Sunday, March 22, 2020

Display Dome

Hi friends!

I'm here to day sharing a short tutorial on the Display Dome.   To be honest, you don't really need a tutorial to use the dome this is really just about giving you an idea of how to use it!
I started by using some of the cheesecloth I made at Halloween and shredding it to get a pile of thread.  If you want to make your own colored cheese cloth just place a piece in a plastic tray and spray with multiple colors of Distress Spray Stain and water.  Dry it with a Heat tool or out in the sunshine (if you have any).
I pulled a few pieces from the Ephemera Field Notes package and grabbed some string leftover from my last project.
I used hot glue to add a stiff piece of wire to the back of the Field Notes card, the small mushroom and the small flower in the foreground.  All other pieces were added with 3D Foam squares.
1.   I added Collage Medium (my glue of choice) to the cork base then added the shredded cheesecloth.
2. I added the large Field Notes Label and then used 3D foam square to add the red mushroom to the card.
3. I added the wire to the small mushrooms with hot glue as well as the small flower (NOTE: I cut apart the flowers shown in the last picture to create two pieces).
You can see the two separate floral pieces here.

I did add the stamp to cover the wire on the back (since the dome can be seen from the backside).
Once the dome was complete, I added the glass to the cork base.  Totally up to you if you secure it with glue.  It doesn't really need it unless it will be handled or moved a lot.
And there it is!  Hope you enjoyed this easy little project!
now carry on,


  1. Love this, Paula. Sometimes I wish the ephemera wasn’t so thick, however in this design you really need it. My daughter Jamie, a mushroom freak, would love this!

  2. Such loveliness in a small package! This is awesome, as always, Paula!

  3. Love these domes, great project...a quick and easy one at that...

  4. Really wonderful!!!! I need to make one for my daughter :-))

  5. that is just gorgeous, looks like I need another pack of that emphera :)