Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheap, Cheap...

A few weeks ago Paula spotted these rolls of packing tape at Michaels in the dollar aisle.

Of course we loved the numbers and letters and at a dollar each I loaded up and purchased several rolls for me, Paula, sisters, etc.  Maybe some of you have gotten an envelope or package from us that we have used it on.  It takes anything you ship up a notch....I’m sure I had the coolest packages standing in line at the post office.  I might mention that it is pretty thin and probably best used just for decoration, but it was cheap so that was okay with me.  

So fast forward several weeks later I find these darling journals and pencils that match my packing tape....quite good for a dollar!

I think it would be very cute and perfectly acceptable to give as a gift as is.  
Just do a cute wrap and you are good to go.

But, I have a hard time not doing a little something to spiff it up, so I decided to cover the inside cover and following page.

Here's what I did.....
Mark the paper using the end papers as a guide, then cut the paper to size.  

and vertically

Save the piece that you trimmed off.  We will use it after the next step.

Cover both pages thoroughly with glue stick and adhere paper, making sure you get the patterned paper all the way in the crease.

 Fold the strip that you cut off in half lengthwise and glue to the edge of the page so that it covers both the front and back edge of that page. (This paper is double sided so it makes a nice coordinating print)  

I left the back side of the page blank except for the folded over band.....

.....I made several journals, some of them I ran a sticker strip along both edges of the band.

I thought it would be nice to have a book mark in the journal.  I used a couple of different styles of tabbed dividers that I had on hand, but you could easily make your own. 

I added a pocket, tag, and some 7g stickers and rubbings.

Wrap it up with hemp and an old button, or a fun ribbon.  Slip an old postcard or ephemera under the bow with matching pencil and add a tag.

Don’t you think this is a great little thank you gift or teacher gift.....and fast! 


  1. I love this project!
    Thank you for sharing. It's a great idea

  2. I used this exact same packing tape with initial M for my daughter and son in laws wedding favors! Just ran a strip of it along the bottom of a clear treat bag and tucked in their birdseed heart wedding table favor inside! Added ribbon and twine and so on to close at top. INside was a note explaining their love of nature and to please feed the birds when they got home by hanging the birdseed heart favors in the trees. We had to make 175 so having it cheap and easy was a must but it looked elegant too.

  3. Adorable job altering the notebook. I love shopping that $1 aisle at Michael's too.

  4. Are there any left at Michael's? Why am I always late to the party?

  5. Was just at Michaels and missed this... shoot!!!
    Love your books... terrific idea!

  6. Fabulous gift - I've been hoarding mine for a while - just love it!

  7. I fell in love with this tape a few years ago and always use it on packages. It holds up great. I like your idea and adding that special inside to it.

  8. These altered books are fantastic. You guys are always so inspiring. I never saw these items at my Michaels (which I visit weekly). Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Great minds think alike! ;) Did you see my post yesterday? Love what you did with it.

  10. I learned today that if you show up late to the party, they only cost half as much! Lucky me! Better late tha never. The grand girls will love my latest project!!

  11. wish we had Michael's in Australia!!
    you guys get some great stuff
    I looove what you have done to these books
    fab gift !!

  12. Gorgeous ideas!! Thanks for sharing...

  13. So, so clever as always! I keep checking Scrap and you know when your coming??? Hope soon!

  14. How cute!! I LOVE it and am kind of wondering why I totally missed that at Michaels~ Okay I know where I am off to today ~

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  15. These notebooks are wonderful - thanks so much for sharing your cool ideas!

  16. So cute! You always have the best ideas. Guess I need to make a trip to Michael's to check out the dollar section. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. These would make fabulous gifts. LOVE the details you've added.

  18. Such cute gifts and Man that was fast!

  19. Cheap cheap cheap but cute Cute CUTE!

    I may have to visit Michael's this week, but I doubt there will be any left now that you have shared the secret.

  20. I've been stocking up on this line from M's for a while now and it is currently 1/2 off (50 cents for most items) at my local store. Love what you've done with the notebooks!

  21. Off I go to Michael's tomorrow morning! Hope they have some at my store. Thanks once again for a great idea.

  22. YesI I love the teacher gift idea. Cole has lots of teachers this year! Cute Deb :) Maybe a Sunday craft? ;)