Sunday, November 14, 2010

For the LOVE of dogs...

I have spent the last few days at the work table creating a couple projects for the upcoming 7gypsies release.  CHA is not until the end of January 2011 but we have to create 3 - 4 months out to prepare for catalogs and packaging.  Anyway, due to the fact that everything that is currently on the worktable is top secret until January I had to come up with something else to share today.

This is a canvas I created about 2 weeks ago as a birthday present for a friend.  My friend Liz love's animals and always has.  So I painted out a canvas (about 12 x 18") and wrote the names of all the dogs she has cared for throughout her life.  There's Bernadette and Wilma and Fred (he was of course, Wilma's son...get the Flintstones connection?) and Teak and George, Daiquiri (that's the dog she had when we met almost 28 years ago) and then there's the current Roxy and the ever loving Charlie who we are convinced has an eating disorder...a couple weeks back he ate a loaf of pumpkin bread right out of a gift basket she made for someone.
Okay, back to the canvas.  I added her real house number over the door and a heart on the door because there is much love found in their home (and not just for animals). The little dog drawing came from a dictionary (it was the only dog picture in the WHOLE thing).  The photo is a real, found in a junk shop by my friend Laura.  Laura loves old photos and I knew if anyone could find one of a dog it would be her, so about 9 months ago I asked and she delivered.  She sent me a few to choose from so I picked this funny one of the kid going out the back window of the car after the dog.  Thanks Laura! 

Love thinking up things to make for rules, use whatever product you want, just play.   Love that kind of creating (don't do it enough).  You can check out last years gift here.

Anyway, I hope this will do for a today until I can get back to 
creating something that is not top secret! 

I did get the new 7gypsies Holiday stamp set so maybe I will see what I can come up with using that.  Hummm...I just typed that so now I feel committed.  Let's see what the week brings. 

Oh, and maybe I'll give you a little teaser about a new kit going into the Etsy shop next week...silver glitter, old paper, small children, old lace.  Now that should get you thinking....???


  1. LOVE that canvas! What a sweet and beautiful gift! And I'll be stalking the shop waiting to see what loveliness shows up! :)

  2. What a beautiful canvas. Your friend is a lucky girl! Can't wait to see what shows up in the shop.

  3. lovely canvas! you treat your friends royally!
    and i'll be stalking the etsy shop....

    and just so you know.... Anita's WHOLE house looks that good - everywhere there's little things to look at and oooh and ahhh over....

  4. I will forgive you teasing about new 7 Gypsies because I love the canvas.

  5. Adorable! Lucky Liz. You should be doing more of these. How can I get my brain to work like yours? So creative.

  6. I really, really love this. I am a dog person and because we recently said goodbye to our Star I melted when I saw your canvas. Your friend will be so happy to get this.

  7. This is a fantastic gift!! I just found your blog recently when doing a search for advent calendar ideas and it's been pretty cool to look through all your posts and see your artwork. Thanks for sharing!