Thursday, January 26, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {structures-part 2}

So lets continue with the last of the structures that were created for winter cha.   This is super 8 x 8" shadowbox frame.  It is called a shadowbox because it is deeper than the trays we make.  I think this one is about 1 1/2" deep so you can add larger items along the bottom.  
You can use the shadowbox as is or add a layer into the box.  There are two different layers available, one has round holes and the other has square.
Here is a close up that I shot before it was sent off to the Gypsy office.  I used the new flea market charms along with vintage pieces and the new tag inserts - Trousseau.  You loose the scalloped edge but they work great for the size of the holes.  The bottles are 7gypsies with this colored rubbing used for the labels.

 Here is the square insert.  Ranjini was given the task to create something made from the just the square layer.  I can't wait to see this at show.  Love all the clothes pins holding the pictures on.
We also made a 12 x 12" shadow box that comes in black.  Here you can see a fabulous project created by the ever lovely, Vicki Boutin.  Love the ruler on the book cover...and the heart?  fabulous.  The background paper is from Postale.
So I have the last two items that really don't belong under the heading, "structures" but they just happen to be here at the end.  First are tickets...two new ones.
Sorry about the color, it is early morning here and the light is a little gray.  But I hope you can see the scale on these tiny tickets. 
Vintage Tickets
And these guys...reminiscent of 7gypsies past tags.  Love all the fill in the blank spots!  The package has 12 tickets (2 each of 6 different designs).
Journal Tickets
 And the very last thing is these metal clips. 
Super cute with a little rubber tip.
 I thought you might need a visual on the scale of these clips too.  Love the size, don't you?

My personal thanks goes out to the fabulous 7gypsies design team for the extraordinary effort in the projects turned in for cha.  We are a small group but boy can we pack a punch!  Without the fabulous creations the booth would never come close to what it is with them and it would make our job even more difficult.
Thank You girls for all your time and creative talent!
Sande Krieger
Vicki Boutin
Ranjini Malhorta
Mou Saha
Ann Mabee
Kerry Lynn Yeary
Janelle Smith
and special guest, Connie Fong

Now you know, after cha I will have more photos of projects these ladies created as well as the booth.  So sorry to make you wait but some things have to be a surprise!   I also participated in the Ranger Designer challenge again and I will share that project as well once I get the okay from Ranger. 

Thanks to all of you who have followed this week as we revealed the new lines, especially those that left an encouraging comment, we both appreciate that.  We are looking forward to meeting some of you at the show as well as seeing old faces that we love.  Please stop by the booth (were way back in the right hand corner) if you have the time!  

Now the real work begins...packing the car.
cheers everyone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {Structures- part 1}

Today, lets talk structures or products created specifically to be built upon.
First up, the Vintage Book Stand
This stand is 18" tall and was created to hold a 5 x 7 journal.  Remember yesterday when I said the new book covers were 5 x 7 1/2" so the rings could be at the top?  This is why.  Of course that does not mean you have to put the book covers in this holder, just that it is an option.  Now when you create a mini book, you have a place to display it.  Super cool idea, right? 
I have another use for the stand to share with you after I return from CHA.  A super easy project and a download I think you will like. 
So, moving on we have book board kits, three of them to be exact.  I love book board, heavy enough to take paper, paint, glue, gesso, more paint.  Great for collage and layering yet heavy enough to stand up.  The first two kits were created as triptychs but can be used for so much more.

triptych |╦łtriptik|
a picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together side by side and used as an altarpiece.
• a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together.

The first book board kit is a house shape.  The center piece is solid about 8" tall and the side pieces are shorter, about 7" tall and have windows cut out (the window pieces are included in the kit).  In the picture below, Ann has made the center a clock (can you see the gold hands now?).  She tied her triptych together but it could also be ringed or hinged.
The second is kit is a classic arc shape and again the cutout pieces are included in the kit.  I have not seen the mixed media book shown here in person but I think Kerry Lynn used the two side pieces for the cover, covering them with fabric and then using a beautiful distress technique over the fabric.  I am sure Kerry Lynn will be showing this on her blog once the show is over and she is able to post.  I am looking forward to learning how she sewed the pages and hinged it all together. 
 The last board kit is a banner.  Love this one that Janelle created using the Ancienne Ephemera.
And last up is the Collections Binder made from book board.  Mou Saha made this beautiful sample using the Trousseau collection.  Love her mixed media work...definitely swoon worthy.

Okay, that's it for today.  Tomorrow is the last day of preview here at OneLuckyDay since we are off to the show very early Friday morning.   It will take me about 4 1/2 hours to drive to Anaheim so I may have to just sleep in my car so I will be ready to go at 5am!
Cheers till tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {Trousseau Add-ons}

So today we have the rest of the add ons to Trousseau.
First up is the tag inserts...tiny like the Postale set, but in a scalloped circle.  I created a project with these little tags that I will show you on Thursday with a new structure you might just need.
Here they are naked.
And remember each of these is sized to fit into the mini drawer.
Tags need envelopes, right?  There were so many good designs that we created 2 packages of them.  Two envelopes each, of five different designs. 
 This is a snippet of a beautiful layout by Ranjini Malhorta.
envelope used as a pocket, with glitter added

New silver gypsy frames and trinkets. 
Flea Market Findings: Here's the real deal.  Tiny, thin metal, two different colors of metal and a crystal.  I would like to hook these to some of the small Idea-ology Lace chain!
And the last thing today, new book covers.  If you look at the three different covers you can see that there is a white space on the cover.  That white space is really a CUT OUT so that you can have a picture or embellishment showing through.
These first two covers are 5 x 7. 5".  The extra 1/2" at the top was added so the cover can be punched at the top and rings will see why we like that idea tomorrow (one of my favorite new structures is coming up).

