Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Crackling Campfire Vignette Tray

Hello friends,

I'm happy to be here sharing one of the projects I created with the new Distress color, Crackling Campfire!  

It is such a beautiful color and it mixes well with the Distress family (probably more colors than you think).  I love how it can transform from being as intense as a fireball, but if it wicks out, it's like a juicy melon.  That's a good color.  Follow along and I'll show you what I created.

I have gathered the items I will need for the first part of the project.  

One small Vignette Tray, Heavystock paper cut to fit the tray (9 x 4 3/4" I believe).  I also picked 4 colors of Distress Spray Stain; Crackling Campfire, Fossilized Amber, Speckled Egg, and Peeled Paint.

NOTE: The 8 1/2 x 11" Distress Heavystock paper is not available from ranger right now but hopefully very soon (I still have 1 package left from when they used to make it!).  You could substitute Watercolor paper if you have that in the large size.  

I'm using my large craft mat from Ranger because the paper is large and I want lots of spray to work with.  I sprayed each color in a row to get the rainbow effect on the paper.
Smoosh the large paper into the ink and pick up quickly, moving to a paper towel (or at the very least, a dry spot).
NOTE: I had no problem keeping the colors separate when I made my sample last week.  However, I didn't take pictures while I was working so I had to redo this portion for the blog post.  My expert opinion: don't try to do this while taking a photo.  My left hand should be holding the left end of the paper not a camera.  Hence the color sliding to the left.
Heat dry the paper, blotting off any excess ink.  I did spray Speckled Egg directly over the blue area because it was so much lighter than the rest of the colors.
Set aside the colored paper to prepare for the next step.
You will need a Splat Box (or something to spray in), scotch tape/masking tape, deli sheets/paper, stencil and a water tray.
Fill a tray with enough water to drop your stencil in when you are done.
Using a Splat Box, lay a stencil over the surface of the colored paper.  Cover the edges of the stencil with ripped paper to disguise the hard edge.  I also used scotch tape to secure the paper and stencil so it does not blow away when I spray. 
Using Resist Spray, spray over the stencil.  I spray from the top down, not across the stencil.  Use a decent amount of Resist Spray but not so much that it runs under the stencil.
TIP: before spraying the stencil, test the Resist Spray in your garbage can to make sure the nozzle is working and that the spray is coming out as a spray not a stream.
Peel the stencil up and throw it into the tray of water.
Dry with a heat tool.
Once the stencil is clean and DRY, turn the paper around and repeat steps on the opposite end.
After drying, you can see the resist if you tilt the paper into the light.
Last step is to clean the nozzle.  It's a pain, but it works perfectly to keep the nozzle unclogged.  I have a red plastic cup that Ellie has written on, "Resist Spray Only".  I keep it in the craft room and use it over and over.  
1. Fill the cup with hot water.  
2. Remove the nozzle from the Resist Spray bottle.  
3. Use the water in the cup to spray either into a paper towel or right back into the cup.  
NOTE: The place not to spray is in your sink.  Unless you want microscopic bits of glue stuck to the porcelain (don't ask me how I know this).
Use Collage Medium to adhere the colored paper to the flat back of the small Vignette Tray.  I found that by adhering the paper to the tray, it was easier to control (no curled edges) and I got better results with the crayon because it was even surface.
Scribble Walnut Stain Distress Crayon onto the glass mat.  Create a puddle of water to dip the brush into.  
Use a damp brush to wisk the crayon over the surface.  I went across the tray from left to right and worked my way up.   You can start very light and build up the definition.  It seems kinda magical to watch the pattern appear.
Here is the finished tray.  
Ready for some simple embellishment.
I decided to use a wood Vignette Frame over the colored background.  I painted it white, then added Distress Texture Paste Crackle over the top and set it aside to dry for 30 minutes.  Once dry, I scribbled out more crayon (just like we did for the harlequin) and used the paintbrush to color the surface, revealing the cracks.
I love the colored background so I decided to do something on a transparency so you can still see the colors through the frame.  I cut a transparency (I buy mine at Office Depot) to fit the frame.  Then stamped with StazOn ink. The phrase I liked was too tall for the space so I only inked the bottom portion.  The flower stamp is from the new Halloween Stampers Anonymous release, called Dearly Departed.
I also added "No.92" from the Field Notes Remnant Rubs.
I also embossed the same flower stamp from Dearly Departed on watercolor paper using Ranger Embossing Powder, Liquid Platinum. I fussy cut just the flower and then used a Detailer Water Brush to add the ink colors Crackling Campfire and Peeled paint.  I did add a bit of Speckled Egg in the center to fill in between the stems.
Adhere the transparency to the frame.
Then to the panel.  
The flower can be added in many directions.  I just tried to show some of the under stamping and have enough of the leaves hang off the frame.
I added this tiny lucky clover with a bit of string.  The stems have an indentation that seems like a natural spot to thread string underneath and add a charm.
It is a simple piece, but I love the color and texture of the paper.  I told Tim I didn't even want to add anything to the top because I liked touching the surface, lol.  All in all I'm super happy how it turned out and I know for sure I will doing this Resist Spray technique again using different stencils.

I'll be back soon with another post from the new color release. 
Oh, and welcome to the family, Crackling Campfire!
Now carry on,


  1. Paula, your makes to reveal the new color were totally amazing. This piece was such a special one, thanks for the tips, tricks, and inspiration! I really love it! And so quick to post on your blog, kudos to you 😉!

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    Alison x

  6. That resist is so effective and what you did with the flower from the Dearly Departed set is absolutely beautiful. I agree it looks too good to cover. Thanks for your helpful and clear steps and convincing me I need to find space for more distress on my desk! x

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