Thursday, September 23, 2010

Texas - Day 3

a little souvenir from yesterday
The group headed out to McKinney which is on the north east side of Dallas.  In the many years I have been coming to visit my sister, we have never been to this area and you know it's always an adventure when you get to go someplace new.
McKinney has a great downtown and like many towns in Texas (and many other places) there is a big courthouse in the center of town.  The stores and restaurants run all the way around the courthouse square.  I will share the best stores we visited...some you may have already heard of, but all are worth the trip even if it's just for the inspiration.

Shop No. 1- Smitten

from the upstairs loft

A really great shop on the square...lots of things we wanted to take home with us.  Deb got a darling little lamp that just needs to be rewired.  We also picked up some german glass glitter, beautiful old ribbon and vintage velvet flowers.
old ironstone, a true classic

german glass glitter in every weight and color..."I would like it all please"
Shop No.2 - Patina Green
This newly opened shop is the one we first read about that spured the visit to McKinney.  The shop is part antique store and part restaurant and they do both things very well.  Visually beautiful, the whole space is exploding with good things.

small white pumpkins in a wheelbarrow at the entrance...notice the wallpaper (I did). 
love all the little bottles lined up in a row...a little pricey at $10 a piece though.

preserved roses

And then there's the words needed here.
 Even lunch had fabulous packaging...a grilled sandwich wrapped up in brown wax butcher paper and a cookie for dessert.

Shop No. 3 - Chase Hall
This shop had new and old things...great decorating inspiration. Love the original brick wall and sign.

Shop No. 4 - The Antique Co
Probably the best antique mall I have ever been too.  There is one or two vendors that have multiple booths that were right up my alley.  We all had a great time looking for just the right things...deb got vintage prize ribbons and old pictures, Patty got a flower frog, Ellen got acrylic letters and numbers and I got everything else (really). 

Here's a few pictures of our finds for the the past two days.

water turn off handles, glass bottles, cigar boxes, small salt shaker, graduation diploma...

pharmacy boxes from the 1800's, file folders, small black leather books

and Patty's buy of the century...chalkware stackable casserole dishes (about 5 x 6") for $2.99 for the whole stack.
We're off to Waco tomorrow (Friday, Sept 24th) to teach at Crop, Paper, Scissors.  We have a free make and take from 4:30 - 5:45 and a journal class at 6pm.  Saturday there are two classes, the house we have been teaching and a letterblock tray.  I think there is room in the Sat classes for all you not going to the begining of antiques week down south.  You can call the store at 254-751-7020 for information.


  1. Absolutely mystically magical shops! Thanks for sharing the photos and your great finds. Happy Weekend!

  2. My sister and her family live in McKinney. I visit regularly -- Smitten is one of my favorite shops. I'll be there in early December, but I will have missed you by a few months!!!


  3. The vintage seam binding at Smitten was wonderful - all those colors to choose from! Looks like you're having a great time. Have fun in Waco. Wish I could be there to take the class. Ever consider making your way out to the east coast? You should! Fall is the best time of year - its beautiful!

  4. I loved all the pics...but that glitter, OMG. I know I would spend an hour looking at that and that alone!

  5. Hi Gypsies, I just got back from holidays and am reading your blog - oh wow those pumpkins, can you eat white pumpkins? and could you detour back to Quanah, TX and grab me a few of the shoe lasts please....
    have lots of fun (two gypsies and two sisters what a hoot!)

  6. That's it. I'm planning a Texas road trip for next year! These stores are amazing! I really have to do some hunting and see if there's anything like it here in NE.

  7. I have been so jealous, looking at all your photos of your trip. We have nothing like those places here. I think I could use some of those shoe lasts too, also some of that fabulous glitter! Have fun and thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm SO glad you precious ladies came to TX! I LOVED the class Friday night! Thanks for sharing yoru creativity!!

  9. As tears run down my cheeks, I have to share that the picture with the Coleman water cooler reminded me of my dad. I can remember as a child we took that with us on all our summer vacations. I haven't seen one of those in years. Thanks for sharing your adventures.