This little cover is darling in person.  Love the small size at 3. 5 x 5. 5" (same as our best selling Paris book cover).  And again, the center is cut out.  This book cover can be punched at top or side.
Now add in new Trousseau Jouraling cards to fit the small book cover and you are set.  I can see so many uses for these and I am totally in love with the one with the girl on it.
This a 4 x 6 tray project that I created using the journal pages.  This one took a while to get my mojo working but I like how it turned out in the end.
Up tomorrow, new structures to work with...yeh for book board, how I have missed you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {Trousseau Collection}

Today I have the second collection from 7gypsies, Trousseau.  Totally different from the last collection (or any that we have done), feminine and very vintage.  The pallet of peachy pink, grey and cream is beautiful.  What I love about this paper is that you can use it as a whole sheet or cutout all the little bits to use for collage.  There's even one whole sheet of old pictures to use in mixed media projects.
This is a snippet of a layout I did using Charming.  I cut parts of the paper design with an X-Acto knife and slipped the 5 x 7 picture underneath.  It's almost like the word charming and the roses are holding the picture down.

A little project I made with Always, Charming  and Lovely (I will show you the rest when we return from the show).  What you can see is more of the Tattered Angels spray - Satchel that I talked about yesterday.  Love that color.

 I think these papers are going to darling in the smaller scales!
 I love that big strawberry stamp!

 And of course, new Tattered Angles to match:
Silk glimmer mist (pink)
Mercury Glass glaze (pewter)
Sterling glimmer mist (silver)
Old pages glam (caramel)
Here are some of my test strips of the spray.  Love the pink alone but the pink and silver combined is also a great combo.
Tomorrow, more embellishments that were created for Trousseau (you know we have more of the tiny envelopes!) and one of the projects I created for the show.

Now I have to get back to work...a good day for rain here in California.  I won't be tempted to leave the house and I already know what's for lunch...Tomato soup.  It's my go to rainy day meal.
cheers for a great Monday!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {Postale collection}

So glad it sounds like you are loving Postale so far...and today I know you will love it even more once you see these...
Tag inserts and envelopes are 2.75 x 2.75".  Deb and I saw these cards and envelopes last week when we set the booth...DARLING!  The tags are fabulous with all the little boxes to fill in.  Great for just about everything from a layout to a gift tag (and they are so little which makes them even cuter!)  Another great thing about these tags and envelopes is that the fit the mini library drawer
I LOVE this group of items and they have a great price point too ($4.95 for 10 designs, 2 of each). 

The Index inserts and envelopes are bigger than the Tag set at 6 x 5".  More room to journal or add a photo.  These are currently on their way to my house so I should have some pictures of the product by Wed for you.  Oh, and by the way these were made to fit the Library drawerAbout time, right?

And we did some naked stuff. 
Heavy cardstock index cards that also fit the Library Drawer.  These are super cute with a small scalloped edge.
A new tabbed card set that can be used for dividers in the Library drawer.
  And introducing something brand new for us...
7gypsies has been working with Tattered Angels to create just the right mix of products for a Postale and I got to be the "test girl" to test all the products and colors against the paper. 
Airmail Glam (blue-grey)
Satchel Glaze (brownish)
Priority Chalkboard (red)
Postcard Glimmer Mist (golden)

I don't know if you can buy these individually but I can tell you right now, I am going to need at least a gallon of Postcard.  It can make a plain shipping tag perfect in 2 squirts.

Okay, so now when you look at this picture I posted yesterday, can you see I used Priority chalkboard spray on the naked tab?  And Airmail glaze over Paddington chipboard letters?
Here is a sneak peak of another project I did this week with Off the Wall Art tags.  The tags have been sprayed with Postcard glimmer mist and the Display Trim Corner was painted with Satchel glaze.

Come back tomorrow for the second collection, Trousseau!  Totally different, but just as good!
ps) head over to 7gypises and leave a comment, they are giving away 4 prizes!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {Postale Collection}

Yesterday was 7gypsies official launch for CHA Winter 2012.  There are 2 new collections.  Postale is up first and it is a little different, in that there are two, 6 paper collections: Postale and Antiquaries Postale.  Postale is white based and Anitquaries Postale is more Kraft based.  Each paper is different, so it is really 24 papers in all.  This paper has been one of our biggest challenges in the booth this show.  How to show twenty-four, 12 x 12" papers in one 4 foot section??  After it is assembled at CHA we will show you what we came up with.
Both are of the color stories are tremendous and really harken back to some of the images we love about vintage.  This paper is very detailed and layered so I know these images will never do it justice.  But here we go.

 Loving Sande's use of the vintage pins here.  Same one I used in the dome project earlier this month.

I have been using the new paper tape this week...super sheer, but it still has the backing so you can cut into it without it sticking to your it, love it.  I am obsessed with the pointing finger!
You can see a a bit of the pointing finger in this layout I did...yes, I had to do a layout, can you believe that?  Also, the number tape is here too...and maybe a little something else you might notice.  But I'll come back to that another day.  Like tomorrow.
There are two new stickers - one is letters (about time, eh?) and the other has tiny type in the center now with the word strips moved to the bottom. I believe that these are still sized the same as our old stickers, about 13" tall.
Well that is all for today...tomorrow I will have the rest of the Postale ad-on's for you.  They are so good they deserved their own post!

cheers for a good weekend!