Sunday, June 13, 2010

Central Coast

Connie asked about the area that the store Ruby Rose was in.  I live on the Central Coast of California (that means it's half way between LA and San Francisco, and no where near Disneyland).  It's a great place to spend a few days shopping, eating and soaking in the weather.
Since summer is upon us I thought I would make a list of my favorite places to shop and eat.

The Green Vase
200 Nelson Street, Arroyo Grande, CA 
(805) 489-3624
One of my favorite little shops.  Connie has some really unique things...look for interesting small items in the cases at the desk.  Don't forget to check the garage (outside the side door) for random furniture pieces. 

A Glance into the Past Antiques 
410 East Branch Street, Arroyo Grande, CA
(805) 489-5666
It's the biggest of all the antique stores in Arroyo Grande. 
Some booths are better than others, but I always seem to leave with something.  
The Nest
800 Palm St, San Luis Obispo, CA 
(805) 594-1942
Another favorite (Deb's too).  The Nest is in a historic building in downtown SLO and has painted furniture, housewares, and jewelry.  This is one of those stores that you have to look up and down to see everything.  A must stop.

San Luis also has my two favorite places to eat for lunch and dinner...
Nucci's has lunch specials every day that come with a side salad.  I recommend the Raspberry Salad...Leaf Lettuce, slices of apple, glazed walnuts, chunks of blue cheese and their own special raspberry dressing on the side.  You will not be sorry.  Note: The Poppyseed salad comes in a close second (Leaf Lettuce, golden raisins, grapes, red onions, toasted slivered almonds, mandarin oranges and poppyseed dressing)

Firestone Grill  
This is a great place for a casual dinner at a great price.  It will also make your husband forget he had been driving you around looking at junk/antique stores all day.  After dinner walk a block down Higuera st to the Apple store for a bit and he'll be saying, "can we stay a extra day honey?"
This one is Deb's favorite...the Pig Sandwich - pulled pork and barbecue sauce.  My favorite is the Tri-tip sandwich with homemade salsa (no barbecue sauce).  The Central Coast takes great pride in open pit barbecuing.  If you have had it, you know what I mean.  
They have other great stuff...the steak cobb salad is good and so is the ABC burger.  But if your only going for one meal, get the Tri-tip sandwich.

NOTE:  if you're in San Luis on a Thursday night...the main street Higurea closes for Farmers Market.  It's a traditional Farmers Market with the fruits and vegetables but the one exception...a whole street of huge open pit barbecue's going on.  You can walk the street, pick which one eat at and then get in line.  You have to be willing to sit on the curb to eat your dinner.  Sometimes we walk the street...look at all the food, buy some flowers and fruit and then walk down to Firestone anyway.  They have chairs.

Birds of a Feather
2020 Main St,  Cambria, CA
(805) 927-2391 
Take the freeway north another 30 minutes to the seaside town of Cambria to find Birds of a Feather, another must stop on the tour.  My friend Bonnie has the most wonderful seasonal displays.  She does Christmas so well. 
My favorite part of the store is this wall of jars and cigar boxes filled with bits and baubles.  And the ribbon, don't get me started....

My budget may not be able to afford some of the things in this shop but the inspiration is worth the drive.  You will need to buy something because her packaging is unmatched in any store on the coast. Everything gets it's own glassine or white bag...bakery twine and a little tags. just beautiful.

NOTE: This shop is only 10 minutes from Hearst Castle.  It only takes a couple hours to take a tour.  Go just to see the swimming pools!

Remnants of the Past Antique Show 
Nipomo, Ca
You may have read the post about my visit to this antique show back in April.  This is a great show and a fabulous time of year to visit the area.  October is usually warm, in fact Sept and Oct are my favorite months on the Central Coast. 

So, Connie, I hope this answers your question, "where is this place?".  One could really spend a week exploring (and just relaxing) in this fact we didn't even venture to the far north of the county!  And we could tackle Santa Barbara (no, I don't know how to get to Oprah's house).  I guess we'll leave that for another adventure.
If you have any questions just email me at and I hope you'll visit soon!  Connie, Nucci's for lunch?


  1. oooooo..... I want to mark this post. I live in the Bay Area & my dd has wanted to go to Cal Poly for several years -- don't know if she's going to or not. Looks beautiful & lots of fun places! Thanks for sharing.

  2. OOOh all these places look divine, so if I just invite my self over to stay with you and Deb then you can show me in person LOL!

  3. Paula,
    My very own GYPSY tour...oooo I am so excited..this is like hitting 3 lucky 7's on the slots!
    got a map..(thank you triple A)..
    calandar ..checking for dates...
    it is officially summer when you are planning a road trip to somewhere new!
    You are the best..what day is good for you??

  4. "...and no where near Disneyland". That cracks me up! Birds of a Feather catches my eye. Ribbon. Sigh.