Saturday, October 15, 2022

Welcome Home

Hello friends,

Today is exciting as it is the start of the Christmas making season! idea-ology Christmas Live was so inspiring - I love hearing Tim talk about all the makes and the inspiration behind them!  He just makes everything seem so amazing.

I'm sharing my Welcome Home Tray today.  Follow along and I'll show you how I created it!

I started with a large size Vignette Tray and lined up Collage Tiles on the back. They fit the 6 x 12" tray perfectly with tiles four across and eight down.

I also used the tiles on the sides of the tray.  You can pre-cut these to fit the sides and then glue them on.
For the front of the tray I use the red marble Backdrop on the sides and the bottom.  I filled in the center top with a different Backdrop paper.  All the Christmas Backdrop papers are good, so there are plenty to choose from to cover the tray.
The Christmas Tape comes with 4 skinny tapes (+ 2 wide) to use on the edges of any Vignette Tray. I am using the black one with Christmas words.  I think that one looks best against the red marble paper.

To make the bottom display shelf, I used a Vignette Box I covered in more Baseboard paper. 
Then I created a "sandwich" of: a card from the Layers Christmas Pack, a piece of acetate and a Baseboard Frame.  Once I had these three pieces together, I adhered it to the Vignette Box I had already put paper on.  This particular frame has the words 'Merry Christmas' at the bottom (its really a vertical frame) and I needed to cover that up (since the words are running on their side).  I decided to shave off the back of a small tree and adhere it to the frame with hot glue.  I also chopped a wood slice in half and added it to the tree to finish it off.
I added Collage Medium to the back of the Vignette Box and placed it into the Vignette Tray.  Then left it to dry overnight and came back to it the next day.
TIP 1: Something that I use whenever I make Vignettes is a rubber phone holder. I had it on my desk for my phone, but found I was using it to prop up my projects more than using it for the phone.  
For most Vignettes, they fit right in the space to work in a standing position (shown below). It also works if you are working with the Vignette laying down (testing things before gluing for example), it can be used to prop up the Vignette at two different levels depending on how much you want to lift it. I usually go for the higher position and if stuff keep sliding down, then I drop to the lower level.  The rubber helps to keep it from sliding away.  
I bought this one back in 2020 called Phoneprop  but I am sure there are many that could be used.
Okay, now back to the task at hand...
I hot glued a Woodland Tree in the idea-ology Barrel. I decided where I wanted to place the tree and then made a hole in the Tray with a hammer and awl.  It would be best to make the hole just up from where the Barrel and tree meet.
I ran the lights from the back of the tray to the front, then did my secret wire bend.  TIP 2: By bending the lights this way, it's easier to hide the wire in the tree.  So I bend, then start to wrap the tree.
I wanted to add a lantern which needs just one light so I made sure I wound the lights around the tree until I had one left for the lantern (it took me two tries to get it right). 
TIP 3: use putty (like you might use to put up posters with - this one comes from Hobby Lobby, they always have it by the check stand).  I like to use it to keep the Tiny Light in position till I can get it glued securely into place.
Use Hot Glue to glue the tree into place.
Then adhere the Lantern with Collage Medium.
While the lantern is drying, color various sized of Baubles with Alcohol Ink and push them into the tree, using hot glue to secure.  I like the largest Baubles at the bottom and work my way upward using progressively smaller Baubles.
Brush tree with Collage Medium and shower it with Mica Flakes.
Do not press the Mica into the glue, just let them fall where the may.  It makes it much more organic looking!
Lets talk about the roof.  
I created the roof using a piece of heavy chipboard + 3 of the wider 6" Etcetera Trims - Scallop. There are 5 pieces in the package so you only need 1 package to have all the pieces you will need.
Punch out the three wide 6" scalloped trims.  
Cut ONE scallop off the end of each strip so the entire piece fits into the large Vignette Tray.  The Tonic scissors cut easily through the Etcetera material.  Then stack them on top of the heavy chipboard piece.  You can see the chipboard sticking out just a bit at the top.
Use Collage Medium to glue the three trims pieces to the thick chipboard.  Only the bottom trim is glued directly to the chipboard.  The rest are just layered on and cantilever out from the bottom.  Once secure, I trimmed the excess chipboard away. You might think you need to add something under the top trim to hold it up, but you don't. The piece is so sturdy after the Collage Medium dries that there was no need.
I painted the trims with Ground Espresso Distress Paint and let that dry.
I also used a small amount a white paint and dry brushed it over the brown and let that dry.
Then I used my finger to wipe Grit-Paste Snowfall over the trims.
It's thicker in some places and thinner in others (I like the more organic look).  Set aside to dry before adhering the roof into the tray.
This photo shows how the roof fits into the Tray at an angle (totally up to you how much of an angle you want).  I added a decent amount of Collage Medium to the top edge of the chipboard trim and pushed the whole piece up and into the tray.  I let it sit for at least 30 minutes before I moved the tray to a standing position to continue.
Create a wreath with wired Pine Twine (I love this stuff). I actually made two wreaths, one slightly smaller than the other, and hot glued them together at the top to get a bulkier wreath. I added the bell from the Tiny Bells pack, red and white twine and a bit of Stickles, rubbed on with my finger. Just darling!
Adhere the wreath to the red door.  Baubles are optional of course but I figured, what the heck! It's Christmas!
The house number was made with a Label Frame (I love these because they come with the "rivets" already in the side need to add something extra).
The numbers are from the Numeric pack and have been colored with Foundry Wax - Gilded.
I added a painted red handle to the top of the tray and once secure, Tinsel and a tag from the ephemera pack.
Added snowballs made from Baubles and Snowfall Grit-Paste.

Stickles on the tiny tree and a Word Plaque painted with white paint.

This was a fun project.  I loved figuring out how to build the roof out of trims.  It looks way harder than it is! And the Snowfall Grit-paste was perfect to add the snowy charm!

Now carry on,


  1. What a festive vignette! I think all of your Christmas makes are so beautiful.

  2. Absolutely Amazing make!!!! Gorgeous details!!!

  3. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...good thing you can't hear me singing.... the dog is now barking next door...LOL. Love this make...we need more than one door in the baseboards next year. Also, the Halloween one too. Those doors are is your make.

  4. Wow this is just fantastic, love all your great details

  5. All of the makes for the live were absolutely beautiful and so creative. Thank you so much, Paula, for all you and everyone else does to inspire and encourage crafters. All of your time and efforts are most appreciated.

  6. All of the makes for the live were absolutely beautiful and so much fun to see. Thank you, Paula, for all you -- and everyone else -- do/does to inspire and encourage crafters. Your time, efforts and encourage is much appreciated. Happy holiday crafting!

  7. Thank you so much Paula!! That roof is incredible! You are so creative and sharing your tips and tricks, gives us so much inspiration and ideas to create our own makes! Thank you Thank you!