Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Burning House

Things to know before you read on:
  1. I take sole responsibility for the order in which the contributors appear.  They are not listed by age as in Huntington's original piece, just by my whim.
  2. Each contributor was responsible for their own photographs and memories.  Most of us are not professional photographers so we just did our best, myself included.
  3. I will not provide any dialog other than what the contributors have provided.  Please feel free to comment.  We would all enjoy hearing if Foster Huntington's original project or our additions have made an impact.
  4. Remember, you can click on any picture to make it larger.
Again, thanks for following along this week, I hope you enjoy. 
Name: Vicki Boutin
City: St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Occupations: Paper artist, author

I have to say that is my house were on fire the only thing that I would really think about after getting my family to safety is my photos.  Everything else is a material possession that could be replaced.  My memories are priceless.

Not is order of importance

1.    My camera…not really the one I use because I was taking the photo with it…but I LOVE this thing.
2.    External hard drive and photo cards.  I worry that this is a good enough protector of my memories all of the time.
3.    Security.  My kid’s favourite possessions.
4.    My purse.  Makes perfect sense to me…if houses my ID, health cards and money.  I think I would need these items in an emergency.
5.    The photos from our wedding.  More memories.
6.    Old photos on disc.  Still haven’t backed them up.
7.    Paper projects.  Still more memories and art from the heart.
8.    My jewels.  Love all of my little trinkets.
9.    Brooches.  Some were gifts and other I bought.  They make me happy.
10.    Time.  I am always aware of it.
11.    My Kindle.  I can’t seem to put it down.
12.    Good ol’hairspray.  A girl needs to look her best when she is running for her life.

Name: Stephanie Hendry
City: San Luis Obispo, California
Occupation: gatherer, Owner - Ruby Rose

photography by jennifer young

1. years of collecting floaty pens
2. memory box, it includes some letters, black & whites, rings, and lovelies from my special people,
    there is a little wand that says 'making magic', and it does!
3. oils. i have a houseful of these, so i could grab them as i run
4. a remington from my dad, it holds his ring
5. linens! this is the newest rug, and i am in love with the colors! it would keep me warm
6. at least one of the saints that guide me.
    Name: Heidi Gauvin
    City: Ellington, CT
    Occupation: Paralegal
    1.  Wedding album: this album means the world to me. I was married for the second time (I did it right the second time around!), in 2004.  It was a simple ceremony on the beach with a total of 28 guests. It was an incredible day and every time I open this album, every memory from that day comes back to me.

    2. Macbook Pro: I probably should just grab the back up but I'd really like to think I'd grab the laptop itself.

    3. Jewelry box:  although this is a little travel box, it contains pieces given to me by my grandmother and mother.

    4. Lunchbox albums: both of my girls have a Basic Grey lunchbox album that contains their school pictures from preschool through 12th grade with a little note about each year. They love these lunch box albums and we've had many laughs looking through them time and again.

    5. Artwork: my older daughter is a graphic design major and she drew this picture for me in one of her art classes. I love it. I had it framed and it hangs in our living room.


      1. I love that you are doing this! What a cool idea! I also love that Stephanie would grab her floaty pen collection... I hadn't thought of that although I love my collection dearly!

      2. Oh my goodness did I ever laugh at Vicki Boutin's #12. She's right! A girl has to look good when she's running for her life. Hysterical!

      3. Nine years I stood and watched my house burn down, my children were at school,my husband was at work, the dog was outside with me....there was nothing in that house so valuable to me that I was willing to risk my life to go after it. And you know what? We survived, we lost every single thing we owned and yet we have managed with out any of it. In the years since I have been choosier about what I bring into my home, what I hang on to...your memories are not on a piece of photo paper or on a flash drive, they are in your heart.