Sunday, August 20, 2023

From A Long Time Passed Away

 Hello Friends,

My second make that I'm sharing from Saturday's Live with Tim is a Vignette Divided Drawer.  It's a fun structure that can be used so many ways.  I dare you to count how many of these boxes were used in Saturday's live!  The funny (and very cool) thing is they were all used in such different ways that it's sometimes hard to spot them!

I don't have a step out tutorial for this project, so I took a couple of close up shots to see some of the details.  It really is just about creating a miniature scene in each box.

The Divided Drawer has been covered in Halloween Backdrop paper, with Design Tape added to the lip edge.  I drilled a hole in the back of the center compartment to add purple Tiny Lights as a focal point.

All the paper (like the pharmacy label, the eye, the web, the 106, etc) are from the Halloween ephemera pack).  The Bubbles have been colored with Lettuce Alcohol Ink and the poison label added to the new cauldron.  Drippy Candles were painted with Pearl Mica Distress Crayons so they shimmer.
The center compartment has a photo from the sticker book that I added a heavy chipboard backing to so that it would stand up.  The book were all created from the book covers that are part of the ephemera pack.
The last compartment is a faux graveyard scene using the two new tombstones. 
You might notice the metal leaves that are adhered to the front of the tray.  They are my FAVORITE!!! I love the way the curve to appear so realistic! I'm not going to mention how many I have already bought!
I hope you like this simple Halloween piece. I love the purple Tiny Lights and how they add to the overall eerie effect. It is a simple Halloween project that is full of potential to be as easy or and detailed as you want. I hope you will give it a go!

Now carry on...

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  1. I'm still catching up with the live - what an amazing array of incredible creations. You are so imaginative with your makes.
    Best wishes