sew button and twill closure onto front cover.

I wanted my button to look more worn like the fabric so I sanded it lightly.  Here is what the button looked like before I sanded it.

All done!!  Look how cute the cards and envelopes look inside the portfolio.  Add something fun to write with.  I even attached some extra sentiments with a bamboo paper clip.

Have a great long weekend....do something fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

I met up with Sande last Wednesday for some R and R (rest and relaxation) before the event Sande was teaching at on Friday.  Since the weather was so nice I took her to 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica.  I had fun using Instagram to take some shots of the shops we saw.

 Johnny Was

I have wanted to see this store...it did not disappoint.
Wish I could have got a better picture but the sunlight was in full force on the glass.  If you can't tell, the windows were covered with antique sewing machines.  466 to be exact (46 rows of ten + 3 over each doorway) with another 32 inside the store.  Each vintage machine was different...hand painted with beautiful markings.  Seriously jaw dropping.
 Much easier to get a shot from the inside of the store looking out to the mall area.  This in now way does it justice...it's one of those "gotta see it to believe it" displays.

Los Angeles
On Thursday we were picked up at the hotel by our friend Lia B. for a little site seeing and shopping in LA.  Sande had never been down Sunset Blvd or Beverly Hills so off we went (and by the way the weather was perfect).
We were driving down by the LA County Museum when we happened upon two blocks of parked food trucks.  Someone just happened to be pulling out of the first parking space near the trucks and we pulled in (there was even time on the meter).  Truly a lucky day in LA.
We went straight to the truck with the longest line, Cousins Main Lobster.
Apparently you have to follow them on Twitter to find out where they are going to be on any given day.
See the two guys in front of Sande?  In about a minute she is going to strike up a conversation with them because they each have frosty root beer and she wants to know where they got it.

...turns out they highly recommended the Cousins Maine Lobster truck (they were on their 2nd roll) and the root beer, also from Maine, they were drinking.  By the time she got to the front of the line the root beer was sold out but the three of us girls shared a couple lobster rolls (one warm, one cold) with Diet Coke instead.  They were right, the rolls were fabulous, piled high with lobster...we all decided it was the warm buttered and toasted bread (also from Maine) that took the roll over the top.
After we ate we could see the two guys across the grass area and we decided to see if they had any more suggestions.  That was a understatement.  We ended up talking to Allan (left) and Victor (right) about the food at the trucks, places to eat in LA, food they wouldn't waste their time on, and how far they would drive for good food even if it's served out of a food truck or tent on the side of the road. 
Seriously, they could have their own comedy show...so funny. 
They also bought some garlic with filet mignon noodles that we all got to sample from another food truck.
After at 30 minutes of talking we walked back to the Lobster truck so Sande could get a Woopie Pie.  Then here comes Allan and Victor with spring rolls...they looked good too but we passed on tasting.
we said our good byes (again) and went on our way...looking for yet another adventure.
Thanks Allan and Victor...they should give you guys your own show on the Food Network!

Chocolate cake + cream = Delicious Woopie Pie
Now we headed down town to the Garment District to Levy's trimmings, my favorite little hole in the wall.  You always have to pack in some very dicey parking places in the garment district.  Today must have been our lucky day since we got the very last parking space, number 7.

Maria was hilarious... this is her and Sande pretending to fight over the money.  She had us laughing the entire time we were there.
me, Maria, Lia
Well, that's about it for our trip to LA...or maybe I should say I ran out of pictures to share! 

I will be back with pictures of the journal the students made in class.  Sande did a fabulous job teaching this giant journal (17 pages to be exact)...the ladies were so happy when we were done!  When they came to the make and take on Friday night to put their books together they were even happier because the books were so big and fat. It was quite an accomplishment to finish the book. 

Now I'm back to working toward some deadlines for the Australia classes that have to be met...busy, busy, busy.
Wish me luck,