Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 2 - Peace On Earth

First of all I have to say how much both Deb and I loved reading all the comments left yesterday.  So many traditions shared.  I personally have decided to go to Dusty's house for the chili and dessert cook off and a hay ride, then move on to the BIG party at Gail's... oh, but there is the shrimp and crab boil going on over at Terri's house and gingerbread house making at Kate's...but I know I would definitely end at Gingers house to sleep by the tree!

 I also like what Fred said, "For me the joy of putting the ornaments on the tree are the
memories... Gratitude for the giver of the gift... Gratitude for
the connecting of our lives... Gratitude for the love." 

Thank you everyone who commented!
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Blogger KAT said...
My favorite tradition started when I was a child and still holds true today. We make an event of going to get our live Christmas tree. When I was a child the tree farm was right across the street and I use to go with my Dad and cut the tree down. Now I go with my husband (he sometimes grumbles but he's a good sport) and we cut down a 13 foot blue spruce for our living room. Saw in hand, horse drawn buggy, tree shaker, binder, hot chocolate and smores - what else could you want? Makes me misty just thinking about it! Sigh...
December 12, 2011 6:32 PM
Kat, please email me at to claim your prize! 
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Now on to our tutorial...find a comfortable seat because this one's a long one!

Peace On Earth
Let's jump right in!
I found this old piece of wood in the garage leftover from a long ago booth project.  Fair game now.
I filled the holes with wood fill and sanded it smooth before moving on to the next step.
I picked a paper that was large enough to cover the entire board and adhered it to the wood with matte Multi-Medium (you must work fast on this size board for good coverage).
Sand away any paper overhanging the edge.
Add another coating of matte Multi-Medium to the surface.  Bubbles, bubbles, will get them, but they usually disappear after a few hours.
Use a baby wipe to add white paint over the entire piece.
I like it a little heaver on the edges.
Let dry.
Once white paint is dry, add a bit of burnt umber paint to another baby wipe and rub it into the dry white paint.
It goes on dark but using the baby wipe will allow you to manipulate the paint till it looks the way you like it.  Set the board to the side while we work on the embellishments.
Pick some chipboard letters to spell the word PEACE.  I used these from 7gypsies. 
Paint the chipboard letters white.  It took 2 coats to cover up the pattern on the letters using Claudine Hellmuth Studio paint.   I love how thick this paint is.
After the paint is dry, add a coat of Distress Crackle Paint-Rock Candy to the letters.  The crackle paint has it's own little brush in the cap (easy or what?)  Simply brush over the letters.
Thin coat = small cracks
Thick coat = large cracks
Remember to just brush over the letters once...because it's crackle paint you want to brush it on and leave it alone to touching up.
Depending on how thick you brush the crackle medium on, it will take about 10-15 minutes to dry.  You can see here the the E is almost done and the P still has a big wet spot at the top.  Patience is key.
Once dry, use a blending tool add a bit of Distress ink to bring out the cracks...magic girls, just magic.
Okay, on to the small letters for "on earth".
I could paint these too but I am going to use foil instead.
So we will need some good glue stick.  I like ThermOweb's Super Stik myself.  The key here is use a lot, more than you think you will need.
Once they have a lot of glue on them, flip them over an stick them to the backside of the gold foil.  Let them dry for at least 15 minutes.  The more glue and the longer you let them dry, the golder they will be.

Then peel them up off the foil.
These are perfect for my liking.
Sand away any excess foil (I used my Basic Grey file set).
Then add Distress ink to the edges (Vintage Photo).
Next I added the Distress Crackle paint over the foil and look what you get.
So the order is foil, sand, ink, crackle, wait = awesome
Okay, we're done with letters so set them to the side while we work on the middle section.

 I am using the same set of wings we used in the advent calendar (for sale here) with the same technique but adding the Distress Crackle.
sorry, the wings have sold out
 Start by painting the wings white using the same paint as the we did earlier.
We're going to add the foil using the same glue but this time I only put it on sparingly because I want the white paint to show.
Press the foil onto the wing. 
Remove the thin foil almost immediately.  If it's not enough gold, just repeat the steps.
Here's a look at the wings when they are finished.
But not really...
Because this time were going back to the Distress Crackle paint.  Because we can.
Paint each wing with a nice coat and let it dry.
Look what it does to the foil.
Oh, how I love this look.
Next step, bend each wing part just a little bit.
Add some quick dry glue to the back of each piece and start stacking.
Until they look like this.
Set aside while we make the foundation for them to rest on.
I forgot to take a good picture of the foundation piece but it is just a piece of Warm and Natural batting with two layers of dyed cheese cloth over the top.  I stitched around the edge to keep it together.
Once I decide the placement on the board I painted earlier, I hammered tacks into each corner to keep it in place.  I used some thin wire to create a frame for the wings (I wound it around the tacks twice).
Next I tacked on a piece of vintage tatting.
Oh, I think I need to use some vintage pearls, don't you?
So I stitched some of them to the tatting.
I had these tiny vintage glass beads in my stash that I stitched to the top portion...I was trying to mimic stars in the sky.
Time for the wings.
Now something for the center.  I decided that the word 'hope' was appropriate to go with Peace on Earth so I typed it out on the computer and added it to a tiny glass vial.
Now what to put in the vial...
I had the idea that 'hope' is often represented by seeds...I didn't have any, but I did have some cumin in my spice drawer that could substitute for seeds.
Add to the center.
Now that the center is done, the letters can be added.
Add a little metal bling above the word Peace.

