Friday, December 11, 2009

Has anyone seen my desk?

So I have been working on a big project all week for the Gypsy Journal.  It truly amazes me that I can create such a BIG mess on my desk especially when it a big project.

My work space gets smaller and smaller until I get down to this one square of mat board to work on.  Then I have to clean up a bit before I can go on any longer.  Once I am done, all the junk finds it's rightful place again and the desk is clean and I can start something new... but I tell you, the middle of the process is crazy messy.

The best thing about working on this Christams project was searching for some pictures.  I found this one...

That's me in 1968 on my new purple bike with my new pajamas my Aunt Jo gave me.  Turquoise peddle pushers and jersey knit top.  It had gold buttons down the front with a naru collar.  Loved those pajamas!


  1. can't wait to see what you've been working on. how CUTE are you in peddle pushers!

  2. You are a cutie! Your desk made me feel SO MUCH BETTER. Mine is smaller, a regular desk, and I end up with a little bitty spot to work in. I keep thinking I should be more organized but now...not to worry!
    Question: Do you know if 7 gypsies is going to make a knob that will fit on top of the ATC Photo Display?

  3. My sister had a bike just like that and I was so jealous of it! How funny to see that now. Am so happy I found your blog!