Friday, May 24, 2024

What Makes Your Soul Shine

Hello friends,

Happy to be here today sharing one of my new idea-ology makes. This was totally inspired by the new 'Postmarked' stamp book. If you have not seen it yet, it comes with page and pages of colorful stamps to use in your art. There is even a page at the back to make your own stamps if you want.

This part might seem daunting but it really wasn't. The Display Panel is 9 x 9" and the stamps are about 1" tall so you will get 9 rows from top to bottom. It will take 10 stamps to go across the panel, including 1 larger stamp. 
I started at the top with the pink stamps, then lead into the red. I decided to off set some rows for more interest (you can see that on row two, I started with 1/2 a stamp). Then I went back to a full stamp starting on the orange and yellow rows.It really is fun to line up the color and sizes. I also added at least one larger stamp to each row.
The stamps fit in tightly, without overlapping. This really helps to keep the rows straight. Once I was finished, I covered the surface with a layer of Collage Medium. I just felt it might be needed since I don't know how the tiny stamp corners would react over time...would they lift? Anyway, the Collage Medium is a perfect sealer and will keep all the corners in check.
I rubbed Scorched Timber Distress Crayon over the edges of the panel. This photo shows the beginning stages. 
The final result is much more subtle once I pounced over the surface with a wet wipe to remove some of the crayon.
The hardest part for me was figuring out how to marry my 'rainbow bright' stamps with vintage. I decided to use this Portrait because I could color the corsage with the bright/bold colors of the stamps. I just pick up the color from the glass mat with a damp water brush and color the large flowers. If you have too much water on the tip, just wipe it off on a paper towel before picking up the crayon. The tip should be damp, not wet.
Next...she needs something to ground her. I used a stack of Ruler Pieces that I glued together with Collage Medium to create the shelf. This product has been retired, but I know retailers still have them available. Glue the rulers together, then wrap low tack masking tape around the ends so they ends do not lift when drying. Once dry, rub with a little Distress ink.
Next up is Alcohol Ink Mixative in gold. I use a brush to paint the Mixative on the BACK of the transparency (you can see how it looks in the next photo). Once dry, I turned the transparency over and used the same paint brush to splatter more Mixative over the top (remember to protect your surface - no one wants to clean up gold splatter!!)  The last step is optional - I cut around the circle with pinking sheers. I love the way it looks with the pinked edge!
Add thin foam squares to the back - the gold Mixative hides the foam. Set aside till needed.
Again, use the gold Mixative over the Salvage Heart. Once dry, flick Mushroom Alcohol Ink over the top. 
I wasn't sure how many bottles I wanted to add, so I colored all three shapes to decide later. For glass, I like to coat the surface with Collage Medium, then let it dry before adding Alcohol Ink to the surface.
This card is a piece from the Junk Drawer Baseboard pack. I just added a little Kitsch Flamingo to the center and rubbed it to disperse the color. 
Glue the gold heat to the center of the card and add two foam squares to the back of the playing card.
Now more crayon work. I added to of the new Screw Heads over the holes and let dry. Then I scribbled on Picket Fence crayon to fill in the words.
I painted the clover from the new Figure Stands pack. It is so cute! After glue the clover to the stand, I used steel wool to remove some of the paint from the clover. 
The word lucky was printed on my computer using the font 'GF Halda Normal' in (11pt size). I cut it out, wrapped it around the stand and glued the two ends together. Remember to cut the < at the end.
To make room for the Figure Stand on the ruler shelf, clip the Portrait on either side of the base.
Cut out a piece so the stand can slip right under the Portrait.
Add TRIPLE stacks of regular sized foam pads to the back of the Portrait to prepare to add her to the panel.
For placement, cut a piece of chipboard 2 1/4" tall. Line it up with the bottom edge. Adhere the ruler with Collage Medium and let it dry for at least 30 minute before adding the other pieces. This way you won't accidentally move it out of place.
Now use the foam pads to add the circle transparency and the Portrait.
I knew the Figure Stand was going to be a heavy weight against the Portrait so I slipped a bingo chip behind her shoulder to support it. Once this photo was taken, I pushed the bingo chip all the way in so you cannot see it.
Now slip the Figure Stand into the slot that was cut previously. I added glue behind the clover and under the stand base.
A little added cheesecloth or Mummy Cloth and the slot disappears. You don't need much.
Here is a shot of the placement of the other items. I ended up choosing the square vial and just added a few small pearls from my stash, along with some string around the neck of the bottle. I also added the date on the ruler (from the Snippets Number Strips Pack) and another metal leaf on the right side. You can see it much better in the next two photos.
Once everything was in place, I did add a splatter of white acrylic paint over the top. I put a post it note over her face so I didn't get the splatter on it.

I hope you will give this a go. It was fun to make and those stamps are so awesome to work with!

Now carry on,

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  1. Love the stamps stickers. Glad I read through the whole post, there's a lot more to it than I realized at first glance!