I decided to frame out the piece with some 1/8th thick wood (my husband helped me with that).
Here is the finished piece.
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Today's question: What is your favorite holiday decoration?
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  1. What an amazing piece of art. Thank you for the directions on creating one.

    My favorite holiday decoration would have to be our stockings. Mine is from my childhood that my mom made for me, DH got his from my mom for our first Christmas together, and my mom made each of my kids the year they were born. Now if we could only convince her to make our newest member one (our dog)

  2. love love love it !!!! What wonderful inspiration. Thank you for all the tips and techniques. I have GOT to get some of that foil...and love how you layered the wings. Just gorgeous. Have a beautiful Christmas

  3. I love Christmas and have so many favorite decorations it's hard to choose just one! But, I guess I would have to say my entire Christmas tree and all of the decorations on it! Hundreds of decorations! Others would think you can't put one more on, but I say there is always room for more, especially when they are so special and have come from my husband, daughters, mother, grandmother . . . each one holds the love and memories from the giver - how can you not find room for them all!!!

  4. I know this giveaway is over but I am loving this idea! The wings are gorgeous and I saw it and my jaw was a gasp! Thanks so much...I had not seen this earlier so I had to put my two cents in :)

  5. My favorite decoration for Christmas are the ones my husband made when he was in grade school. Yes they are about 40 years old, but his Mom saved them and gave them to me when we got married, and since then they go up every year. He gets a real kick out of the fact that they are the first things to be put is a Santa made out of a mason jar and the others are ornaments i hang on the tree and some around the house.

  6. What a great project - I think I may even have all the components to make some! Thanks for the tutorial and of course for the chance to win this one :)

    My favorite decoration - that is hard! I have a couple of collections - snowmen and nativities - that I love to put up every year. The snowmen all go on a "field of snow" in my bay window and the nativities are all set up on my piano (upright grand with lots of room). I also have some handmade ornaments and my mom buys my kids a new ornament every year which they will take with them, but I get to enjoy them for now :)

  7. I love all the wrapping techniques, the newspaper is so cool and I know I have that laying around somewhere. My favorite christmas song is also feliz navidad-or like my 2 yr old son Isaiah sings it " please mommy dad" its hilarious. I have to put that phrase in my chriatmas mini this year its just classic! Thanks for the chance!LOVE your blog, very inspirational!

  8. This piece is pure vintage heaven in my book! What a stunning piece of art!

    My favourite holiday decoration is our Christmas village. It's everywhere as we've been collecting for 20 years.

  9. gorgy!!!!!!!!! and tyvm for the tut!

  10. WOW! Stunning peace. I would love to win it. My favorite peace of decoration is the one my mom made me many years ago. It's made like a quilt with felt and other material and it represent a snowman. Have a nice day, Johanne L.

  11. My favorite holiday decoration is a small snow globe
    that a sweet friend had given me after my dad passed away. It is the most beautiful snowglobe. It has a tiny church inside that lights uo as snow falls inside, it plays silent night. My dad used to play silent night every year on his organ. Our family would gather around behind him and sing. Love your peace on earth, I would love to make one of these, with the song lyrics of silent night in the background. Thank you for sharing your amazing work with all of us....

  12. This is fabulous!!!! Love the foil crackle technique... way cool!!!!

  13. Snowflakes, Snowflakes and more snowflakes!!

  14. Thanks to Tim Holtz for giving us the link to your very cool got me hooked now! Great tips and techniques...Thanks!!

  15. My favorite Christmas decoration is a little ornament my Aunt gave me several years ago. It is about 6 inches tall and it is a little old man with a paintbrush in one hand and a palette in the other hand, with a bunch of colors painted on the palette. I always hang it right in the front of my tree.

  16. What a beautiful picture! I would love to make something like this.Where can I get the foil paper used on the letters?

  17. This is the most beautiful thing I've seen all day!!

  18. Wonderful project! I love it!
    My favorite holiday decoration is the tree!

  19. I know I'm too late to win this gorgeous creation, but just wanted to let you know how very much I love it. Thank you for sharing your talents and how to's with us all!

  20. Well...I love your Peace on Earth SOOO much that I'm making three of them for Christmas gifts! They're not quite like yours, but very similar. Hopefully my recipients will like them as much as I liked yours.