Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Big Adventure Display Panel

Hello friends,

Its been a busy week at my house. School finished on Friday for my husband so he's now at home with me everyday which is great, but makes it harder to work like I normally do. I also had a journal kit go up for sale this week which was perfect timing, since he does all the shipping. Almost all kits have sold (in just 24 hours) so I am very grateful for that.

The project I am sharing today is an easy one. Really, anyone could make it with just a few materials. I started with a 9 x 9" Display Panel, but any size substrate would work. I used multiple neutral papers from the Backdrops Vol 4 pack (my MOST used Backdrops pack) to collage the flat side of the panel.

I used 6 different neutral papers, but you can use as many or as little as you wish. I liked the idea that the seams created by the papers gave me an opportunity to use Cello Tape Stickers as an accent, as if I needed the tape to keep the papers together.
Once I had the papers adhered to the Display Panel with Collage Medium, I added floral images from the Collage Paper Serendipity. I love the organic nature of this image, a real contrast to the linear lines created by the paper piecing.
I also added stamps from the Postmarked sticker book and a bit of cheesecloth for texture.
The Cello Tape is such a winning product. Even just a small piece can give you a sense of authenticity. 
I used foam squares to raise the house off the surface. Then added a more under the ladies. NOTE: Both the house and the ladies are from the new Paper Doll Poses pack.
I also added a Stencil Chip to the front using more Cello Tape and a Screw Head. The new Screw Heads are nice a thick with multiple levels. They look very realistic!
Here you can see that I was able to build up some texture using Distress Crayon over the Screw Head. I also used the Crayon to build up some grunge on the edges of the Cello Tape Stickers.
NOTE: the Blackberry Jam strip is from the Snippets Number Strips pack
When I came time for the Typed Tag, I used Picket Fence Crayon to add texture rather than Walnut Stain Crayon. The Screw Head is just glued to the Typed Tag with Collage Medium. Once dry/set, I scribbled and rubbed the Picket Fence crayon over and into the recessed portion of the Typed Tag.
The Typed Tag was to added to the right side, to fill in the space under the house that was created when I added the ladies. It fit perfectly!
And with that, this easy project is done!
I hope you will give this one a go! I love the new Collage Paper so much, I think you will to!
Now carry on,

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